Monday, April 19, 2010

Writing Exercise 01: Plot Fireworks

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A little plot: "Jane and Matt made an arrangement to met at café 'Divan' in the afternoon. Jane takes the bus, Matt is walking. They meet, share a piece of pie and drink a coffee (both of them). After an hour they say goodbye and go back home."
Well, that's all. Quite boring, isn't it? To make this plot more exciting, find 30 problems, at least, that could occur in this little story.

  1. Jane comes late, she has missed her bus.
  2. Matt doesn't come, he has an accident on his way.
  3. The waitress is Matt's ex-girlfriend, who thinks Matt's hair and face urgently needs a cream-mask.
  4. Jane is joined by her dog. Matt is afraid of dogs and the dog doesn't like Matt at all.
  5. Jane and Matt have met online and it's their first real date.
    a) Matt looks completely different than his picture.
    b) Jane exposes to be a famous person.
    c) Jane is a transvestite. (... and is dressed like he/she comes straight from "Rocky Horror Picture Show".)
  6. Feeding each other with cake turns both so much on, that they can't hardly wait to get home and have passionate sex.
  7. Matt is going to ask Jane, if she wants to marry him.
  8. Jane is going to say Matt, that she wants to end their relationship.
  9. An ingredient in the cake causes an allergic reaction on Jane.
  10. Jane and Matt are friends from childhood on, on this date they will fall in love.
  11. Jane and Matt are lovers, who have to meet secretly, because they are from different cultural backgrounds, everyone (family and friends) are against their love.
  12. Jane and Matt plan to murder someone.
  13. Jane and Matt plan to intrigue against someone.
  14. Matt is going to reveal today that he is gay.
  15. Jane is accompanied by her friend Anna. During their meeting Matt is more attracted to Anna than to Jane.
  16. Jane is first at the café and meets an old friend. When Matt arrives, he sees Jane chatting and laughing with a man. His hopes were plumped and he leaves without entering the café.
  17. The waitress of the café has just finished her relationship with her husband. The man, a former soldier, traumatized by the war, gets mad because of the separation and wants to kill his wife. The bullet destined to the waitress hits Jane, because she made an unfortunate movement at the wrong time.
  18. Jane and Matt are teenagers and this date will be their very first date ever. They don't have much money, but sharing one piece of cake is the most romantic thing they have experienced in their whole life.
  19. Jane and Matt are adults, who have dated a several times and like each other. Matt doesn't know that Jane has 2 children and Jane doesn't know about Matt's 3 children. The revealing will be quite a surprise.
  20. Jane and Matt are quite an old married couple, who meets at that café every Tuesday. Jane comes from home by bus and Matt from his weekly check up. They share one piece of cake like they had done the first time they had met here 30 years ago.
  21. Jane is the decoy for the TV-show 'Disaster Date'. So Matt will have his most catastrophical date ever.
  22. Jane and Matt are aliens and the meeting happens on their exotic planet with weird colors and very strange food.
  23. Jane is dreaming that sequence over and over again, but she doesn't know that café nor haven't seen that men.
  24. Matt and Jane are Ken and Barbie dolls, and Keira and Amy are two girls, who play the café scene in their dollhouse.
  25. Jane is so sick of Matt, because he's such a miser. This date is another pathetic proof. He is too niggardly to pick her up, so she has to use the bus. They meet in that shabby café just because it is around Matt's corner. Like usual he's only worth one piece of cake. And don't even think he gives once cent of tip. Jane is going pack him in today. Finally!
  26. Jane and Matt are hippies in San Francisco in the Golden Seventies. They meet in a shisha bar, smoke some dope, have some cookies and are waiting for enlightenment.
  27. Jane and Matt live in the future, where only the poor remain on earth to revive it. The rich live on space stations. Despite this circumstances both have met and fallen in love. So, today Matt has organized Jane's transfer by space shuttle to meet him in the orbit.
  28. Matt is quite an unpleasant person, who can't stand any others. But after being trapped in a time warp he's slowly getting better. On day 27 he saw Jane for the first time, now on day 41 he managed to have this date with Jane at the café.
  29. A serial killer has selected Jane and Matt to be his next victims. He observed them for days and today he will begin his ritual. He managed to put some drugs into their coffee, which begin to work in a few hours.
  30. OH PLEASE!! Only one to go... *thinking*
Wow, 30 problems are more difficult than I thought! Do you have any other ideas?

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