Sunday, January 30, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-04

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-24: Adventure. Is there an adventure or exploration you'd be willing to risk your life to pursue? 
Remembering the crew of the NASA space shuttle Challenger. 1/28 will be the 25th anniversary of that disaster.
I'm an adventurer, I'd simply love to explore the exotic places on our earth and if there is the possibility to participate on a 'Star Trek', be sure, I'll be one of the first volunteers! BUT I'm also a person, who likes to plan everything in advance, to know as much as possible to avoid worst case scenarios, incl. risking my life. After all, I want to continue the adventure!

Tuesday, January-25: Pill. What do you wish someone would invent a pill for? What would it be called?
Hard to say, in general I'm no fan of pills, even aspirin I only take, when it's absolutely required. So let me think ... maybe a 'satiate pill' that includes a whole meal to stop the hunger in the world.

Wednesday, January-26: Movie. Write about a movie you loved watching as a kid.
*hmm* Movies or TV in general don't play a big role in my childhood memories, maybe as inspiration. I remember very clearly playing 'Star Trek' or 'Pippi Longstocking' out in the woods. That's much better than any movie, because ourselves were the heroes, who lived the adventure.

Thursday, January-27: Anticipation. What are you anticipating?
Oh, that's easy. The release of the new 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' book 'Lover Unleashed' in March! ... oh, and not to forget: The sun and the warmth! Please!!!

Friday, January-28: (W)hole. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt(s) "Whole" and/or "Hole".
There's a Hole In My Soul.
That's been killing me forever.
It's a place where a garden never grows.

Sometimes you're out of words to describe the whole situation of your emotions. And sometimes, all you need is just a song, that seemed written just for you.

I also like to quote Ron, who wrote:
"But Mommy, I'm not not very hungry. I can't eat all that."
"Okay, then; just eat the donut."
"But Mommy, the donut's so big. I don't think I can eat the whole thing."
"Okay, then; just eat … the hole."

Saturday, January-29: Host. Write about a gathering you hosted.
Well, I host our traditional Christmas lunch. We're coming together, eating good food (a lot) and having just a good time.

Sunday, January-30: Theme song. The theme song for the American TV show Cops is "Bad Boys." If a TV show was made about your profession, what would the theme song be?
My brain stays completely blank on that ... maybe I would choose something classical by Chopin or one of my favorite songs, like 'Hotel California' by the Eagles.

I'd like to edit my answer. Obviously my brain wasn't satisfied with the result and forced me to search in my music archive ... a much better as theme song is: 'THINK' by Aretha Franklin.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-04

Friday Fill-In
  1. Up and away, straight towards the sun.
  2. In my head, a lot of fluttery thoughts are going around.
  3. Coats and scarves, mittens and boots: Strange, but interesting, how you describe your cat's fur! (I refuse to think on the winter!!)
  4. Darling, would you please give me a nice back rub?
  5. I'm thinking about ... still the nice back rub!
  6. Just be yourself.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some nice Italian food, tomorrow my plans include a nice back rub? and Sunday, I want to write a special letter!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet A Journal Keeper

When the energy of your New Year's Resolutions is still vividly running in your veins, then it's the best time to put another 'DONE' on your list, right? In my case it's my contribution to Dolly's guest post series: Meet A Journal Keeper.

I've never been the classical daily journaler, you might better entitle me as 'Special Event Journaler'.

Travel Journals
The best thing about traveling - I think, we don't have to discuss that - is for sure the journey itself! The second best, at least in my case, is being at home again and putting together a nice scrapbook full of memories. I like sitting in my living room, having tons of pictures around me, selecting the best and arranging them with tickets, prospects, postcards and other collectibles. It's like making the journey a second time. Most of the time I also have a separate travel journal, where I keep all my thoughts and memories, a picture couldn't preserve. I wonder, why I've never came up with the idea to combine my scrapbooks with my notes? For sure, the next time I won't have any separate travels journals anymore, like the ones you can see on that picture.

Dream Diaries
With my not existent history of diary writing, I've never expected myself to do that. But who's the person, who always used the quote 'Never say never!'? Yeah, right, that's also me! So, now I have to eat my own words. But like written in the intro, it had to be a 'special event' that brought me to use pen and paper. And then it had to be a special journal, too. I instantly fell in love with the 'Paperblanks Journals', their elegant look is simply predestinated for becoming a diary.
My daily journal stayed with me exactly as long as it takes to cope an illness a couple of years ago. But one thing remained. For the first time I really paid attention to the pictures, my brain produces during the night. That's what I still love to do: Write down all those fantastic adventures and sometimes even illustrate them! Have a look:

Out Of A Dream 1

Out Of A Dream 2

Those dreams are also my creative resource for my writing, my current novel is based on one of them.

I won't talk about my 'Wreck This Journal', you can already see the results on my blog. But this little book was my start into Art Journaling. With the upcoming 'February Journaling Challenge' I'd like to test my potential for that form of journaling.

February Journaling Challenge: Cover.

So, stay tuned! Have fun and keep on writing, journaling, doodling, drawing ... whatever!


P.S. If you want to create your own challenge cover, you can use the pattern I've made: Download.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WQ-02. Characters.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

02. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I would lapidary say, every story has exactly the right number of male and female characters as it demands! Okay, I see, I can't get away here that cheap ...

I might be a little biased, because of my current female main character, but it's quite true, I prefer writing about women. My Cathryn is a strong, independent, young woman, of course also with quite some flaws. She has to find her way in a world, that is dominated by men and her actions are mostly considered as 'inappropriate behavior' by the society of that era. But that's one thing I love and adore on her, she breaks some conventions and that step initiates some adventures worth an 'Indiana Jones'. On her way she has the chance to learn her lessons, overcome several obstacles and develop in her character and skills.

Cathryn's world includes a number of male and female supporting roles. In the actual adventure, at her side act three male main characters, not all of them are good. There is also another main character becoming life changing for her, but that person is not yet revealed. I also have two more people in mind, who will influence her future, if I decide to continue with a second book.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Rub Here With Dirt.

Wreck This Journal: Rub Here With Dirt.

Well, the German edition doesn't have a "Stand-Here"-Page, but I liked the idea of having some footprints somewhere. So, I combined those two! *g*

For the background I rubbed with grass and - thanks to the rain these days - it was easy to find a dirty puddle for my shoes!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-03

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-17: Decade. Think back to the years 2001 through 2010. Give that decade a name ("The ______ Decade".)
"The Roller Coaster Ride Decade". Full of emotional highs and lows, health and illness, life and death, success and failure ... I guess, that's what life is all about. Always. Let's continue the ride for another round.

Tuesday, January-18: Make. Complete this thought: Today I want to make....
Today I want to make some pasta and a nice salad for dinner.

Wednesday, January-19: Morning. What is the first thing you thought or did when you got up this morning?
»Stupid alarm!« ... and gave that damn thing a hard punch.

Thursday, January-20: Judge. You are judging a reality talent show. What do you say to an untalented contestant?
Besides the fact, that I would never ever to that (I don't have any masochistic tendencies!) I would be the worst judge for TV ratings ... I would only close my eyes, shake my head and give that untalented wanna-be a wave to leave the room!

Friday, January-21: Doctor. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Doctor".
2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks and 5 days ago, when you've asked me about the most wonderful words, I've ever heard in my life, then my answer would have been something like 'I love you!', 'Yes, I do!' or 'Congratulations, it's a boy!' or something similar. But just the next day was my personal doomsday, I've been diagnosed cancer. All those wonderful words just faded away into the dark shades of unbelief, pain, despair, hope, disappointment, hate and a lot more pain. And then after 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks and 4 days I truly heard the most wonderful words in my whole life, when the doctor said those four magic words: 'Cynthia, you're healed!'

Saturday, January-22: Video game. Write about the first video game you remember playing. (If you've never played one, write about that!)
I guess I developed my first gambling addition with the first Game Boy. Playing 'Tetris' and 'Super Mario' so vividly, that the music, falling bricks and stiff jumps even appeared in my dreams! I think it burnt so deeply in my brain I still can hear and see and feel it!

Sunday, January-23: Around. Write about something you want or need to do...but you just haven't gotten around to it.
Give me just a second ... then I truly do that prompt, okay?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-03

Friday Fill-In
  1. So many of us just fulfill everybody's expectations, never discover their real potential talents and wonder, why they don't feel happy.
  2. You can learn something out of every situation, even in hardship how NOT to do it again.
  3. Those who are accepting of their age, that they are too old to discover something new, are truly already dead.
  4. In front of a mouse hole the little cat is waiting quietly.
  5. Light is in both the good and the bad, but only in different grades.
  6. It depends on the view, if you think of all that is ordinary or extraordinary.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the end of my headache, tomorrow my plans include, God, do we really always need to have plans!, and Sunday, I want to sleep long, have breakfast served in bed and a man with a rose and black shorts doing whatever I wish!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WQ-01. Favorite Writing Project.

With my New Year's Resolutions in mind I keep my eyes open to possible themes. Carol's question series is simply perfect to offer you some variety on my blog and still write about writing. So, today starts my weekly series:

30 Days Of Writing Questions

01. Tell us about your favorite writing project/ universe that you’ve worked with and why.

*hmm* When I hear writing 'universe' I have to think on J.R.R. Tolkien. He truly created a whole new world with different races, their history and languages. That's nothing I've ever done, and I'm quite sure, it'll run a lot more water down the Anduin (the Great River) until I'm able to do such a thing!

In a much smaller scale I created in my current project an island, where not everything is like it supposed to be, after all. Actually, it's my favorite writing 'project', because I have the advantages of both worlds. On the one hand, the journey of my heroine starts in her/our normal world. I can relate on true places and can make researches on true facts. On the other hand, once she's stranded on that island, I can let my imagination free, because the normal rules don't count anymore. That's the fun part to combine reality and fiction!

When I think of my little short stories, then my favorite 'project' was 'A Ball Of Yarn', I simply love to write about that little fur balls called cats! =^..^=

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Doodle Over Top Of.

Wreck This Journal: Doodle Over Top Of.

Well, just some doodles: Flowers, leaves and - my very favorite obsessed theme - eyes: tiger, giraffe, wolf, eagle and cat.
I used red chalk ("Rötelkreide"), white for the highlights and black for the outlines.
That's all! :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-02

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-10: Number. Write about a number that's important to you, and why.
I would say, '2' is simply a part of me and my personality. First, my zodiac is Pisces, 2 fishes. Then I always see both of the 2 sides of a medal, even if my own opinion is clear. My whole life I constantly feel, that there are 2 souls living in my breast.

Tuesday, January-11: Like. Complete this thought: It's hard to believe that I used to like...
It's hard to believe that I used to like ... oh, do I really have to say that? That's so embarrassing! Okay, you provoked it: It's hard to believe that I used to like David Hasselhoff. First in 'Knight Rider' than in 'Baywatch'. Well, some sins or x-files of the youth should better stay closed, right?

Wednesday, January-12: Healthy. In what way would you like to be healthier on December 31 than you are today?
At the moment I'm dealing with the matter of balance. Speaking, when I focus on one particular goal I neglect several other things. As for the end of this year I hope to find a balanced way in doing whatever I do.

Thursday, January-13: Fame. What is the most likely reason you might become famous?
The obvious answer would be 'becoming a famous author', but I'd consider an alternative: I simply love my job and would like to be appreciated and honored in that area. My big idol is the great management trainer and non-fiction author 'Vera Birkenbihl'.

Friday, January-14: Saw. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Saw".
The thin white fabric could only block the view, but not the noises and the smell. Our emergency tent was located on a far end of the camp, in order to give our patients a little silence. It could have also been straight in the center, once you landed here, you were so far beyond everything, you cared nothing but your pain. As long as you were able to fight, you fight. War is always ugly. Always. Within my last 576 years this was my ... I've stopped counting a long time ago. Every time I thought now mankind had learnt, that war was good for nothing, I was disappointed in the end. But now I had other things to concentrate on. There was a young man freshly from the war field waiting. With no sedatives left, I hoped he would loose his consciousness very quickly, when I gripped my saw and pulled the thin fabric aside.

Saturday, January-15: Six-Word-Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Excited about coming February Journaling Challenge.

Sunday, January-16: Hero. What fictional hero would you hope would come to your defense if you were in trouble?
I hope I'll never be in such trouble to be in need for a SUPER hero, that would include worst case scenarios like earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or meteors. Thanks, but no thanks! But I wouldn't say 'No!' if someone like the good looking adventurer Rick O'Connell ('The Mummy') would come to my rescue! *sigh*

February Journaling Challenge

I have some exciting news. My good friend, Dolly and I have decided to do a February Journaling Challenge. We hope you will join us, and participate.

Journaling is not about rules, so we have kept that to minimum with only one rule:

All you have to do is follow a daily prompt, and do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH IT. You can do an art journal page, drawing, writing, doodling, poetry, fiction, whatever you want.

We have specifically selected prompts that could be used in a variety of ways, because even Dolly and I are approaching this Journaling Challenge from very different sides. Dolly's main form is writing, and mine is mixed media journal. So as you can imagine, our entries and our interpretation of the prompts are likely to be very different.

You can join us, and do whatever appeals to you.

We will post prompts daily on both our blogs.

Nofretiri Dreams of Writing
Journal Addict

As I said - journaling is not about rules. I'm planning to share all my pages (maybe I blur out here and there some too private things). And Dolly will share some of her pages, depending on what she does with those prompts. As she's writing, some of her entries may be too personal to share. Anyway, our entries will be posted on our respective blogs.

If you want to share yours with us, please contact us, and we will be happy to post them on our blogs. Even if you don't want to show your entries, just join us on this amazing Journaling Journey, where you devote the shortest month of the year - only 28 days - to journaling every day. You can do as much or as little you want, but we believe that at the end of the month, you will feel happier or at least more insightful for this exploration.

(A big thanks to Dolly for writing this post and leaving it for my purpose, too!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-02

Friday Fill-In
  1. Right now I need some sun would be nice.
  2. A nice Indian chai is what's in my glass.
  3. A copy of this letter (if it's a digital one) will land in my archive.
  4. Yummy Nutella is best with a spoon.
  5. The best movie I've seen lately is 'Inception'.
  6. We normally can choose what we like; but we're totally helpless with the one we love.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the end of the day (it's still early afternoon), tomorrow my plans include making the visual prompts for our 'February Journaling Challenge' and Sunday, I want to ah, well ... no concrete plans yet!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Throw Something.

Wreck This Journal: Throw Something.

Finally, I was in the mood and brave enough to do this page ... and I followed exactly the instructions! :-)

I used two balls (1 of the size of a fist and 1 golf ball size) and a thick marking pen. I dripped some coating paint (2 blue, 2 red, black, white) on a plate, rolled the ball and dipped the pen in the color and let them fall on the page. For the yellow I used a bristle brush loaded with color and made vivid hand moves over the page - let's call this free-style!
Oh, and a lot of newspaper to cover everything around! *g*

Monday, January 10, 2011

Quiz: The List Of Fours

to Carol's Blog: Random Writings
1. Four shows that you watch:
  • CSI. Does that count as 1 or 3?
  • Lie To Me.
  • NCIS LA. Is that much difference to NCIS?
  • The Mentalist.
I guess, my affection and preferences are quite clear, aren't they?

2. Four things you are passionate about:
  • Reading.
  • Shah Rukh Khan and India.
  • Writing.
  • Curiosity.
3. Four phrases/words you say a lot:
  • Why...? How...? What...? Who...? ...or any other question!
  • It depends on ...
  • Fascinating!
  • I'll shear you! ...regularly said to my long-hair cats!
4. Four things you’ve learned from the past:
  • Everything depends on the way of argumentation.
  • You can live through it, even if you think you can't.
  • You should never stop dreaming/hoping, they keep you alive.
  • One door closes, another door opens.
5. Four places you would like to go:
  • India.
  • Western USA.
  • New Zealand.
  • Egypt.
6. Four things you did yesterday:
  • Reading.
  • Creating a birthday card for a friend.
  • Cooking and eating.
  • Vacuum cleaning.
7. Four things you are looking forward to:
  • Summer.
  • Going to India one day.
  • Becoming an author one day.
  • Someone invents zero calories, full taste chocolate.
8. Four things you love about winter:
Ah, all right ... well, I guess, here I have to assert the claim of not answering. For me, there is simply nothing 'lovely' about the winter! *yuck*

9. Four bloggers who should share their list of fours:
It seems like the chain reaction is working quite well so far. If there is one blogger, who follows the row, I would be delighted. When there are even four, I would be more than happily surprised and excited.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-01

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-03: Resolution. Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Why or why not?
I simply don't make anything, that I don't intent to keep. If I want something peculiar, I set goals and make plans to achieve them ... BUT this year I'd like to make an exception, I'd made some Writing-Reading-Designing-Art-NYR! Have a look:
Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011.

Tuesday, January-04: Party. You're going to create a new political party. Name it, and come up with a slogan to describe what the party stands for.
If a political party is the only way to gain enough power to change people's mind, then I would stand for true equality. I would fight for, that really everyone is the same, gets the same money, has access to the same range of goods and food, is provided with the same medical precautions, etc. With the final effect that there is no need for any kind of war or fight.

Wednesday, January-05: Project. Write about a project you did for school when you were a kid.
There was that one project, where we had to design some architecture. Mine was a house in futuristic style. For the practical part I used Styrofoam ... I remember my hands, my body, everything was covered in white little Styrofoam pellets, looking like fresh snow! It's kind of sad, that I don't have a picture of my house, but I still can feel the fluffy pellets gluing on me!

Yeah, that's what I call a good start into the new year: First week of OMW and first win! *yippie*

Thursday, January-06: Intro. Fill in the blanks (and explain, if you'd like): "My name is _____, and I'm a(n) _____-holic."
My name is Karin, and I'm a choco-holic, book-maniac, art-infected, travel-addicted ... and that's only the tip of the iceberg. My therapist is very happy with me! ;-)

Friday, January-07: Sword. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Sword".
The great hall was empty on that early morning. Over the treetops the first light of the day was shimmering through the big windows, just enough to see the outlines of a person standing there in front of a wonderful sword hanging on the stone wall.
Vhalor couldn't believe that she was really here. Centuries ago it was not even thinkable, that women were allowed to live and train here. But her presence was a sign how fierce that ugly war had gotten over the last few years. Today was Vhalor's big test in the field and her success (or failure) will not only show, if the eldest senate was right (or wrong) with that unconventional decision.
For Vhalor it was more personal than she'd ever told anybody. Her right hand reached out to her left side, elegantly she pulled her sword, kneeled down on one knee and stung her sword to the marble floor. Today would also be the day, if the warrior blood in her veins was strong enough to persist in front of the enemy. If her head was clear enough and her arm strong enough to revenge her beloved brother. When she was able to honor her family, then maybe ... and she almost didn't want to dream of it, then maybe she would be given the family's warrior sword. A similar sword to that one, she was kneeling in front. She sent a silent prayer to their Goddess with only one wish at the end of the holy lines: »Please, let me not fail in this!«

Saturday, January-08: Wish. Complete this thought: Now that the winter holidays are over, I wish...
Now that the winter holidays are over, I wish the warm sunny days would start right away!

Sunday, January-09: Surprise. Write about a time you surprised yourself with what you could--or couldn't--do.
When it comes to handicraft I have almost literally two left hands, in combination with a total lack of talent and patience. Quite some years ago I was in need of a present for my mother, when one day (two weeks before Christmas) I stumbled across an unfinished table cloth. The on printed pattern was supposed to be filled with simple cross stitches. Without thinking of the consequences, I took the table cloth and decided to finish it. Well, you'll better do not ask about the two weeks, your ears would get red, when you heard about my swearing! The end of the story, unbelievable but true, I really made it! I've never seen my mother such speechless!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-01

Friday Fill-In
  1. It's 2011; I can't wait to get rid of that damn snow.
  2. For a 'Bavarian Sausage Salad' you need sausages, onions, cheese and pickles.
  3. Thankfully I have my this year's goals for writing and reading set. Now it's time to start.
  4. Still dreaming of things and making plans to achieve them are the best things in life.
  5. I am so proud of what I've achieved last year in terms of writing and art.
  6. A bowl of fresh exotic fruits would be absolutely perfect right now.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to nothing but some reading and some sleep, tomorrow my plans include my usual housework (sometimes I really wished to shear my cats) and Sunday, I want to make another WTJ-page, if I haven't done it until then!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Create A Nonstop Line.

Wreck This Journal: Create A Nonstop Line.

Well, I've already done an easy nonstop line here:
WTJ: Tie A String To The Spine Of This Book. Swing Wildly. Let It Hit The Walls.
So, this time I wanted something more 'sophisticated'!

First, I intended to draw everything, but this outline-cord never looked right, that's why I came up with some more 3D-stuff. Used cords, ribbons, felt-hearts, wooden birds and separate writing! I must have been mad! *sigh* Finally, I made it!

... and I'll never be able to close the journal properly again! ;-)

Have you heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? I knew that I've done my cover makeover too early and I have to re-do it, because the journal was/is getting thicker and thicker ... well, THIS page finally blasted the cover! *ka-wumm* *lol*

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge

'In the case of good books,
the point is not how many
of them you can get through,
but rather how many can
get through to you.'
Mortimer Adler

Well, Mr. Adler, you might be right, but when you join in Dolly's Reading Challenge, then the amount of books does count, too! I decided to start with 52 books and see how everything develops.

  1. Long Way Round - Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman
  2. Never Ending Story - Michael Ende
  3. Twilight Saga: Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
  4. Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun - Stephenie Meyer
    (Available chapters on Stephenie's homepage!)
  5. Twilight Saga: New Moon - Stephenie Meyer
  6. Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer
  7. Twilight Saga: The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer
  8. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer
  9. Story Of Son - J.R. Ward
  10. Indelibly Inked - Jamie DeBree
    (Serial novel, all chapters available on The Variety Pages)
  11. The Lord Of The Rings, The Fellowship Of The Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien
  12. The Lord Of The Rings, The Two Towers - J.R.R. Tolkien
  13. The Lord Of The Rings, The Return Of The King - J.R.R. Tolkien
  14. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
  15. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
  16. Lover Mine - J.R. Ward
    (Which are actually 2 books in the German version!)
  17. Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer
    (Couldn't help, Wuthering Heights is quoted in Eclipse!)
  18. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer
    (Favorite Scenes, I'm mad, I know!)
  19. Cujo - Stephen King
  20. Warrior Cats 1, Into The Wild - Erin Hunter
  21. Warrior Cats 2, Fire And Ice - Erin Hunter
  22. Warrior Cats 3, Forest Of Secrets - Erin Hunter
  23. Warrior Cats 4, Rising Storm - Erin Hunter
  24. Warrior Cats 5, A Dangerous Path - Erin Hunter
  25. Warrior Cats 6, The Darkest Hour - Erin Hunter
  26. His Dark Materials 1, Northern Lights - Philip Pullman
  27. His Dark Materials 2, The Subtle Knife - Philip Pullman
  28. His Dark Materials 3, The Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman
  29. The Biker's Wench - Jamie DeBree
    (Serial novel, all chapters available on The Variety Pages)
  30. The Count Of Monte Christo - Alexandre Dumas
  31. It - Stephen King
  32. Rose Madder - Stephen King
  33. Shah Rukh Can - Mushtaq Shiekh
  34. Misery - Stephen King
  35. Rage - Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King)
  36. Roadwork - Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King)
  37. Running Man - Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King)
  38. Thinner - Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King)
  39. The Long Walk - Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King)
  40. The Dark Half - Stephen King
  41. I'm Off Then: My Journey Along the Camino de Santiago - Hape Kerkeling (Audio book)
  42. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling
  43. Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets - J.K. Rowling
  44. Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban - J.K. Rowling
  45. Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire - J.K. Rowling
  46. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix - J.K. Rowling
  47. Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling
  48. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling
  49. The Tales Of Beedle The Bard - J.K. Rowling
  50. Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen
  51. Lover Unleashed - J.R. Ward
  52. The Physician - Noah Gordon
  53. Shaman - Noah Gordon
  54. Choices - Noah Gordon
  55. The Beach - Alex Garland
  56. The Strain - Guillermo Del Toro
  57. Maenner, das starke Geschlecht??? (Men, the strong sex???) - Hajo Bandorf
  58. Ramses: The Son Of The Light - Christian Jacq
  59. Ramses: The Temple Of A Million Years - Christian Jacq
  60. Ramses: The Battle Of Kadesh - Christian Jacq
  61. Ramses: The Lady Of Abu Simbel - Christian Jacq
  62. Ramses: Under The Western Acacia - Christian Jacq
  63. The Host - Stephenie Meyer
  64. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader - C.S. Lewis
  65. Narnia: The Magician's Nephew - C.S. Lewis
  66. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis
  67. Narnia: The Horse And His Boy - C.S. Lewis
  68. Narnia: Prince Caspian - C.S. Lewis
  69. Narnia: The Silver Chair - C.S. Lewis
  70. Narnia: The Last Battle - C.S. Lewis
  71. The Golden Throne - Katia Fox
  72. The Cupper Sign - Katia Fox
  73. The Silver Falcon - Katia Fox
  74. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
  75. Ulldart: Schatten über Ulldart - Markus Heitz
  76. Ulldart: Der Orden der Schwerter - Markus Heitz
  77. Ulldart: Das Zeichen des dunklen Gottes - Markus Heitz
  78. Ulldart: Unter den Augen Tzulans - Markus Heitz
  79. Ulldart: Die Magie des Herrschers - Markus Heitz
  80. Ulldart: Die Quellen des Bösen - Markus Heitz
  81. Ulldart: Trügerischer Friede - Markus Heitz
  82. Ulldart: Brennende Kontinente - Markus Heitz
  83. Ulldart: Fatales Vermächtnis - Markus Heitz
  84. Twilight Saga: Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
  85. Försters Pucki - Magda Trott
  86. Puckis erstes Schuljahr - Magda Trott
  87. Pucki und ihre Freunde - Magda Trott
  88. Pucki kommt in die höhere Schule - Magda Trott
  89. Puckis neue Streiche - Magda Trott
  90. Puckis erster Schritt ins Leben - Magda Trott
  91. Pucki wird eine glückliche Braut - Magda Trott
  92. Pucki als junge Hausfrau - Magda Trott
  93. Puckis Familienglück - Magda Trott
  94. Pucki und ihre drei Jungen - Magda Trott
  95. Pucki, unser Mütterchen - Magda Trott
  96. Puckis Lebenssommer - Magda Trott
  97. Hanni & Nanni sind immer dagegen - Enid Blyton
  98. Hanni & Nanni schmieden neue Pläne - Enid Blyton
  99. Hanni & Nanni in neuen Abenteuern - Enid Blyton
  100. Kein Spaß ohne Hanni & Nanni - Enid Blyton

  101. ---
  102. ... to be continued!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011.

For the last few days of 2010 I decided to quit all my regular blogging activities ... instead I used the short break to think a little. The artist in me is quite proud and delighted, what I've started and achieved in the previous twelve months, but of course, as usual not everything went well and there is potential for improvements. So, let's see, where I've come from and where the artistic road may take me in 2011.

In March I came to the conclusion, that "a blog is quite the right platform for me to get published". Ladies and gentlemen, I still feel that I'm in good hands here.
My blog archive tells me, that I've done 107 posts in ten months. Calculating on the average, that makes 10 posts a month. That's not bad for a blogger newbie, but also not really much. More of a problem is my writing frequency, which tends from 2 to 21 posts per month. Well, I'm not satisfied with that count!
To give my writing rhythm some kind of regularity, my mind came up with the idea of 'Daily Themes'. These should give me a direction, there is no must in writing really every day, only some kind of inspiration. What I already have:
  • Tuesday: Wreck This Journal
    It became habit, that I post my WTJ-pages every Tuesday. I'll stick to that day and when this book is finished one day, well, there are other books by Keri Smith waiting to be done.
  • Friday: Friday-Fill-In
    Freshly joined in just a few weeks ago, the Friday-Fill-Ins supposed to have a good potential for a regular weekly habit.
  • Sunday: One-Minute-Writer
    The overview of one complete week of OMW-prompts plus my ideas and thoughts about them.
All right, that makes 3 of 7. At the moment for the other daily themes I'm playing with these topics:
  • Writing Exercises
  • Book and/or movie reviews
  • Experiences/questions about writing my novel
  • Art Journaling and/or instructions for making art
I need to work on that! You'll discover when something new will come!

You all know, I'm a passionate reader, but obviously not as much as my dear friend Dolly, who set her 2010-book-goal for 100, speaking she wanted to read 100 books in one year (and achieved that goal! Congratulations!). Anyway, I didn't want to join in that challenge. Reading should be fun, no pressure and two books a week is not always doable! BUT curiosity is quite a big trigger for me. It made me quite sad, that (like Dolly) I don't have a book list. I'm curious to know, what kind of different books would I read in one year? What are the books I read more than one time? How addicted am I really to some book series?
So, this year I join Dolly's 2011 Reading Challenge. Read more about that in the upcoming blogpost!

I still love my WTJ and I want to finish the book, means I really want to follow every single instruction!
Here on my blog I've posted until now 40 pages. Good news, in reality I've already finished 61 pages AND I have quite a few ideas for the remaining 36 tasks, means my 'Tuesday Theme' for the next weeks is guaranteed!
Oh, and here's a short glimpse of the actual look of the book.

Blogging is one side of the medal, the other side is, when you have a blog entitled with the little word 'Writing', then you need something to write about. We're speaking of some more writing, whereby One-Minute-Writer and Friday-Fill-Ins aren't enough by far. So, what else do I have to write?
  1. My novel
    Inspired by a dream, my very first idea was making a blog series, but I've given up the lamely started attempt very quickly. Quite some time had to pass until November, where I spontaneously joined in 'NaNo Writing Month'. This challenge gave my novel the right kick start, despite several obstacles it went very well. The bad news, since the end of NaNo I haven't touched my novel. But now it's about time to continue. One creative new years resolution for 2011 is to finish that novel!
  2. Dream Diary
    I'm not a that type of a regular journal keeper, but I have a dream diary. As long as there isn't such an invention like in the movie 'Inception', you have to relate on your brain and wait for the nightly pictures. But for sure, I'll continue penning down my dreamily adventures!
    Note: I still want to participate on Dolly's guest post series 'Meet A Journal Keeper'!
  3. Writing Exercises
    At the moment I'm working on Exercise 14. Every one gives me some extra training for writing my novel and there are different interesting aspects I would love to discuss about. Until now, I've posted IN the task the question, that came up my mind while writing. But I think it's a better place to separate that thought from the task. So, in future there will be extra posts about all that writing matters! And of course, I continue publishing my exercise results!

Well, I guess, that's all folks! That's quite a list, but I'm sure, it will be fun! Hope to see you (and hopefully some more followers) on my blog!

All the best and happy writing.