Sunday, January 16, 2011

February Journaling Challenge

I have some exciting news. My good friend, Dolly and I have decided to do a February Journaling Challenge. We hope you will join us, and participate.

Journaling is not about rules, so we have kept that to minimum with only one rule:

All you have to do is follow a daily prompt, and do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH IT. You can do an art journal page, drawing, writing, doodling, poetry, fiction, whatever you want.

We have specifically selected prompts that could be used in a variety of ways, because even Dolly and I are approaching this Journaling Challenge from very different sides. Dolly's main form is writing, and mine is mixed media journal. So as you can imagine, our entries and our interpretation of the prompts are likely to be very different.

You can join us, and do whatever appeals to you.

We will post prompts daily on both our blogs.

Nofretiri Dreams of Writing
Journal Addict

As I said - journaling is not about rules. I'm planning to share all my pages (maybe I blur out here and there some too private things). And Dolly will share some of her pages, depending on what she does with those prompts. As she's writing, some of her entries may be too personal to share. Anyway, our entries will be posted on our respective blogs.

If you want to share yours with us, please contact us, and we will be happy to post them on our blogs. Even if you don't want to show your entries, just join us on this amazing Journaling Journey, where you devote the shortest month of the year - only 28 days - to journaling every day. You can do as much or as little you want, but we believe that at the end of the month, you will feel happier or at least more insightful for this exploration.

(A big thanks to Dolly for writing this post and leaving it for my purpose, too!)


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