Friday, April 08, 2011

ABC, G for Gefuehle (emotions)

Got your tissue box ready?!
A wise word of advice in consideration of some books, like 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows'. On more than one passage I couldn't read properly, because of the tears in my eyes were blurring the lines. There are other books, where something was so funny that I couldn't help but laughing. Sometimes you could hear me shout a terrified 'Don't!' or a disgusted 'Yuck!'. Or some other super sweet nasty kitsch made me gag. If something like that happens with a reader, the author has done his/her job well!

If you now expect some tips for "Expressive Writing" I have to disappoint you. I have something different in mind ... as soon as I'd managed to sort out that chaos in my head!

Quite some time later:
Do you know that phenomenon, when you have an interesting thought, or at least you think it's interesting and then you can't find a way to express yourself? Suddenly your thought seems to be not so interesting anymore!

Some more time later:
Okay, today is obviously not my Hercule Poirot day to deliver a watertight chain of arguments! Instead I just give you the thought snippets swirling around in my head:
  • Like written in the intro, in the best case there's an emotional connection between the book and the reader.
  • The other side of the medal: There's also an emotional connection between the book and the writer. Maybe even some interaction and emotional exchange.
  • How was J.K. Rowling's day before she began to write such emotional scenes? Did she feel good or anxious because of the coming? How did she feel while writing: Emotionally involved or more like a distant observer? How did the scenes influence her feelings afterwards?
  • Key question: When a writer has to be a director (like I've claimed just a few days ago), he/she also needs to be an actor? A good actor, who gets into character to convey the emotional intensity so believable, that it can be felt through the pages? Or is it enough just to be a good observer? Could you write happy scenes on a personal bad day, and vice versa?
Hope, you could make some of your own sense out of it? What are your experiences?


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