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Writing Exercise 00: To Write A Beginning

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What could be better for the first task than to write a beginning? So, write the beginning of a short story or a book or a scene, whatever. Take care, that the beginning is exciting. Imagine, someone in a bookstore strolls through the bookshelves, takes your book and reads the first lines. The beginning has to be so gripping, that this person has to take the book to the cash desk.
Write as much as you like, but I would recommend not more than 10 lines. Remember, it's only the beginning. You don't need a plot, you don't have to know how the story continues. There should be only about 10 lines, which leave as many questions open, that the reader wants to continue reading.
And btw, a catchword should be included. The catchword is: Dam (German: Staudamm)

Beginning 1, with plot idea:
Most round trips in Egypt start in Cairo. It's very smart to present the most spectacular highlight within the first days. Everyone wants to see the last existing construction of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Great Pyramid of Giza.
But I wasn't a tourist. I was an au-pair-girl, a nanny for three wonderful kids. Many times we traveled along the Corniche, the main road along the river Nile. And every time I searched for the little triangles in the far distance. It would take 58 days until I could see the pyramids from close to. How long would it take to see the other out-of-town-sights? Was there even a chance to see The Karnak Temple or The Valley of the Kings. Not to think of the Aswan High Dam and Abu Simbel.
Well, it's not the right time for these stories be told. Let's see where everything started.

Beginning 2, without plot idea:
On a warm summer day a young woman stood on hill and glanced over the valley in front of her. A light breeze played with the curls of her shiny golden hair. Her delicate body suited perfectly to her porcelain face. She looked like one of those precious dolls and everyone, men as well as women, wanted to be near her, take care for her, protect her.
Oh yes, that was totally by her purpose, because her most joyful moment was when she revealed her true identity. In two days will be the inauguration of the dam and they will flood the valley. The empty village down there would completely disappear, exactly like her actual target. With a grimly beautiful smile she turned around and left the scenery.

What do you think: Mission accomplished?

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