Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WQ-02. Characters.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

02. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I would lapidary say, every story has exactly the right number of male and female characters as it demands! Okay, I see, I can't get away here that cheap ...

I might be a little biased, because of my current female main character, but it's quite true, I prefer writing about women. My Cathryn is a strong, independent, young woman, of course also with quite some flaws. She has to find her way in a world, that is dominated by men and her actions are mostly considered as 'inappropriate behavior' by the society of that era. But that's one thing I love and adore on her, she breaks some conventions and that step initiates some adventures worth an 'Indiana Jones'. On her way she has the chance to learn her lessons, overcome several obstacles and develop in her character and skills.

Cathryn's world includes a number of male and female supporting roles. In the actual adventure, at her side act three male main characters, not all of them are good. There is also another main character becoming life changing for her, but that person is not yet revealed. I also have two more people in mind, who will influence her future, if I decide to continue with a second book.


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