Sunday, January 09, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-01

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-03: Resolution. Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Why or why not?
I simply don't make anything, that I don't intent to keep. If I want something peculiar, I set goals and make plans to achieve them ... BUT this year I'd like to make an exception, I'd made some Writing-Reading-Designing-Art-NYR! Have a look:
Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011.

Tuesday, January-04: Party. You're going to create a new political party. Name it, and come up with a slogan to describe what the party stands for.
If a political party is the only way to gain enough power to change people's mind, then I would stand for true equality. I would fight for, that really everyone is the same, gets the same money, has access to the same range of goods and food, is provided with the same medical precautions, etc. With the final effect that there is no need for any kind of war or fight.

Wednesday, January-05: Project. Write about a project you did for school when you were a kid.
There was that one project, where we had to design some architecture. Mine was a house in futuristic style. For the practical part I used Styrofoam ... I remember my hands, my body, everything was covered in white little Styrofoam pellets, looking like fresh snow! It's kind of sad, that I don't have a picture of my house, but I still can feel the fluffy pellets gluing on me!

Yeah, that's what I call a good start into the new year: First week of OMW and first win! *yippie*

Thursday, January-06: Intro. Fill in the blanks (and explain, if you'd like): "My name is _____, and I'm a(n) _____-holic."
My name is Karin, and I'm a choco-holic, book-maniac, art-infected, travel-addicted ... and that's only the tip of the iceberg. My therapist is very happy with me! ;-)

Friday, January-07: Sword. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Sword".
The great hall was empty on that early morning. Over the treetops the first light of the day was shimmering through the big windows, just enough to see the outlines of a person standing there in front of a wonderful sword hanging on the stone wall.
Vhalor couldn't believe that she was really here. Centuries ago it was not even thinkable, that women were allowed to live and train here. But her presence was a sign how fierce that ugly war had gotten over the last few years. Today was Vhalor's big test in the field and her success (or failure) will not only show, if the eldest senate was right (or wrong) with that unconventional decision.
For Vhalor it was more personal than she'd ever told anybody. Her right hand reached out to her left side, elegantly she pulled her sword, kneeled down on one knee and stung her sword to the marble floor. Today would also be the day, if the warrior blood in her veins was strong enough to persist in front of the enemy. If her head was clear enough and her arm strong enough to revenge her beloved brother. When she was able to honor her family, then maybe ... and she almost didn't want to dream of it, then maybe she would be given the family's warrior sword. A similar sword to that one, she was kneeling in front. She sent a silent prayer to their Goddess with only one wish at the end of the holy lines: »Please, let me not fail in this!«

Saturday, January-08: Wish. Complete this thought: Now that the winter holidays are over, I wish...
Now that the winter holidays are over, I wish the warm sunny days would start right away!

Sunday, January-09: Surprise. Write about a time you surprised yourself with what you could--or couldn't--do.
When it comes to handicraft I have almost literally two left hands, in combination with a total lack of talent and patience. Quite some years ago I was in need of a present for my mother, when one day (two weeks before Christmas) I stumbled across an unfinished table cloth. The on printed pattern was supposed to be filled with simple cross stitches. Without thinking of the consequences, I took the table cloth and decided to finish it. Well, you'll better do not ask about the two weeks, your ears would get red, when you heard about my swearing! The end of the story, unbelievable but true, I really made it! I've never seen my mother such speechless!


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