Saturday, April 02, 2011

ABC, B for Blockade

Blink, blink, blink.

Nothing is more inspiring
than a blank sheet of paper.

Bullshit! That damn blinking cursor on the screen is mocking me! Always!

I love beginnings, but I hate blank pages. See the crux of the matter, where the dog chases his own tail? You have to fill that empty page to get a beginning, but at the same time that very same blank page is blocking you!

Well, one method that works for me to break the vicious circle, I simply leave that blank paper and find myself a comfortable place. I close my eyes and imagine, that topic/theme I have in mind is a dark night sky. I know, the stars are already there, but I can't see them yet. I let my mind relax and allow my thoughts fly free. Some stars began slowly to sparkle, they appear and some vanish again. I let them. No pressure. No expectations. After a while the sparkles became more visible, more tangible, and I can begin to search for the right group of stars. This might take some time, but in the end I have wonderful constellation. Back to my blank page I can fill it with the perfect first sentence, the perfect first little paragraph. From now on it's much easier to continue. The curse of the blank page is broken.

Constellation of Pisces

I also use that technique on every other part of the text, but it only works, when I already have a theme/topic in mind. I'm still searching for creativity techniques, when my mind is also blank. Every tip is welcome!

P.S. Blockade is the same word in German and in English, only differently pronounced.


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