Thursday, June 02, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: Reward

Been quite creative that days ... a few days after Practice I received that:

Saturday, May 11, 2011
Reward: In what way to you reward yourself for accomplishments?


"Well, I'm quite unimaginative when it comes to rewards, because in 99% I find at least one new book for my shelves! What shall I say, I simply can't stand not buying books!"

And C. Beth was so nice to give me this, too:

Summer Break

Obviously I'm not the first (nor the last), who's going to think over making a blogging summer break. For a while now I feel very little inspired to write. I have quite some ideas swirling round my head, but somehow I'm not able to bring them proper to paper or on screen. I even have problems with the very short prompts of One-Minute-Writer! *sigh*

With this being Nr. 143 I've produced more posts within five months than over the whole last year. Most of them so wonderfully made during two amazing challenges: February Journaling Challenge and April A-Z Blogging Challenge. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that a lot. I don't want to miss them!

But now, when I look at my blog, I feel bored by myself. And if I feel that way, then it's only logical that others do, too! *double-sigh* That for I've decided to take a summer break. Developing my existing ideas and holding back my spirits as long as I finally have to write again!

I wish you all a wonderful summer and see you all hopefully back then after the break! Keep writing!


Take A Break!