Saturday, June 02, 2012

A-Z, G For Genes.


It's all in the genes, is that really so?
Just finished 'Next' by Michael Crichton, an interesting book about gene-technology.

It made me - with view of my current situation - curious to do a little Wikipedia research. Well, I know some cases of cancer and heart diseases in my family, so according to the gene-theory in my family history I could be at least predistinated for those ... but I haven't heard a single word about depressions. This either means there weren't any or they simply didn't talk about it.

If there weren't the pretty obvious similarities in the look between my mother and me, and especially between my father and me, I would totally doubt that I'm really a part of this family!

Beyond the look, there are more differences than similarities. While all my ancestors mainly prefer to settle down, get married, get children, build a house and plant a tree, I focus and live for my career. While they think in small, narrow minded dimensions, I dare to dream big and work on dreams coming true. While I'm interested in various topics, I doubt they've even heard about those, and if they are very prejudices. While ... I could continue here on and on and on...

When really all is in the genes, then I wonder, why am I so different? What the hell is wrong with me? Has been made a mistake in arranging my genes?

The fatal thing is, when your mind is already doubting on its health, those questions suddenly become even more significance. You begin to doubt if your way of living was correct. But what and when did I begin to make 'wrong' turns? Would have changed something if I'd known? ... I don't think so!?

So, what (if?) is wrong with me?


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