Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A-Z, A For Apocalypse.


21 December 2012 - due day for the apocalypse according to the Mayan Calendar. Very visually dynamic shown what could/should/would happen then in Roland Emmerich's movie '2012'.

But what if an apocalypse doesn't concern the whole mankind but only one single person - would the impact be more or less worse? And what if this one single person is yourself?

Some of you might have heard me saying 'Two Souls are beating in my Chest'. That's true, that's what I am. Actually even by birth. I'm born in March, my zodiac is Pisces - TWO fishes.

As long as I can think I've always seen both sides of the medal. Very often you can hear me argue with 'on the one hand ... on the other hand'. Sometimes I'm joking with saying 'I'm a split personality'.

Well, in general I'm a very positive, optimistic person. I see the glass half full - instead of half empty. Even in failures I can see the positive, the learning effect to avoid the same trap the next time. I mainly live on the sunny side of life. But to use another saying 'Where's sun there's also shadow.' Yes, deep inside my soul is also a very dark side. And sometimes this dark side becomes stronger. It's like a thick, untouchable, gray fog comes crawling over my soul and occupies my mind ... the darkness takes my life over.

I literally lose me, myself, my whole personality. You can imagine, when this happens that this is my worst case scenario ... my personal apocalypse!


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