Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Glue A Random Page From A Newspaper Here.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Glue A Random Page From A Newspaper Here.

Well, this is kind of a mixed-media-chaos-collage of different riddles (out of newspapers!).

I used watercolors (background, writing), soft pastel chalks (lines), glitter glue, ink (handwriting) and some golden stickers. Voila: A big mish-mash!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas


To all those wonderful people out there:

May joy and happiness snow on you, may the bells jingle for you and may Santa be extra good to you! 
Merry Christmas!


Maybe some of you can remember, where I got the inspiration for my this year's Christmas cards. It came right form my 'Wreck This Journal': Find A Way To Wear The Journal.
Working with the rhinestones is a little delicate, but the outcome is just gorgeous. Have a look!

The outside:
Cut out a piece of paper, a little smaller than a regular card. Do the same with a piece of fabric. Glue in the fabric, use some glue stick only on the inner surface.For the decoration on the outside, use some patterns of bells, trees, stockings, snowflakes, etc. to glue the rhinestones on. This time use liquid glue.

The inside:
Let some ink drop on the paper, spray water onto the paper to create the marble effect. Let everything dry completely.
Cut the piece of paper in shape, that it fits into your card.

Print some computer made Christmas ornaments on the paper and decorate them with glitter glue. Write your personal Christmas message, BEFORE you glue this piece of paper (again with glue stick) into the fabric outside.

The envelope:
Unfolded envelope is used as pattern. Cut out one piece, using Christmas wrapping paper. Another piece, using normal paper. On the latter use some Airbrush pens to decorate the address fields.

Put everything together and Voila!: Very lovely and very individual Christmas cards!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 50 & 51

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, December-13: Decoration. Write about a holiday decoration that holds particular meaning for you.
I have two little, very neat holders for tea candles. I bought one, the other my Mom at the Christmas market in Salzburg/Austria three years ago. The last one before she died, so these two objects are very precious for me.

Tuesday, December-14: Holiday. It's your job to create a new holiday, one that will be observed worldwide. What new holiday will you create?
"The World Day Of Peace": On this day any kind of weapons have to be laid down, including guns, fists and words. Everyone should have the possibility to meet everyone in silent harmony without any prejudices and mistrust with the hope that on the following day weapons aren't needed anymore.

Wednesday, December-15: Guilty. Write about the last time you felt guilty.
To escape all that Christmas-sugar-and-cinnamon-sweets I bought a bag of Cheese Nachos, of course with sharp cheese dip. Well, I simply couldn't stop and ate EVERYTHING! Did I get rid of the sweet taste? What do you think? Did my mouth, tongue and stomach feel fuzzy after that? Oh yes! *yummy* Did I feel guilty? Absolutely yes! But I think I would do it again ... it was simply too seductive and delicious!

Thursday, December-16: No. Write about a time you said no.
Oh, I say 'No' every single morning. First of all to my damn alarm clock. These days additionally to the dark and the cold, not to forget a very, very heavy 'No' to the snow. I'm simply no morning-girl, I hate getting up early, even earlier because I had to check on the snow! Thanks, but NO thanks!

Friday, December-17: Frozen. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Frozen".
A few years ago I escaped the German winter and fled to Kenya. Have you seen pictures of Kenya? After the dry winter the country supposed to have shades of beige and brown, but not this time. It was a January after 'El Nino', a quasi-periodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean. (Thanks Wikipedia!)
The transfer from the airport to the hotel already was a challenge for the eye, everything was so extraordinarily green. It hurt in the eyes like the glittering white snow at home. The nature sucked in all the rain and transferred it into the most colorful flowers and plants I've ever seen. All my senses were challenged. Slowly I could follow the intriguing fascination for that country.
In the first night my room mate was laughing at me, despite the warmth outside I needed a second blanket, my teeth were clattering, I was frozen ... the chambermaid thought us a good deed to turn the air condition as far as it will go. The room was simply f... freezing cold! I hadn't expected that! Well, these are things you'll never forget!

Saturday, December-18: Six Word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
'Snow is falling all around me.'

The-One-Minute-Writer is on vacation: 12/19-12/27.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday-Fill-In: #204

(Note: Thanks to "Friday Fill-Ins")
  1. What in the world am I doing here to start a new series?
  2. Having my Christmas meal in mind, I hope afterwards everybody is well fed.
  3. Go away, snow!
  4. Almost all my Christmas presents and cards are sent and I hope they receive on time.
  5. I keep dreaming of a green Christmas under palm trees.
  6. This is my first Friday-Fill-In, believe it or not.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to continue reading my BDB-book, tomorrow my plans include shoveling snow *sigh* and Sunday, I want to do the remaining rest of my Christmas post!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Glue In A Page From A Magazine. Circle The Words You Like.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Glue In A Page From A Magazine. Circle The Words You Like.

The article, published in ISHQ Magazin 03/2008, was about the actor Shah Rukh Khan visiting the "Berlinale Film Festival", the bear is the festival mascot.

My first try doing something like Art Journaling.
For the background: Dabbing with a natural sponge and 3 colors. I used some embroideries/borders as a pattern and again dabbing with the sponge and the darkest of the 3 colors!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 49

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, December-06: Book. Write about a book you were given as a gift, or a book you gave as a gift.
You don't have coincidentally the inspiration for this prompt from my Saturday's post?!?
Anyway, besides 'Der Trotzkopf' (The stubborn) there were a lot of other books I connect with precious memories, like the Duden Encyclopedia and World History For Children, both gifts from my Grandpa. I wasn't only a stubborn but also a very curious child. I could bombard everybody in reach with questions. With these books he also wanted to give me the opportunity to find the solution by myself. Clever man!

Tuesday, December-07: You are. It's been said, "You are what you eat." Rewrite that phrase.... "You are what you ...".
You are what you are, IF you've discovered your destiny and followed your way, even if everybody else says 'don't do it'.

Wednesday, December-08: Expert. What expert do you wish could come teach you what they know?
Oh, there are a lot of experts, where shall I start? There is actor Shah Rukh Khan I'd like to talk about his energy and his skills entertaining people. From authors like Stephen King, J.R. Ward or Stephenie Meyer I would like to know about their writing. Then there is Vera F. Birkenbihl, she's my most adored role model for a trainer talking and teaching groups. Besides the brain I would need a permanent drill instructor for my body! Do NOT eat this! Do some exercises, NOW! Don't grumble, DO!

Thursday, December-09: Internet. Write about when you first started using the Internet.
*thinking* I started my online life in 1998. In the summer before my studies it was all about chatting. :-) Talking to people all over the world. The next 'logical' step was a having a own homepage. OMG, better don't ask how it looked like. A modern work of art with too many colors, too many animated Gifs, just too much of everything ... except taste! *lol* I guess since that days I've improved a lot! At least, I hope so! *g*

Friday, December-10: Branches. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Branches".
I'd like to quote Mary from the Prairie, who wrote:
"Daddy, my friends are all going to the movies, and then out to ice cream afterwards. Can I have some money? Oh, and I forgot - I borrowed $10 from Tricia last week, and I really need to pay her back."
"What happened to the money I gave you for your allowance last week?"
"Daddee ... you know I had to buy shoes to go with my dress for the dance ..."
"You really need to budget more carefully. Money doesn't grow on trees, you know."
"But Daaaddd.... if money doesn't grow on trees, why do banks have so many BRANCHES?"

Saturday, December-11: Gift. Write a bit about the most recent gift you gave.
Some toys for my ungrateful cats doesn’t count, right? *hmm* I've talked to Santa, well those gifts I'm thinking on, are already given, but not yet received ... so I'm not talking about them! *Ho-Ho-Ho*

Sunday, November-12: Sun. Write yourself a Sunday letter from the Sun.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 48

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-29: Math. Come up with a mathematical formula to express something you know/believe. Example: Long Saturday run + Frappuccino = Happiness.
1. Nov-30 + 50.000 words = NaNo Winner
2. Me = Nov-30 + 50.000 words
3. Me = NaNo Winner?!

Tuesday, November-30: Recover. Write about a time you recovered from something...or recovered something.
From tomorrow on I won't touch my NaNo-novel! My eyes are almost blind from staring at that white document screen, my fingers are numb from writing and haven't any feeling in my butt because of sitting so long in one attitude! … Okay, let's give me a week to recover, that should be fine! And the I should continue and finish my novel! :-)

Wednesday, December-01: December. Describe what you like or dislike about December.
I like the Christmas decorations and the lights, but I dislike the snow. I like searching for Christmas presents and strolling over Christmas markets, but I dislike the snow. I like the smell and the taste of Christmas cookies, but - guess what? - I dislike the God damn snow!

Thursday, December-02: Store. Write about a store that would get more of your business if they did one thing differently (and write about what that one thing would be.)
I instantly thought of CreaVil, one of the rare shops in Germany, that provides us with art supplies. The disturbing thing in the online shop is, that they've sorted their products by brands. That's difficult for beginners to find something suitable. I would prefer categories by products or techniques.

Friday, December-03: W(h)ine. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Wine" and/or "Whine".
My Writing Journey

Saturday, December-04: Stubborn. In what way are you the most stubborn?
I was a very stubborn child. So stubborn that Santa gave me a book called 'Der Trotzkopf' (The Stubborn) by Emmy von Rhoden. A heartbreaking story about a very stubborn young girl. I'm not quite sure, if the book had helped, I'm no child anymore, but I'm still very stubborn.

Sunday, November-05: Hotel. Write about a memorable experience you've had staying at a hotel.
To keep the comment family-friendly: A lady never tells! *big-smiles*

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Writing Exercise 12: I, You, He, She, It - Perspectives

(Note: This is a unit of "Schreibaufgabe.de")

Talking about 'perspectives' means from which point of view your reader experiences the story. Imagine the following situation:
"Three persons are somewhere in the wilderness sitting around a campfire. They'd been walking all day long and the next day is going to be similarly exhausting. They've just finished their meal and are now sharing a joint."
Try different, maybe unusual, perspectives:
  • Describe the scene from the point of view of a narrator. Remember, the narrator can only observe things from the outside, he/she's not able to look in someone's head! Use narration and dialogues.
  • Write in first-persons-perspective. Every time the joint is given to the next person, change the perspective, too. (Write as much as you like, but at least ten lines.)
  • Describe the same scene from the point of view of a stranger, hiding in the woods, watching the group.
  • Write from the point of view of an animal, that takes notices of the group and the secret observer.
  • Write from the point of view of the joint.
  • Try, whatever perspective comes into your mind.
You'll see, your results will be different, maybe not fitting into a finished story, but in any case you'll get precious inspirations.

Sitzen drei Männer um ein Lagerfeuer ... nein, das ist nicht der Anfang eines geschmacklosen Witzes und nein, es wird auch keine Neuauflage von 'Brokeback Mountain' werden! Also wirklich, als Regisseur hat man's manchmal gar nicht leicht. Da kommt so eine durchgeknallte Schreibtante und verlangt ganz lapidar "Wir müssen mal etwas Abwechslung bieten, wie wär's, wenn wir eine Szene mal aus verschiedenen Perspektiven darstellen. Hier, die Szene, mach was draus!" Was weiß die schon von unserer Arbeit? Aber so ist es nun mal, die geben das Drehbuch vor und wir armen Regisseure müssen dann damit klarkommen, irgendwie! Okay, also gut, fangen wir an.

Der Dialog aus dem Skript:
HANK:Na, war das heute ein guter Tag oder was? Wir hab'n ganz schön Strecke gemacht. Wenn wir uns morgen ranhalten, sind wir mittags bei der Hütte. Dann kann unser liebeskranke Romeoendlich seine Frannie anfunken!
RICK: Vielleicht hört der Pantoffelheld dann ja auch mit seinem Geblubber auf! Das hält ja kein Mensch aus!
STU: Hey, kann ich was dafür, dass hier draußen diese Scheiß-Handys keinen Empfang haben?
HANK: Schon gut, schon gut! Wir haben's kapiert! Du bist der King bei den Ladies!
STU: Nur EINER Lady!
RICK: Sag' ich doch, Pantoffelheld!
HANK: Hier Stu, nimm einen Zug! Erzähl uns lieber was von Ranger Michels!
RICK: Oh Mann! Sind wir Teenies oder was? Erzählen wir uns jetzt Gruselgeschichten und singen später noch Kumba-Ja?
HANK: Halt die Klappe, Rick! Los Stu!
RICK: Ja, los Stu! Aber vorher gibst du mir noch den Joint!
STU: War eigentlich nur das übliche. Ein paar Möchtegern-Wandererwollen im Wald eine Hexe gesehen haben. Wahrscheinlich haben sie sich wohl eher von einem Elch erschrecken lassen!
RICK: Hey, wenn das kein Stoff für 'Blair Witch Project' ist!
STU & HANK: Halt die Klappe, Rick!

Das war's! Der Einfachheit halber verzichten wir jetzt auf die Dialoge und hören nur, was in den Köpfen der drei Herren so vor sich geht:

Das denkt Hank:
Yeah, morgen endlich! Wird aber auch Zeit ... dann gehört dieser verfluchte Bär endlich mir. Genau so eine Trophäe fehlt mir noch über meinem Kamin. Oh Mann, Stu! Sei ein Mann! Ein paar Tage ohne deine Frau wirst du wohl noch verkraften können! Ich muss schon sagen, seine Kleine ist aber wirklich nicht von schlechten Eltern. Die würd' ich nicht von der Bettkante schubsen. Obwohl, immer nur eine? Nee! Ein Mann braucht Abwechslung! Genau! Wenn ich nur an die Zwillinge vom letzten Wochenende denke ... Wieso haben wir Rick eigentlich mitgenommen? Halt die Klappe Rick!

Das denkt Stu:
Oh Mann! Wieso um Himmels Willen hab ich mich bloß auf diesen Trip eingelassen? Es ist nur so schwer, 'Nein!' zu Hank zu sagen. Und jetzt fehlt mir meine Frannie! Frannie, mein Mädchen ich wünschte ich wäre bei dir! Ich kann's immer noch nicht glauben, dass sie endlich 'ja' gesagt hat und unsere Flitterwochen erst! Hey, ich sollte lieber an was anderes denken, meine Hose wird sonst verflucht eng hier. Wenn schon nicht sie, sollte ein ordentlicher Zug mich ein wenig ablenken. Und dann noch diese seltsame Geschichte vom Ranger. Oh Mann, Rick du nervst! Halt die Klappe Rick!

Das denkt Rick:
Ja, ja, Mister Obermacho ist mal wieder der Macher! Als würden wir uns hier alleine verirren? Aber sicher doch! Ohne dich großer Meister sind wir hier völlig verloren! Und dieses liebeskranke Gesäusel. Nicht auszuhalten! Muss er uns ständig unter die Nase reiben, wie toll seine Frannie ist? Diese verfluchte Schlampe hat mich abblitzen lassen als wäre ich der letzte Dreck. Das zahl ich ihr irgendwann noch heim! Als hätte ich nichts besseres zu tun als hier zu sitzen und mir Lagerfeuergeschichten anzuhören. Natürlich! Wenigstens hab ich dran gedacht, einen Joint mitzubringen, das lockert die Stimmung etwas auf! Jetzt gib schon rüber!

Na, wer hätte das gedacht, den drei Herren scheint da ja allerhand durch den Kopf zu gehen! Während sie sich so ganz zwanglos unterhielten, bemerkten sie nicht, dass sie nicht die einzigen Menschen an diesem einsamen Flecken Erde waren. Nein, waren sie nicht.

Denn da war auch ein Junge, der gelernt hatte, fast ganz mit dem Hintergrund zu verschmelzen. Seit seiner Geburt lebte er hier in diesem Wald zusammen mit seiner Mutter. Sie nannte ihn liebevoll Jack und hatte ihm alles beigebracht, um in der Wildnis zu überleben. Sie hatte ihm auch erzählt, das man sich von Fremden in Acht nehmen müsse, sie wären gefährlich, man könne ihnen nicht trauen, Menschen taten grausame Dinge mit Menschen. Doch Jack war neugierig, er hatte die drei Männer schon lange bemerkt, sie waren ziemlich laut. Er war ihnen schon den halben Nachmittag gefolgt und beobachtet sie nun aus sicherer Entfernung. Er wagte es nicht, sich zu zeigen. Zum einen fürchtete er die Warnungen seiner Mutter, zum anderen hatte er auch die Waffen bemerkt, welche die Männer bei sich trugen. Und sie sprachen von einer Hexe im Wald. Es gab keine Hexe hier, nur ihn und seine Mutter. Wie seltsam!

Und eine kleine Maus: "Hunger ... muss was zu essen finden ... Nüsse ... Beeren ... Insekten ... muss die Sippe versorgen ... Vorräte anlegen ... Was ist das? .... große Tiere ... wir können sie nicht verstehen ... sie sind laut ... still halten, nicht bewegen ... ihren Geruch kennen wir nicht ... Besser Vorsicht! ... Da ist auch helles Licht ... Feuer und Rauch ... den Geruch kennen wir ... Nicht gut ... Feuer ist gefährlich ... Achtung! Gefahr! … Da ist noch jemand ... dich kennen wir aber ... du bist freundlich ... großes Tier bewegt sich nicht ... flieht nicht vor dem Feuer ... was hat das zu bedeuten? ... wir verstehen das nicht ... Hunger! ... muss was zu essen finden.

Auch der Joint hat uns was zu sagen: "Love is a burning thing ... I fell into burning ring of fire ... and it burns, burns, burns ... the ring of fire, the ring of fire."

Sorry for writing in German, but it's lots easier than to think/write in English. Anyway, I hope mission accomplished?

Continue with Exercise 13: Retarding Moment For More Tension.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Official NaNo Winner


Close, but enough with 50.131 words!

Happy accident!!! This is my 100th post! *big-smiles*

Sunday, November 28, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 47

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-22: Paycheck. What do you love doing that you wish you could get paid for?
Obviously I'm not the only one, who wants to be paid for writing! But this also includes the pressure to deliver something that is worth being paid for. What about getting paid for sleeping? I'm do it regularly 8 hours a night, I don't mind overtime with a little nap. And during the day, I can be productive and creative and professional with no pressure, just working for the sake of working and having fun!

Tuesday, November-23: Hope. Complete this thought: Today I hope ...
I hope the crossover of all 3 CSI teams on today's TV program is as brilliant as it sounds! :-)

Wednesday, November-24: Search. What is the last thing (or one of the last things) you searched for on the Internet?
Ah, the last real research was for my NaNo-project, where I needed some basic information about sailing ships. And these days I'm consulting in the name of Santa different wish lists, like Amazon, for possible Christmas presents.

Thursday, November-25: Thanksgiving. Write a brief poem of thankfulness.
T ... for the time given to me.
H ... for the heart beating passionately.
A ... for the art I experience.
N ... for the novel I'm writing.
K ... for the kindness I receive.
S ... for sharing everything with me.

Another win as Daily Winner! *yeah*

Friday, November-26: Turkey. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Turkey".
Your 'Blue Cruise' starts in Antalya. Our route along the coastline brings you to beautiful ports and historical places. Your floating home offers comfortable cabins and the cook provides you with excellent fresh cuisine. You can join the crew in sailing or you go snorkeling, fishing or sunbathing while you're on board. A 'Blue Cruise' is the best way to spend your holidays in Turkey.

Saturday, November-27: Alarm. Complete this thought: I wish an alarm would notify me whenever ...
I don't like alarms and I'm always on time. So, maybe: I wish an alarm would notify me whenever I should be more relaxed or more spontaneously or more easy going.

*WOW* Two wins in one week! I'm good!

Sunday, November-28: Happy. Complete this simile: As happy as ...
As happy as a cat. Sleeping. Eating. Cleaning. Sleeping. Staring at something for hours. Sleeping. Chasing something. Sleeping. Some more eating. Sleeping. It's good to be a cat. *meow*

Week Four With NaNo

I made a little NaNo-writing-break ... to write. How crazy is that?

One last note about my accident. On Tuesday I received an email from NaNo-Tech-Support, that they *quote* don't save any backups of any files that are uploaded *end-quote*. It doesn't matter anymore, I'm at peace with that ... in the meantime I've re-typed all the missing parts. I won't say, that it's better, but anyway I typed more words than I had before! And it's all about words in NaNo, isn't it?

Okay, countdown for NaNo has begun, three days left. Since Friday afternoon I'm sitting on my computer, typing and typing and some more typing. When I close my eyes or make a little break (off from computer) I still can see this white screen and that blinking cursor, waiting for some more letters form into words and sentences. Sentences become paragraphs and chapters, filling more and more pages. And in the end, hopefully just a bit more than 50.000 words.

At the moment I'm feeling like that Little Engine: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." On Wednesday I'll let you know, if I reached the top of the NaNo-mountain!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Pour, Spill, Drip, Spit, Fling Your Coffee Here.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Pour, Spill, Drip, Spit, Fling Your Coffee Here.

1. A layer of filter bags covers all the holes from the "Burn-Page" on the left and the "Poke-Holes-Page" on the right.
2. Left page: I glued the sketched lines and covered the page with ground coffee (coffee powder). After removing the surplus powder I was truly surprised how good everything is readable.
3. Right page: I went for a cup of Latte Macchiato in my favorite cafe. Maybe I should have ordered something darker!

Oh, and btw: *sniff-sniff* The smell of that page is AMAZING!

Monday, November 22, 2010

NaNo, Lucky Number 3?

I don't think so!
Third NaNo-week started with a blast, with one of writer's worst case scenario. Instead of reaching the magical margin of 25.000 words, my computer made a funny thing and killed my precious NaNo-word-document! *sniff* I can't believe it! God damn it! How could that happen???
Well, I'd had a back-up, but only from Friday ... the whole hard work of the weekend gone! Almost 6.000 words! LOST!!! How could the world be so cruel!?!?!?! Okay, that's maybe better than losing everything, but it's still very hard! It feels like losing a part of yourself. *sigh*
Stubborn as I am I didn't want to accept the loss. I tried everything to recover this stupid document ... nothing worked! I even contacted NaNo-Tech-Support, if there is maybe the slightest chance to get back my uploaded work. I didn't want to believe, that they only count the words and the text vanishes into nowhere. Well, I haven't gotten an answer, obviously I really should accept the loss. *double-sigh*
Within these days I was caught between two feelings: One, that this accident was too severe to finish NaNo successfully, even too severe to continue writing at all. Two, the ambitious part in me still wanted to fight and overcome this obstacle. The race is not over yet!
Obviously the pugnacious part had won, because I continued writing. But I couldn't rewrite the missing parts, it felt like re-animating a dead fish! Instead I edited my beginning, added a new scene there and continued the story at that point, where I'd left it before the accident. While editing I registered something interesting: That there are two voices telling the story. There are parts, where I can hear myself and there are parts, where I can exactly hear my heroine's voice. So, another note for editing, make everything sound like my heroine!
Okay, finally on Thursday, I could proudly announce that I'd cracked the 25.000 word mark: 25.313!
Now, with another weekend gone, word-wise I'm still behind, far behind, but I still hope for a big energy rush for the final week, the grand finale, the final spurt. Well, I'll let you know, how the story ends!

Just one simple question for you: When have YOU made your last backup?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 46

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-15: Cake. Write for a minute using this prompt: piece of cake.
Piece of chocolate cake, piece of strawberry cake, piece of Black Forest cake, piece of Vienna Sacher cake, piece of apple cake, piece of ... Sorry, I have to go to the pastry shop. NOW!

Tuesday, November-16: Broke. Write about a time you broke something.
I would prefer to blame my computer, that broke something!!! *howl* Instead of reaching the magical margin of 25.000 words, my computer made that funny thing and killed my precious NaNo-document last night! *sniff* I can't believe it! I have a back-up, but only from Friday ... the whole hard work of the weekend gone! Almost 6.000 words! LOST!!! How could the world be so cruel!?!?!?!

Wednesday, November-17: Selfish. In what way are you selfish?
Some people might interpret my behavior, my thoughts, my opinions as selfish, but I wouldn't call it so, I'm just very, very stubborn. I simply do, think and behave the way I feel best. Period.

Thursday, November-18: Leaf. What is the dead leaf thinking as it falls to the ground?
Nothing! It's already dead, isn't it?

Friday, November-19: Glove. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Glove".
»I love my job!«, she whispered with a wistful sigh. In moments like this she felt like a little child on Christmas Eve. The situations were quite similar. In front of her on the table laid a parcel the size of laptop bag. Carefully she removed the packaging and opened the lid. Now her hands, covered in white gloves, reached inside the box and lifted the content slowly on the table. Only with her fingertips she removed devotedly the white paper. There it was: the most wonderful book. The only remaining first edition of a famous writers. Within the next weeks it was her job to work with this little treasure. She will repair some water damages and fine cracks, try to enlighten some of the fine illustrations and restore the beautiful red-brown leather cover. She would be the only person, who would really lay her hands on it. With glittering eyes she looked down and said: »I love my job!«

Saturday, November-20: Klondike. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Well, according to google images 'Klondike bar' is kind of a chocolate, right? Then I should better try one first, before I commit a crime or something else reckless! :-)

Sunday, November-21: Frugal. Write about an area in which you don't want to be frugal.
I know, I've written the same on last Thursday's prompt Never, but you can see how important this is for me:
Without dreams, what's pushing us forward? Without the thirst for something knew, what the use of living? So, I don't want to be frugal in dreaming and learning.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Draw With Glue.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Draw With Glue.

I'd picked up the idea with the skull from another WTJ-page here on flickr and made my own version. With the result of a total glitter glue overkill! *g*

1. I made the outlines with a black pen and used black (and some yellow) watercolor for the background, let everything completely dry.
2. Then I began with the silver glitter glue on the background, used my finger to dispense the glue regularly, let everything completely dry.
3. Doing all he inside glitter glue colors in 2 sessions, each time one night of waiting - used a looot of glue, hoped for some 3D-effect, but after 24h everything was flat!

Actually, all the work was more waiting than really doing something! ;-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week Two With NaNo

On my honor, I've never consumed any illegal drugs in my whole life. But I'd made the acquaintance with a little hangover after consuming a little too much alcohol. You know, as long as you party, you feel so brilliant, everything is so amazing, you are the queen of the night ... but then the other morning, when adrenaline and euphoria are gone, you feel weird. You are much too tired, because you haven't gained enough sleep. Your head feels alien like, not belonging to the rest of your body. Your thoughts are burnt out.

THAT'S like exactly how I felt the first days after my writing rush last weekend. Remember? I've told you in my last weeks NaNo report!

These first days I was having a vaguely imagination, what I wanted to write (I already have the outline of the plot), but then I was sitting in front of my computer, my fingers ready on the keyboard and staring at that stupid, blinking cursor, that seems wanting to tell me something, what of course it not did! You might imagine, that I did not write too much. Luckily I'd had a little 'word buffer', speaking I haven't counted the words of my already existing little story outline. Without them I would have panicked completely. 1.667 not written words a day sum up really fast to a real horror number!

The rest of the week I tried to find my balance. A 'healthy' way for me, where I do a good average of daily writing AND feel fine.

Sunday night MS Word count said 22.263 words, NaNo Total Word counter granted me even seven words more, I have no idea, where it got them from! Anyway, suggested Cumulative Word Count for Sunday was 23.334. NaNo Stats include a point called 'At This Rate You Will Finish On'. I improved from December-09 to December-04.

Okay, I'm still behind and no word buffer anymore! But then I think that today or at the latest tomorrow, I'll reach the 25.000 words mark. That's half (!!!) of the required words, but at that point I've told only a third of my story. When signing up for NaNo, one of my fears was, that my stories wouldn't have book length potential. Now, I'm pretty optimistic according to that!

Well, I think I'm ready to face the second half of NaNo. I've found my rhythm!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 45

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-08: Who. Who are you?
I am the image of a person, that you can see from the outside.
I am the figure of a personality, that you combine from my point of views, my interests, all the things you know from me or believe to know.
But is that really ME?
I don't think so! I myself am not always quite sure Who I am, how should anybody else can?
I am what I am, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always a unique me!

Tuesday, November-09: Worth it. Write about something in your life that's worth it.
Dreams. I have a list of dreams. A list containing points, that afford quite some time or a lot of money or plenty of courage or all of them. Like backpacking in India for at least three months. This dreams are so strong, no matter how worse I feel or how bad a situation gets, if anything else seems to fail, I know I can continue, just because I want to make these dreams one day real. This list is my most worthy inner mainspring.

Wednesday, November-10: Fear. What do you do when you're afraid?
Ah, depends where I am, who's with me and what I'm afraid of! I scream and giggle watching a horror movie with friends. I shiver and search for a big newspaper to kill that horrible spider. I try to wake up from my worst nightmares and search for the warm embrace of my partner. I pull myself together and face the 'enemy' called boss. I close my I eyes, clack my read shoes and say 'There's no place like home'!

Thursday, November-11: Never. Complete this thought: I would never ...
I would never stop dreaming or learning. If I ever do you can call myself (brain)dead!

Friday, November-12: Jar. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Jar".
He was dozing, the sun warming his coat. Suddenly his long whiskers began to twitch. A tiny little bit he rose his head, wrinkled his nose and took a deep breathe. Yeah, there it was again. This wonderful whiff in the air. So warm and creamy, watering your mouth. He got on his four legs, gave his slender body a soft stretch, arched his back and gave his talons a little exercise. Well, well, well, some short strokes with the tongue for the looks and then strolling elegantly to the barn's backdoor. There it was, every day a wonderful jar of fresh milk. Yeah, live treats you well if you are a cat.

Saturday, November-13: Six Word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
NaNo can completely suck you up!

Sunday, November-14: Books. How do you treat the books that you read?
I love books, they are one of my most precious gifts. I would NEVER (Oh, that I could have also used on Thursday's prompt! *g*) hit on the idea to treat my books badly. My books have no scribbling, no stains, no dog ears. As far as avoidable, my paperback books have an intact spine. Even my exercise books are treated well with fine notes and neat post-its. Books, I don't use or like anymore, were sold on Ebay or given to friends. If I kept every single book, I would soon get lost in my own apartment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Drip Something Here. Close The Book To Make A Print.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Drip Something Here. Close The Book To Make A Print.

Intentionally it was supposed to become the classical butterfly ... well, obviously the paint didn't exactly behave like it should have. Anyway, I like the colors!

Monday, November 08, 2010

The First Week With NaNo

All right, here we are, the first week of NaNo Writing Month is over. Let's make a short pause and muse a little over my experiences.

Sunday night count said 9.983 words. Sounds quite good, don't you think so, too? It's a 1/5 of the required total sum.
But a 1/4 of the time has already passed ... ah, you might have guessed the problem?!

My start was quite slow, but I gained some speed until Thursday. Then I came to a particular scene. I could see it happen straight in front of my eyes, but I was simply not able to find the right words ... or any words at all. This problem kept me thinking all Friday long! I had written not a single word on that day! *aaargh* How frustrating is that!
After a rather restless night I remembered what children were told for writing a test: "If you have problems with an exercise, you'll better stop and continue with the next one. Is there some time left at the end of the test, have another try with the problem!"
On Saturday then, I skipped the scene and left instead another beautiful yellow note in my document. I started writing somewhere round 03:30 p.m. and wrote and wrote ... and suddenly my clock showed 07:00 p.m.! When did that happen? This was close, there were still some urgently needed groceries to be done! After providing my body with some nutrition (it's strange, how fast you forget to eat when you're caught by writing virus!) and a little TV break, I continued writing. I felt like being fallen into a writing rush! It was a good writing day!
My weekend was technically speaking good, but I'm still missing my lost Friday. I hope to catch up within the next three weeks and hope for a 50.000 words happy end!
And maybe then I could also find some answers to my steadily growing yellow notes, that 'decorate' my text or my personal questions, like: "When is the best time to let someone else read your piece of work for the very first time?"

Until then: Good night and good luck to all the writers out there! May the force be with us!

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 44

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-01: Trick or treat. A day late... What was one of your favorite treats as a kid? Or: Write about a trick you played when you were a kid.
My Mom was a fabulous cook, her pastry and cakes and cookies made you lick all your fingers. It's hard to choose just one, because everything was so delicious. Thinking of coming Christmas time, I'll truly miss her Christmas cookies. There were filled gingerbread and rum-coconut-cubes and orange-sticks and … I could almost smell the kitchen filled with spices, feel the warmth of the oven and see my Mom standing on the kitchen table. This is the real magic of Christmas, you'll never forget, no matter how old you get!

Tuesday, November-02: Street. Rename the street where you live.
Oh, now and then I call my place "World's End". Every time I wished for a faster internet connection or a far distant cultural program or a not available product or whatever lack of needs!

Wednesday, November-03: Worry. What would you like to stop worrying about?
My brain seems to be very good in thinking ... and worrying. This might be good, when you consider different possibilities or find the right present or ponder over a problem. But it's NOT helpful, when you try to get asleep and your brain is still working and worrying about God and the world and a thousand other things. So please, let me stop worrying there, just a few minutes would be fine!

Thursday, November-04: Cut. What would you like to cut?
Thinking on yesterday's prompt: My head maybe?!?

Friday, November-05: Link. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Link".
During this month my rice krispies are very, very busy, even a brief bit of fiction is too much, far too much. So, to let you know, what my brain keeps so occupied, just follow this link: NaNo Writing Month!

Saturday, November-06: School. Describe a particular room or area of a school that you attended.
You know, in Germany we don't switch class rooms. Students stay in one room and the teachers come there, exception are, when a lab is needed (like chemistry) or for sports. So, when I think of my school time, no room or area comes into my mind. I remember people, extraordinary teachers, my best friend or dear class mates!

Sunday, November-07: Talk show. You're starting your own radio or TV talk show. What will it be called, and what will the theme/topics be?
I don't like to watch talk shows, so why for heaven's sake should I like to host one? IF I should really think of any type of TV show, it would be something like "Art Attack", but for adults. A creative show for scrap bookers, art journalers or any other artists. There is nothing like that on German TV horizon.

Another win as Daily Winner! *yeah*

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Find A Way To Wear The Journal.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Find A Way To Wear The Journal.

Obviously I made it the other way round: I dressed the journal! ;-)

Well, I have two left hands when it comes to sewing - so I cheated a bit. I made a paper shirt and glued the green fabric on the pattern. On top some glitter stones - Done! :-)

Monday, November 01, 2010

NaNo Writing Month

There wasn't any full moon I could blame. Maybe I was still disorientated because of the time switch. Last night I was completely demented, totally mad, absolutely out of my senses ... I've registered for NaNo Writing Challenge!!!

OMG, what have I done?!?!

You know, it's one thing to write on several projects without any pressure or special purpose. If you write it will be fine, if you don't write it will be fine, too. But it's a whole different thing, when you sign in for a challenge, where literally every word counts. Listen, we're talking of 50.000 (!!!) words. This number is quite frightening for me, because - according to my word count statistic in MS Word - these are more words than I have written TOTALLY in my blog. Means, I should write a lot more words within one month than I've written since March!

With that going hand in hand, there is my fear of failure ... the fear to find out, that I'm not able to write more than just a short, short scene/story ... to discover that I'm NOT a writer?!?! What then? You know, somehow NaNo seems to be kind of a test for my writing qualities. Has one of the stories I have in mind the potential for 50.000 words? Are my rice krispies creative enough to produce enough scenes/ideas to fill out all those pages?

All good things come in threes ... obviously fears also! Usually when I write something I focus on perfect words, accentuation, intonation, syntax, etc. Everything has to be 'perfect'! And now ... for the first time in my writing life I try NOT to focus on these! I've already started (425 words thus far) and I don't have the slightest glue, what I'm doing ... I just try to write down the scenes, that came into my mind and flow out of my head onto the paper, without knowing, IF they are fit in the story at all! I just write ... or at least I try! This is so weird!!!

So, to you all out there: PLEASE, Wish me luck!

Continue with: The First Week With NaNo

Sunday, October 31, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 43

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, October-25: PR. Athletes are often chasing their next "PR" (Personal Record--e.g., that athlete's fastest marathon time.) What PR would you like to chase (athletic or otherwise)?
I'd like to participate on the NaNo Writing Challenge coming in November. So, please, let me reach the demanded 50.000 words mark!

Tuesday, October-26: Star. Finish this old rhyme with your own version of the last line: Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might ...
Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might
Dream of that one brilliant idea tonight.

Wednesday, October-27: Overnight. Where would you be pleased to find yourself locked up overnight?
*hmm* In the new Harry Potter Theme Park (is it already open?) or maybe in Shah Rukh Khan's house.

Thursday, October-28: Soap. You have magic soap. What does it wash/clean?
I'm undecided, which one I would prefer:
1. A soap, that reveals someone's real, maybe hidden talent. So with using the soap you could find the perfect profession. Everyone would love his/her job and do his/her very best.
2. A soap, that reveals someone's real beauty or ugliness. So with using this soap you could see, if someone is a good person with good qualities and intentions … or not.
In any case, I would be very generous with sharing the soap.

Friday, October-29: Rules. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Rules".
I'd like to quote Mike Trippiedi, who wrote:
"I am not writing fiction today on this blog because I have decided to break the rule."
This is short, simple and brilliant! *ggg*

Saturday, October-30: Wall. Write about something hanging on your wall that is special to you.
Every single piece on my walls is special. There are souvenirs from wonderful countries, mementos on my beloved mother, greeting cards from wonderful people, some examples of my own art. I don't want to miss a single object!

Sunday, October-31: Athlete. Write about how you felt as a kid when you participated in athletic activities.
Frankly, I was good in cheering the others making a great performance and I ... I played my part of the last very well! *sigh* Someone has to do that job!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writing Exercise 11: Sources For Ideas

(Note: This is a unit of "Schreibaufgabe.de")

Sometimes, life writes the best stories. Stories, where you think: "Well, I've never thought of THAT!"
Newspapers are full of those little stories. They might not be global and spectacular, but perfectly for short stories.
Like this one on the left side: "Woman survives parachute falling"
Read the article, and imagine you are the woman. You've just hit on the street, your arm is broken, your leg, too. In the distance you might hear the sirens of the ambulance. Your friends run at you. What do you think? Was it luck? Bad luck? Do you think, if you have switched off the iron?

Simply start writing! In 1000 words: What do you think?

AUA! Verdammt! Verfluchte ... SCHEISSE! Tut das weh!
Hat sich ... hat sich jemand das Kennzeichen von diesem, diesem Lastwagen gemerkt?
Oder kann mir überhaupt mal jemand sagen, was hier ... was hier gerade passiert ist? Da war dieses Knacken. Dieses ... dieses fürchterliche ... dieses abscheuliche Knacken.
Auuuuh! Autsch! Ja, genau hier. Scheiße! Das sieht gar nicht gut aus! Ü-B-E-R-H-A-U-P-T NICHT gut! Nicht, wenn man seine Ferse von Vorne sehen kann! Oder? NICHT gut! Verflucht!
Mein Gott, mir wird schlecht ... ich glaub, ich muss, ich muss, ich muss mich übergeben ... nein, doch nicht ... oder? Nein, hab ja nichts im Magen! Gut! Immerhin!
Oh, hier dreht sich ja auf einmal alles! Mein Gott, mir wird schwarz vor...
Ruhig! Okay? Ganz ruhig! Wie lange war ich weg? Nicht lange, oder? Oder? Nicht bewegen! Ganz ruhig! Still halten!
Schmerzen bedeuten, du bist am Leben! So ein Dreck! Wer denkt sich bloß so 'ne Scheiße aus?
Also, ganz ruhig ... atmen ... langsam ... atmen! Okay, was haben wir? Wie war das gleich noch ... in einem Notfall ... ja, Notfall ... definitiv ... denken, Mädchen, denken ... so schwierig kann das doch nicht sein, du hast das tausend Mal geprobt ... verflucht noch mal konzentrier dich endlich!
Notfall, das war's ... in einem Notfall ... Ruhe bewahren! Check! Ich denke, das hab' ich hinbekommen ... einigermaßen! Ganz ruhig ... stillhalten ... atmen ... nicht bewegen!
Okay, was war dann? Schritt zwei ... in einem Notfall ... Schritt zwei ... Ausrüstung! Ja, genau! Ausrüstung checken!
SCHEISSE! Ich lieg' hier am Boden und hab noch den Fallschirm um! Nicht gut! Der kleinste Luftzug und ich bin im Eimer ... na ja, noch mehr als ohnehin schon! Okay, okay ... was muss ich tun? Ruhig! Ganz Ruhig! Du kannst das!
Zwei Knöpfe ... nur zwei Knöpfe und du bist vom Fallschirm los ... ganz vorsichtig, nur die Arme ... ja, das geht! Konzentrier dich auf die Arme! Rechter Arm ... langsam heben ... ja, gut so ... noch ein Stück ... Klick! Geschafft!
Und jetzt links ... Oh verflucht! Wieso tut sich da nichts ... Ich spür meinen linken Arm gar nicht! OH MEIN GOTT! Ist das ... ist das ... ist das etwa BLUT unter dem Anzug!
Komm' schon! Glaubst du, du kommst hier mit so einem Karacho runter und hast keinen Kratzer abbekommen? ... Ja ja, ich weiß ... aber Blut!!! ... ich kann ... ich kann einfachen diesen ... diesen Geruch nicht ab ... so salzig und ... rostig ... wie Metall ...
Keine Panik jetzt, ja? Das hatten wir schon hinter uns, richtig? RICHTIG???
Richtig! Also, sei schön brav und atme durch den Mund ... durch den Mund, Mädchen! Ja, so ist's gut! Ganz ruhig und gleichmäßig ... eins – zwei – drei – vier – fünf – sechs – sieben – acht – neun – zehn!
Gut! Geht doch! Und jetzt zum linken Verschluss! Mit der rechten Hand ... weiter ... weiter ... manno, du zitterst ganz schön! Noch ein Stück ... nur ein kleines Stückchen ... Mist! Das wird so wohl nichts .... also, konzentrier dich ... Zähne zusammenbeißen ... einmal tief Luft holen ... es tut nur ganz kurz weh, aber du MUSST diesen Fallschirm loswerden! Okay, auf drei ... eins – zwei – DREI!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! SCHEISSE! Verfluchte, heilige Scheiße ...
Geschafft! Geschafft! Gut! Weiter atmen! Atmen ... atmen ... und still halten ...
Was noch? Was ... noch? Notfall ... ja, genau ... Ruhe bewahren ... in einem Notfall ... dann, dann die ... die Ausrüstung ... genau! Und dann? Ruhe ... Ausrüstung ... die Lage ... genau, die Lage checken!
Ist eigentlich jemandem ... irgend jemandem aufgefallen ... wie absolut ... MAKABER ... das Ganze hier ist?
Ich häng' da an diesem ollen Schirm ... so völlig ... so völlig ... NUTZLOS!
Und wo lande ich? Ja, Ladies und Gentleman ... WO lande ich?
Der da oben muss ja einen arg seltsamen HUMOR haben ...
Oder findet das hier noch jemand ... WITZIG?
Oh Gott, nicht hysterisch werden ... nicht hysterisch!
Na, wieso denn nicht? Ein klein wenig witzig ist das schon ... die einzige Straßenlaterne zu treffen ... ODER ETWA NICHT?
So was passiert natürlich nur mir ... natürlich! Wem denn sonst? HA! HA! Selten so gelacht!
Und jetzt?
Versuch' dich zu beruhigen ... ja! Ganz ruhig!
Weiter atmen! Ruhig ... atmen ... atmen ... still halten ... und warten ... warten ... warten ... GUT! Atme ...
Lasshilfezudirkommen, lass.hilfe.zu.dir.kommen. Lass ... Hilfe ... zu ... dir ... kommen ... Lass ... Hilfe ...
Was? Wer?
Hey, ich kenne dein Gesicht!
Jo ... Jo ist da! Das ist gut ... oder? Jo?
Ja, ich kann dich ... ich kann dich ... hören! Oh, ich hab' nichts gesagt, oder?
Kannst du MICH hören, JO? Kannst du?
Oh, Jo!
Es tut mir sooo leid! Wirklich leid! Ich war immer ... IMMER ... so gemein zu dir! Ich mit meinen blödsinnigen ... mit meinen absolut hirnrissigen Ideen für ... für neue Formationen! Zu waghalsig! VIEL zu waghalsig ... War es das wert?
Und du? Du warst so ... so geduldig! Immer so ... geduldig! Und nachsichtig! Und doch ... und doch ... hast du immer ... IMMER ... mitgemacht! Jo, wieso?
Was sagst du?
Bei dir bleiben ... natürlich bleib ich hier ... ich geh hier nirgendwohin ...
Und dann ... und dann ...
Dann warst du das, oder? Das warst du ... da oben? Richtig?
Das warst du! Ja, genau! Jo war das!
Oh, Jo!
Du warst so mutig ... so mutig! Du hast ... du hast ... du hast mich … GERETTET!
Ich bin noch ... am ... Leben? Ich bin noch am Leben! – Deinetwegen!
Jo? Was?
Krankenwagen ... gut ... Krankenwagen hört sich gut an ... Nur noch ein wenig durchhalten ... nur noch ein klein wenig ...
Kalt ... Jo! Hier ... Jo ... mir ist kalt!
Wer hat ... wieso ist es auf einmal so laut?
Wo kommen ... wo kommen ... diese vielen ... diese vielen Menschen ... auf einmal her?
Was? Alles wird gut? Glaubst du ... ist das so?
Bitte Jo? Du bleibst doch bei mir ... JO!
Geh nicht weg, bitte Jo! JO ...

Honestly, it was rather difficult for me to find an access to this person's thoughts. To not have the slightest idea, what a person in such a strange situation would think. So finally, in a way I tried to recover, what I'd felt when I broke my leg many years ago, to transfer at least some body reactions.
And I've learnt something more: even such a small scene better demands kind of research ... for technical details or emergency plans.
How else could you achieve to sound your story realistic?

Continue with Exercise 12: I, You, He, She, It - Perspectives

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Doodle Over Top Of This Page And In The Margins.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Doodle Over Top Of This Page And In The Margins.

This page is dedicated to the titular saint of my online avatar: Nofretiri AKA Nefertari, first wife of the great Pharaoh Ramses II. The hieroglyphs are copies from her tomb in the Valley of the Queens, with the only difference that the originals are much more beautiful, because they are fully colored!

I used ink for the hieroglyphs - and btw: ink is an awful material to use on that pages - and soft pastel chalks for the background.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 42

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, October-18: Wrong. Look around you right now. What's wrong with this picture?
It's already dark ... *sigh* ... I miss the summer and days with light evenings, sitting outside, enjoying the warmth, together with some friends, a cool drink and a nice barbecue!

Tuesday, October-19: Ghostwriter. If you could be a ghostwriter (writing someone else's autobiography for them), for whom would you ghostwrite?
*hmm* It already exists a very elaborated Shah Rukh Khan story and he's also writing his own! Unfortunately I'm too late for a family history, almost everyone I could ask is dead. Well then, who would I like to accompany and ask about his/her life? Maybe a famous writer like Stephen King or J.R. Ward, maybe Vera F. Birkenbihl, my personal role model of a successful, extraordinary, intelligent, charismatic trainer. Yeah, that would be cool!

Wednesday, October-20: Bird. If you could become a bird perched in a tree, where would the tree be? What would you want to observe?
I instantly thought of the tree in the sanctuary of the Scribe Virgin. Unfortunately this is a fictitious place in the 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' book series. Well, a real place then: I would prefer a huge tree deep in the Indian jungle. A place, barely untouched by men, perfectly for the observation of the last Bengali tigers.

Thursday, October-21: Clothes. What do the clothes you're wearing now say about you?
I'm home, the workday is over, I'm comfortable and ready to relax on the couch.

Friday, October-22: Chocolate. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Chocolate".
Brian looked proudly over the lovely decorated table. He, Mr. Fastfood-Microwave-Man had really managed a self-cooked dinner. Okay, he had driven his sister almost nuts with all his every 5 minutes emergency calls, but he wanted everything to be perfect. Thankfully, Beth had given him all the advices he needed. She had also realized how much he had changed. It was unbelievable, but for Mary, the love of his life, he would do everything. Including cooking!
First dish had went all well, honestly, you couldn't do much wrong with a simple salad and yoghurt dressing. Now was steak and baked potatoes on the plan. But Brian set all his hopes in the dessert: strawberries with cream. They would hopefully both sit out in the garden, down on a neat picnic blanket, he feeding her and maybe ... maybe he could rob a little kiss or two. Because one thing he knew for sure, her kisses would be sweeter than any fruit, sweeter than cream, even sweeter than chocolate!

Saturday, October-23: Ah-choo! When someone sneezes, many people say, "Bless you!" or "Gesundheit!" Come up with an alternate response to sneezes.
I would prefer saying nothing at all. Why should pay extra attention to an illness or an allergy??

Sunday, October-24: Make it work. How do you "make it work" (whatever "it" is)?
Switch off. Count to 30. Switch on. Swear silently. Hit that stupid thing with the hand. Howl because of the pain. Swear loudly. Wander around, think deeply what to do. Decide to make an emergency call to a friend, report hysterically that this stupid thing doesn't work. Urge the friend to come immediately. Friend makes a short inspection, gives me a sarcastically look and points to the jack, because that 'stupid non working thing' is offline!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Writing Journey

(Note: This is my contribution to Dolly's guest post series.)

I'm an owl. I like the night. Nights are quite and peaceful. During these late night hours my brain seems to be the most productive. I'm a bit nervous about that interview thing, so my dear friend Dolly had friendly agreed to do it on my terms.
On a Friday night, about 11 p.m. Dolly enters the door to my private Room of Requirement. It seems to be a library, because of all the book shelves. To our right a huge glass front opens an amazing view over the gardens, but now you can only see the reflections of the room and my desk stuffed with papers, colors and lots of other material for my art (journals). I lead Dolly to the left, where two red, cozy leather armchairs are waiting for us. Because of the inappropriate time I'd ordered a little midnight snack. A big tray full with finger food, fruits and sweets covers the little table between the chairs. It's late October, the perfect excuse to light the fireplace. The flickering flames enlighten the scene magically. The crackle of the wood suits perfectly to the sound of a soft piano in the background. Chopin is playing. I don't know, what Dolly prefers to drink, so I prepared several refreshments. The room is filled with the aromatic smell of fresh coffee, but there's also a decent whiff of wine, which was allowed to breathe in its decanter.
We both sit down, enjoy our late meal. Some light conversation smoothes down my nervousness. But I know it's time to get serious, when Dolly puts her cup of coffee on the table and prepares her pen and paper. I lean back and wait for Dolly to start her questionnaire:

D.G.: "What do you write?"
Ah well, a fully grown author can answer that question straight away. But I'm just a student, who's still matriculated in the big school of writing:
You know, Writing-Kindergarten taught me the basic abilities of writing and reading. In Writing-Primary-School I've discovered that words are more than just plain reading, they are the entrance to whole new worlds. Reaching the level of Writing-High-School marked the beginning of my own writing. Experimenting with words and styles of writing formed my first short stories. Now, I'm a Writing-College-student, who learns about writing-theory, makes her practical writing-exercises, discusses with fellow students and authors about writing-topics. I guess I'm about to graduate. There's a novella called 'Voodoo Island', which is supposed to be my dissertation.
To cut a long story short, with that story in mind, you will find my books in the shelves entitled with 'Adventure' or 'Mystery' or 'Fantasy'.

D.G.: "How long have you been writing?"
The better question would be 'How long have you been telling stories?'. I have that very strong memory, sitting right next to my grandfather, in his car. He'd just picked me up from Kindergarten and I was talking and talking and talking. So eager to tell him the latest news and stories, discussing with him all my important issues. He was so patient with me and I loved it!
Writing simply gave me the opportunity to use another media with the advantage to make my stories a bit more permanent. And, who knows, maybe even eternal.

D.G.: "What got you started?"
It's very obvious, isn't it? Nothing but the desperate need to tell stories.

D.G.: "A Few important lessons you have learned along the way."
For quite a while now I ponder over the question, if destiny and muse are two fancifully, unpredictable women or if goddesses really just move in mysterious ways.
Look, I've been given those fantastic images in my head. Some beautiful become alive in my travel-journals. Some weird find their way into my dream-diary. Some funny just bust out while composing my emails. I also dare to say, that muse was so nice to grant me a quantum talent to bring those images properly to paper.
Alas, I'm still missing this one special thought. That one unique idea, that ignites me to develop an adventurous plot and great heroes and evil villains and passionate women and exotic places - everything exciting and big enough for a complete book.
I'm frightened that I've maybe already been given this one special thought, but I've literally missed it! That I haven't paid enough attention, haven't noticed it!
So, my advice to myself and everybody else: Pay attention to your senses. Everything you can see, hear, smell, taste or feel could be the sparkle of inspiration. Let these sparkles swirl around your head, transform and develop. Listen to your inner voices. Destiny and muse will let you know, when it's the right time for creativity!

D.G.: "What priority writing is in your life at the moment? Is it a hobby, career, potential career?"
Well, I was not destined to become one of those natural-born-writers, no professional author the caliber of a Stephen King. I'm totally fine with that. Lucky me, I love the job I have already ... or instead. So, this little girl still dreams the writers' fairytale, to have one day that unique idea and write a brilliant book. I don't need to be Germany's Stephenie Meyer ... oh, I won't repulse it ... I would be happy enough to publish a fine book with good reviews.
Until this miracle happens, I'll keep on writing down the images and voices in my head for my own enjoyment. Now and then, but as regularly as I'm used to do now.

D.G.: "Can you see yourself writing for the rest of your life, regardless of financial / popular success?"
'Can I see myself NOT writing?' I don't think so. Sometimes I feel like a schizophrenic, who has to write down the stories to ban them out of my head. Else it would become very crowded in there!

D.G.: "Anything else you may want to add?"
What could I say, that hasn't been said before? What could I say, that you haven't heard before? What could I say, that hasn't been written about?
Even these words have been said before ... I just say: Thank you for having me on the show. You've been very gracious with your time and patience. Thank you, Dolly, my dear friend.

Dolly has finished her last question and the silence between us is a friendly one, peaceful. At least, that's how I perceive it. After a while Dolly packs her things and I accompany her to the door. With her gone, my private Room of Requirement slowly vanishes into the darkness of the night ... I find myself sitting in front of my computer, it's 2 a.m. in the morning, writing the last few lines to close the door to this other world.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Write One Word Over And Over.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Write One Word Over And Over.

...with a little help from TTF! ;-)
Used fonts (in alphabetical order): 101 Zebra Print, BD Renaissance, Bumbazoid, Carnivale, CrazyZoo, Christmas Lights Outdoor, DirtyBaker'sDozen, Fiolex Girls, Fish in the bathroom, LoopDeLoop, Mutlu, Never Writes Back, Olde English, OrnaMental, Prakrta, Romantic, Stiletto, Tolo ... and my own handwriting.

Plus one passion-KANJI.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 41

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, October-11: Discovery. Write about a good discovery you've made (big or small!)
Myself. It's surprising, what sometimes my body is capable of. It's amazing, which hidden talents suddenly break free. It's interesting, what different topics I'm obviously interested in. I'm the biggest quest for myself, to discover all the unknown sides of me. Okay, these discoveries are not all the time 'good', but always exciting!

Tuesday, October-12: Compliment. How do you react when someone compliments you?
Honestly, I'm not the type of person, who gets compliments very often. But, if honestly given, I've learnt to simply accept them, I'm enjoyed and pleased, and I say 'Thanks!' with a likewise honestly smile.

Wednesday, October-13: Animal. If you could have one skill that a particular animal has, what animal/skill would you choose?
I've always been a cats' person. I adore the pliableness of their movements, the strength of their bodies, their ability of night sight, their fine sensibility. It's difficult to select just one skill, I want to have the full package! And talking about that ... isn't there any feline creature in mythology, that has wings, too?

*hmm* I think, that's the point! It's not a single skill that makes you unique, but a good combination of several ones!

Thursday, October-14: Lost. Write about a time you lost something.
There was a dark time in my life when I'd almost lost myself. It's hard to think of that era, it felt like a pitch black darkness with no interests, no feelings ... nothing. But like early morning dawn defeats the darkness, the light has come back into my life. And now I understand the words of a wise man: "You can't appreciate the light, when you've never experienced the darkness."

Friday, October-15: Castle. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Castle".
Once upon a time there was a prince. He was a very handsome man with a splendorous figure and a lovely face. As beautiful he was from the outside, as ugly he was from the inside. He was selfish, moody and cruel to everyone. His mother didn't see his bad behavior, because she loved him too much. His father didn't see it either, because he was a great knight, very often gone fighting in war.
One day the prince had gone too far. He insulted and mistreated an old bondmaid very badly. But the old woman wasn't just an old woman. She was a powerful witch. As punishment she transfigured the prince into an ugly gargoyle, damned to stand on the highest tower of the castle. Once a year the witch granted him to come down as a human and spend one day among his people.
After the first year the prince's behavior hadn't improved, on the contrary. He was full of anger and terrorized everyone in the castle. The witch, who had watched everything secretly, decided to prolong his time as a gargoyle to five years.
The next few times the prince became a human, he tried to control his bad temper, but it wasn't really any better. His mother couldn't stand this no longer, finally she died out of grief. His father followed her shortly. The prince, still narrow minded, blamed not his own behavior, but only the witches' curse. This made the witch to prolong his time as a gargoyle to ten years.
The decades went by and everyone the prince once know were gone. A century later the prince heard some rumors the witch had died. He hoped with the witch gone her curse would be gone, too. The day came for him to become a human, but the following day, he found himself again as the ugly gargoyle. This made him slowly change his mind and think of other ways than cruelty how to break the curse.
Ten years ago, exactly on the day when he was a human, the prince attended a masquerade in the castle. There he had met a young girl. He told her the 'fairytale' of the prince and the gargoyle. The girls sympathy and her lovely, soft attitude caused a sting in the princes chest, he had never felt before. On the end of the day, he told the girl, that he had to go abroad for ten years, but he wished to see her again. She agreed.
In a few days these ten years would be over. The prince could hardly anticipating the day. But he was also full of fear. Ten years could be a very long time. The girl would be a young woman now. Would she be there at all? For the very first time in his whole life the prince felt something else than fury and anger, the first time his thoughts concerned not himself but for someone else.
Will he see her again? Could there be any change in his life? What would this day bring? ... What do YOU think?

Saturday, October-16: Six Word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Days are passing at fast rate!

Sunday, October-17: Ruler. If and when you become the Supreme Ruler of the World, who will be your top advisor?
Honestly, I'd prefer someone else to do that job. And please, let ME be the top advisor!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Press Leaves And Other Found Things.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Press Leaves And Other Found Things.

*hmm* What to say about this page???

1. The oval with the quote is made on computer, printed out and glued on the page. And btw, the quote is:
I look upon life as a book,
and the people I love are like rose petals
kept in between the pages.
Each time I turn a page of my life,
I find a rose petal, reminding me of beautiful moments.
2. Another job for glue-impregnation. Covered the whole page with glue to protect the pages and conserve everything.
3. Glue pressed rose petals and rose leaves on the page.
4. Finally another layer of glue to conserve everything.
Let everything dry! And DONE!

Now, I already have 3 pages with SMELL:
(1) Spice Bazaar (Various Substances)
(2) Plastic Tape (Sticky Things)
(3) And now rose petals
I wonder, how my true smell-page could ever cover all these!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 40

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, October-04: Campfire. Write about a memory you have related to a campfire. (If you don't have any such memories, write about any fire-related memory.)
I had completely forgotten that episode *lol*:
Imagine four saucy teenage girls, a meadow at the gates of a little village and a tent. OMG, we hadn't had a glue of how to camp or how to light a campfire, but we were young, independent, full of energy ... and had a blast of a time!

Tuesday, October-05: Blind. Write about what type of "selective blindness" you'd like to have (an inability to see something in particular.)
I have two cats, two long-haired cats. I also have all gadgets for hair-free clothes, as well as different brushes and a special adapter for my vacuum cleaner. Despite that it's hard to achieve to get rid of really each single hair. So, you can say I've developed a "selective blindness" to my cats' hair, a picky person, who comes into my house, probably wouldn't have! *meow* =^..=

Wednesday, October-06: Purchase. Write about a purchase you made that was not worth the money.
Obviously I haven't made any mispurchases lately, so let me think another minute ... with still my cats in mind:
The range and variety of cat-toys is simply amazing. Each promises loads of entertainment and hours and hours of joyful play. I'm just a poor 'can-opener', easy to seduce, buying a lot of those magnificent products. And my cats? They gave them a little sniff, with some good luck a few minutes of interest ... and ignored them! Well, obviously they haven't read the advertisement! =^..^=

Another win as Daily Winner! *yeah*

Thursday, October-07: Lie. Write about a time someone told you a lie when you were growing up.
'It doesn't take long.'
'We're soon there.'
'Just a minute, dear.'
Every single time I've heard sentences like that: A lie!

Friday, October-08: Secret. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Secret".
Dear Jane,
I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. Or arrives you at all? You'll never know, if stagecoaches are reliable. Please reassure me with your next message, that you've received my lines. And that it was you, who broke the wax seal. The seal was still intact, wasn't it? Please, sooth my fears! Immediately!
You'll never believe what just had happened?
Please do excuse my bad hand writing. I'm still so excited and my hand is trembling. I can't even breathe and my head swirls that much, that I can't think clearly.
Before I tell you, what had happened, you have to swear me with everything that is precious for you, that you read this message all alone! You don't share these news with no one, and 'no one' includes your sister! It would be better you burn the paper after reading it! These information are so explosive, it's very unseemly that a girl like me knows about. I know, I can trust you, that you can keep a secret! Something I can't. I don't have the strength to remain quiet. Please forgive my weakness! You are my best friend, my closest confident, my beloved sister in hearts.
So, please, take your seat, stay quiet, when I tell you now, that

...that WHAT??? Come on, Lizzy! Please! Do not tell me, you have forgotten to add the second piece of paper to your letter?

Saturday, October-09: Who. Answer the owl's question. ("Who?")
A human.
A 34-year-old female, a lecturer, a cats owner, a passionate reader and a wanna-be-writer.
Isn't that enough?
Well, then I have to think 'who' else I am!

Sunday, October-10: Lazy. What is your favorite lazy way to spend a day?
Oh, that's easy. Give me a good book or two. Enough groceries to not leave the house. And please, bad weather would be perfect.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Writing Exercise 10: Plot Of Plots - A Hero's Journey, Part 2

(Note: This is a unit of "Schreibaufgabe.de")

Let's continue the journey with steps 7 to 12. Remember the 3 options for each step.

Again, I stuck with Corin's story and ignored the 3 options:

7. The heroine meets the enemies' helper and has to defeat them.
  • Circumstances make Corin believe, that the mistress's daughter is her enemy, too.
  • Accidentally she gets a letter of her in her hands. The analphabetic Corin of the past remembers the reading skills of her future self and is able to read the letter.
  • She finds out, that the daughter is just another figure of her mothers' chess game. She is secretly in love with a knight's son.
  • Corin and the daughter become allies.
8. The heroine …. She meets her true enemy and has to fight him.
  • A girl, in peculiar a plain maiden, is rather helpless in these ancient days. The intrigue of the mistress had worked.
  • The evil knight is ordered to get rid of Corin.
9. The heroine dies. It doesn't have to be a real death, but more the heroine's personality. She can't pass the challenge, when she keeps her actual personality. This event marks the low point of the heroine and naturally the climax of the plot.
  • Corin dies in the past. She wakes up in the present.
  • She wants to know more about the (possible) events in the past and begins to research.
  • It's hard to find any facts. At the same time she feels secretly observed.
10. The heroine defeats the enemy. Maybe with the help of her friends. All powers were mobilized. If the heroine really dies, the fight is decided with her death.
  • Corin finds out, who's observing her. She meets Stephan. The ill son of the castle's owner.
  • With his help she has access to more private documents and both can solve the riddle of the past.
  • With a trick the mistress' daughter made everybody believe, she instead of Corin had died. The daughter could ran away with her beloved one and started a happy life.
  • The mistress could "arrange" the facts, that it seemed that the lord's son had killed the girl. He was condemned with capital punishment.
  • The lord himself died soon out of grief.
  • The evil knight and the mistress reigned the castle and dark times came over the village.
11. The heroine can conquer the 'reward'. The reward could be a change in her personality, too. She can also conquer a real 'trophy'.
  • It's almost a history repeating, but the motivation is not power, but money.
  • Flashbacks help Corin to discover, that Stephan's stepmother is secretly poisoning him. She wants him dead like his father, to lay hands on his immense trust fund.
  • Together they can prove Stephan's stepmother guilty of crime.
  • Stephan becomes healthy again.
12. The heroine starts her way back. While the way back the change of personality occurs very clearly. The heroine registers, that a simple return to her normal life isn't possible any more.
  • Corin and Stephan fall in love.
  • As soon as Corin turns 18 they get married and Corin lives with Stephan in the castle the happy life, that was already destined for both of them centuries ago.

I was also considering to bring in an "evil knight" in the present time, but somehow I felt, this could be too much! It's just the idea of a plot, who knows how the story unfolds while writing and editing it!

What do you think about the plot?

Continue with Exercise 11: Sources For Ideas

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Writing Exercise 09: Plot Of Plots - A Hero's Journey, Part 1

(Note: This is a unit of "Schreibaufgabe.de")

"A Hero's Journey" is a plot, on which a lot of mythologies are based on. For sure, while following the steps of the basic structure, you'll remember a lot of books or films with a similar form.

The task is to use the protagonist from Exercise 07 and plot steps 1 to 6. Each step should have 3 options, minimum! Okay, let's have look on the steps:

Well, after writing the beginning of Corin's story, I decided to make her "Heroine's Journey":

1. You'll start with the heroine's everyday life. You show her usual environment.
  • Corin is an almost 17 year old, ordinary teenage girl.
  • She lives in a small town with a castle.
  • While her parents are modern orientated, Corin is attracted by the castle.
Well, I guess, that's what I've already done in Exercise 09.

2. The heroine is called to her task. An adventures starts, a chance is given, etc.
  • Corin visits a medieval festival in the castle and has lots of fun with the all the attractions there.
  • She falls asleep (better, hits her head and get unconscious), after waking up, she finds herself in the past.
3. The heroine refuses to accept the task.
  • She's differently dressed, disorientated and has lost most of her memory.
  • She experiences the market place differently.
4. The journey starts, when the heroine had found a mentor, who persuades her to make the journey.
  • An elderly friend finds Corin lost in the market. She helps her to get well again.
  • Corin is a simple bondmaid, who works in the castle's kitchen. Her mother is dead, her father is the castle's baker.
5. After making the first step, there is no turn back.
  • She starts to connect the memories and feelings from the future and the past.
  • But she doesn't have a glue, how she had come here, what she's doing here or how she gets back.
6. Not everything is going on well, first problems appear. The heroine masters these alone or with the help of allies. She also meets her first enemies. She has to force the task.
  • Corin begins to live her life in the past.
  • She meets the lord of the castle's son and both fall in love.
  • The second wife of the lord of the castle doesn't allow this alliance, because she wants her own daughter to be on this place. She plots some bad intrigues against Corin.
  • There is also an elderly, cruel knight, who wants to rape Corin.

No questions this time!

Continue with Exercise 10: Plot Of Plots - A Hero's Journey, Part 2