Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week Four With NaNo

I made a little NaNo-writing-break ... to write. How crazy is that?

One last note about my accident. On Tuesday I received an email from NaNo-Tech-Support, that they *quote* don't save any backups of any files that are uploaded *end-quote*. It doesn't matter anymore, I'm at peace with that ... in the meantime I've re-typed all the missing parts. I won't say, that it's better, but anyway I typed more words than I had before! And it's all about words in NaNo, isn't it?

Okay, countdown for NaNo has begun, three days left. Since Friday afternoon I'm sitting on my computer, typing and typing and some more typing. When I close my eyes or make a little break (off from computer) I still can see this white screen and that blinking cursor, waiting for some more letters form into words and sentences. Sentences become paragraphs and chapters, filling more and more pages. And in the end, hopefully just a bit more than 50.000 words.

At the moment I'm feeling like that Little Engine: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." On Wednesday I'll let you know, if I reached the top of the NaNo-mountain!

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