Monday, November 15, 2010

Week Two With NaNo

On my honor, I've never consumed any illegal drugs in my whole life. But I'd made the acquaintance with a little hangover after consuming a little too much alcohol. You know, as long as you party, you feel so brilliant, everything is so amazing, you are the queen of the night ... but then the other morning, when adrenaline and euphoria are gone, you feel weird. You are much too tired, because you haven't gained enough sleep. Your head feels alien like, not belonging to the rest of your body. Your thoughts are burnt out.

THAT'S like exactly how I felt the first days after my writing rush last weekend. Remember? I've told you in my last weeks NaNo report!

These first days I was having a vaguely imagination, what I wanted to write (I already have the outline of the plot), but then I was sitting in front of my computer, my fingers ready on the keyboard and staring at that stupid, blinking cursor, that seems wanting to tell me something, what of course it not did! You might imagine, that I did not write too much. Luckily I'd had a little 'word buffer', speaking I haven't counted the words of my already existing little story outline. Without them I would have panicked completely. 1.667 not written words a day sum up really fast to a real horror number!

The rest of the week I tried to find my balance. A 'healthy' way for me, where I do a good average of daily writing AND feel fine.

Sunday night MS Word count said 22.263 words, NaNo Total Word counter granted me even seven words more, I have no idea, where it got them from! Anyway, suggested Cumulative Word Count for Sunday was 23.334. NaNo Stats include a point called 'At This Rate You Will Finish On'. I improved from December-09 to December-04.

Okay, I'm still behind and no word buffer anymore! But then I think that today or at the latest tomorrow, I'll reach the 25.000 words mark. That's half (!!!) of the required words, but at that point I've told only a third of my story. When signing up for NaNo, one of my fears was, that my stories wouldn't have book length potential. Now, I'm pretty optimistic according to that!

Well, I think I'm ready to face the second half of NaNo. I've found my rhythm!

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