Monday, May 14, 2012

A-Z, C For Captivity.


Frankly speaking, I've never experienced true captivity in the meaning of imprisonment. And being grounded as a teenager can't hardly be counted herein, right folks?

Okay, I've seen a few documentaries but I won't neither discuss nor play down how harsh, cruel even violent life behind bars can be. I just dare to make a few simple statements:
  • It's always in the person's own responsibility to be punished, no matter what reason for.
  • The freedom is only a matter of time and/or a good lawyer and/or a clever prison break.
Besides that bodily imprisonment there's also another form, the captivity of your mind! So more dangerous and so more perfidious, because you literally can't see it coming.

There might be a cause, but most of the time you aren't able to be aware of it. Sometimes it even comes without any particular purpose. It comes slowly, it crawls, it creeps, it flatters you. It's patient, it waits for the right moment to enter your mind. Once there it hooks soo deeply like a virus or a parasite. From its well hidden corner it spreads its poison, let the darkness penetrate your mind and begins to darken your soul.

Again it works slowly, but effective, very effective. Almost without noticing the infected person begins slowly to change her habits, begins to avoid beloved activities and begins to hide from the world.

The desastrous effect, first the captivity begins in your mind, but then it's also your body that is captured. In the end you live in a prison, where you can't see the walls, where you can't see the bars, but they are there - in your captured mind!


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