Sunday, April 17, 2011

ABC, M for Magic Moments

Magic moments, mem'ries we've been sharin'
Magic moments, when two hearts are carin'
Time can't erase the memory of
These magic moments filled with love.

It's a bit difficult to concentrate on writing, when you're rice krispies are humming Perry Como's song! All right, focus now!

Magic Moments in the real world
I'm quite sure every writer has experienced that magic moments in one way or the other during his/her writing experiences:
  • The moment, when in your brain a new idea is born. When you get anxious and feel the urgent need to grab pen and paper - or whatever is currently available - to note down that idea before you forget it again.
  • The moment, when you reach a certain number of words, 50.000 for instance, which is the magical number for every NaNo-writer. Be sure, that 100.000 words or more have the same exciting effect.
  • The moment, you write 'The End' under your finished work. When you finally know, I'm done! Sure a big moment to celebrate!
  • The moments, you receive the message that you have an agent or your book is going to get published. Or let's dream a step further, when your book enters the Top 100 bestseller list or even reaches a place under the Top 10!
Only thinking on moments like that causes goose bumps!

Magic Moments between the pages
For me it's that moment, when something magical happens between the writer/reader and the written scene. When the tension is so tight, that you simply have to continue, even if you don't want to. Every time, the emotion leaves the written pages and enters the real world. The moment, when you feel so strong with the characters, that you also feel the personal need to cry, laugh, suffer, sweat, love or whatever, too. That's true magic!

What are your personal magic writing/reading moments?


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