Wednesday, February 02, 2011

FJC, Day-02: People.

Hello and welcome to our February Journaling Challenge. A project hosted by Dolly and myself. Each day during February, we'll post a specifically selected prompt. The only rule: DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH IT. You can do an art journal page, drawing, writing, doodling, poetry, fiction, whatever you want. And here's the prompt of the day:

Think about the people you would love to meet.
They could be from any place, any time, dead or alive.
You can include as many as you like.

And here's my outcome:
FJC: Day-02-People.

There are the great Pharaoh Ramses II., the amazing artist Michelangelo, the impressive Vera F. Birkenbihl, the charismatic actor Shah Rukh Khan and ... No. 5 is private!


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