Sunday, February 13, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-06

One Minute Writer

Monday, February-07: Super bowl. What would need to be in a bowl to make it truly super?
The book nerd I am, I would prefer a bowl full of tickets for free books! Yeah, that would be really super!

Tuesday, February-08: Advice. Imagine you're an advice columnist. In what area of life do you advise people, and what is your column called?
The Room of Doors.
I don't give advices, I'd rather like to show possibilities, according to my motto from 'Matrix': »I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.« That leaves the area quite open, let's talk about God and the world!

Wednesday, February-09: Sales pitch. Think of something you'd like to get rid of, and come up with a great pitch you'd use to sell it.
Watch out, you super skinny models, don't miss the chance of your life. I have here some extra kilos, I'd like to get rid of. Take some, get curves on your flat bodies and we all get closer to a real healthy weight!

Thursday, February-10: Live. Write about a place where you could not happily live.
*hmm* As long as I have a place, where I can close my own door behind me and have enough private space to calm down, relax and just be myself, I think I could live anywhere. The other way round, I couldn't happily live, when I had to sleep in a dormitory.

Friday, February-11: Scent. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Scent".
Like every morning, my first move after waking up, is my hand reaching right. I know, that my hubby is already out of the house, but I love to grab his pillow, dig my face into the softness and inhale deeply the scent. It's simply indescribable. His unique scent, so warm, cozy and familiar, but also dark, male and sexy. It's the second best way of starting your day!

Saturday, February-12: Spy. If you became a spy and could pick anyone (living or dead, real or fictional) as your partner, who would it be?
*hmm* If fictional partners are allowed, then I'll go for Hermione Granger. Who wouldn't like to have such a talented witch on your side? And with some Polyjuice Potion you'll have the best disguise in the world.

Sunday, February-13: Haiku. Write a haiku.


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