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Writing Exercise 10: Plot Of Plots - A Hero's Journey, Part 2

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Let's continue the journey with steps 7 to 12. Remember the 3 options for each step.

Again, I stuck with Corin's story and ignored the 3 options:

7. The heroine meets the enemies' helper and has to defeat them.
  • Circumstances make Corin believe, that the mistress's daughter is her enemy, too.
  • Accidentally she gets a letter of her in her hands. The analphabetic Corin of the past remembers the reading skills of her future self and is able to read the letter.
  • She finds out, that the daughter is just another figure of her mothers' chess game. She is secretly in love with a knight's son.
  • Corin and the daughter become allies.
8. The heroine …. She meets her true enemy and has to fight him.
  • A girl, in peculiar a plain maiden, is rather helpless in these ancient days. The intrigue of the mistress had worked.
  • The evil knight is ordered to get rid of Corin.
9. The heroine dies. It doesn't have to be a real death, but more the heroine's personality. She can't pass the challenge, when she keeps her actual personality. This event marks the low point of the heroine and naturally the climax of the plot.
  • Corin dies in the past. She wakes up in the present.
  • She wants to know more about the (possible) events in the past and begins to research.
  • It's hard to find any facts. At the same time she feels secretly observed.
10. The heroine defeats the enemy. Maybe with the help of her friends. All powers were mobilized. If the heroine really dies, the fight is decided with her death.
  • Corin finds out, who's observing her. She meets Stephan. The ill son of the castle's owner.
  • With his help she has access to more private documents and both can solve the riddle of the past.
  • With a trick the mistress' daughter made everybody believe, she instead of Corin had died. The daughter could ran away with her beloved one and started a happy life.
  • The mistress could "arrange" the facts, that it seemed that the lord's son had killed the girl. He was condemned with capital punishment.
  • The lord himself died soon out of grief.
  • The evil knight and the mistress reigned the castle and dark times came over the village.
11. The heroine can conquer the 'reward'. The reward could be a change in her personality, too. She can also conquer a real 'trophy'.
  • It's almost a history repeating, but the motivation is not power, but money.
  • Flashbacks help Corin to discover, that Stephan's stepmother is secretly poisoning him. She wants him dead like his father, to lay hands on his immense trust fund.
  • Together they can prove Stephan's stepmother guilty of crime.
  • Stephan becomes healthy again.
12. The heroine starts her way back. While the way back the change of personality occurs very clearly. The heroine registers, that a simple return to her normal life isn't possible any more.
  • Corin and Stephan fall in love.
  • As soon as Corin turns 18 they get married and Corin lives with Stephan in the castle the happy life, that was already destined for both of them centuries ago.

I was also considering to bring in an "evil knight" in the present time, but somehow I felt, this could be too much! It's just the idea of a plot, who knows how the story unfolds while writing and editing it!

What do you think about the plot?

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