Friday, October 01, 2010

Wreck This Journal: The Story Of The Ugly Little Book.

Once upon a time there was a little book in a book store. With its neat black cover and its clean white pages it was dreaming of how wonderful it would be to become one day someone's most favorite book. It was so excited when finally its new mistress took it with home. Soon all its dreams would come true. It would be read and it could stand proudly in a pretty book shelf between all its read brothers and sisters. But all its hopes and dreams were destroyed. Itself was being destroyed. Almost certainly as punishment, because on its beautiful pages was not much to read. Instead they were doodled on, glued, scratched, pocked und God knows how many other different terrible things made with. No miracle, that its mistress didn't want it to put it with the other beautiful books in the shelf, while in the meantime dirty tricks were played with it. When the mistress also began taking pictures, the little book wished, all its pages were burnt on that one occasion. But then something totally unexpected happened, something the little book hadn't planned on. Oh, how it envied the mistress' other books, they were read und put into the book shelf. One day the little book noticed, that it was itself, that was always at arm's length of the mistress. Very often she took the little book in her hand and skimmed lost in thought through its pages. Still pages were destroyed, but these new pages were treated now with deference. It even opined, that the mistress' finger treated those pages very carefully, almost tenderly. It has also become a permanent companion of the mistress und so the little book met a lot of other people. It was totally surprised by the other's reactions on its deformed pages, it was so completely different than expected. The people did not consider the pages ugly, not in the slightest. On the contrary. They were enthusiastic, they liked them, they called them beautiful! And then the little book conceived. Sometimes you don't need a neat black cover and clean white pages to become someone's most favorite book. Now it was glad about its doodled, glued, scratched, pocked otherness und gleamed in unique beauty!



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