Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WQ-27. Appearances In Your Story.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

27. Along similar lines, do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters.

Once again I become aware that I'm just a foreign speaker. I'm not quite sure, if I'd understood that question correct. After checking Carol's answer I think I got it.

First, for my understanding, creating the appearance is a part of designing a character. And second, we'd already talked about Creating Characters in WQ-09. So, let's now talk about the look:

Of course, the look is important. How else should Hollywood know, who to cast! Although, sometimes I wonder, if they really had read the same book?!

Let's be serious!

The good thing when you write short stories about cats, everybody knows, how a cat looks like. Most of the time it's enough to write about the little baby tiger kitten or the black cat with green eyes. Sometimes it helps to describe the shiny, soft golden fur or the long, sharp claws or the long, sensitive whiskers. Just the information you need for a particular scene.

When I think on my human actors in my writings the grade of descriptions depends on his/her importance.

Let's take J.J.: He plays just minor role and has one big scene. I described him as 2m (6,5 feet) tall, 17 years old boy. I didn't write more about his look, nothing about his eyes or hair or anything else. It was better and far enough to describe him as this huge giant with the mind of a kid, to compare him to a young puppy who tries to find his way in this big world. I dare to say, everybody can imagine the type of person he represents.

So differently with Cathryn O'Connell, my main character: I have a very clear image of her in my head and I want my readers to have the same - or at least a similar one. And it's not only her look, it's also her mimic and her gestures. Sometimes these little details give her character more depth and support her nature.

But we all know 'Looks isn't everything'. What do I care about the look, when the story sucks?! I'm right, am I?


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