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Writing Exercise 04: Names Is For Tombstones ...

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... said in the James Bond movie "Live And Let Die". Is that so? Does it matter what names your protagonists have? Can you chose just any name and start?
Of course, you as an author you can do whatever you like. It's your decision. To pay some more attention to names has quite some advantages. Names can tell something about a character's personality. Every name has a meaning, right?
One last thought: Do you think, James Bond would have been so successful if he had been named Hermann Petersen?

Find suitable first AND last names for:
  1. A six-year-old girl. Father a banker, mother a realtor
    · Hannah Baker (UK)
    · Suri McNeill (US)
    · Michelle Adams (US)
    · Carrie Robertson (UK)
    · Sara Fischer (Germany)
  2. A war veteran from the US. 85 years old
    · Charles Morris
    · Gary Evans
    · Harvey Brown
    · William Lewis
    · Zachary Smith
  3. A dog, rottweiler
    · bad names: Tyson, Brutus, Dozer, Ares, Kali
    · cute names: Princess, Puppet, Teddy,Candy, Fluffy
  4. A salesman on an outdoor market in his middle 40th, Mallorca/Spain
    · Priamo Solis
    · Gonzales Almmanza
    · Maximiliamo Haro
    · Conrad Hernandez
    · Vero Fernandez
  5. A Swedish princess in her middle 20th, anno 1770
    · Luise Ulrike of Sweden
    · Brigitta Alice of Sweden
    · Astrid Sofia of Sweden
    · Anne-Marie of Sweden
    · Katharina Augusta of Sweden
No question this time, only some helping links:
Fake Name Generator
Lexicon of Names
Always a good start for researches: Wikipedia 

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