Friday, May 18, 2012

A-Z, E For Eyes.

When I was done with that picture (08-2007) I named it 'Indian Ocean'. Don't ask why or what for I painted it the way it is - frankly speaking I don't know! But it's pretty obvious that I love the sea and I'm obsessed with eyes, am I not?

It's said 'Eyes are the Portal to your Soul.' I totally agree with that. I prefer literally to have an 'eye-to-eye' conversation because very often eyes can tell you so much more than just words or gestures.

Or in the other case the eyes don't say anything at all or your opposite isn't able to look in to your eyes. To make the long story short, I give a damn lot of eye contact!

But ... in my current constitution where your own soul is dark and your self confidence is below zero, you're simply not in the slightest able to search and keep eye contact. You feel so miserable and unworthy and just ashamed.

Believe me, I really miss it and you can be sure, I can't wait the day when my confidence is back for this little gesture to get in contact with people this way.

And I even want to go a step further. Some of you might know that I'm a huge admirer of the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. Among others he's famous for his passionate way of acting (some even say he's overacting). When he plays the lover fighting for his love he has this look. Sanjay LelaBansali (director of 'Devdas' among others) once said '...that Shah Rukh has deep lonely eyes craving for love.' For me it feels like his eyes can burn through the canvas right into my soul, it makes me shiver, it's simply magical.

What I want or wish - No! Not SRK himself! - is that one particular man, my personal lover, who fights for his love to me. That exactly this one man gives me and me alone this very special look. That his eyes burn into mine and his look can see my soul and loves what he can see there. That's what I'm wishing for!


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