Monday, November 01, 2010

NaNo Writing Month

There wasn't any full moon I could blame. Maybe I was still disorientated because of the time switch. Last night I was completely demented, totally mad, absolutely out of my senses ... I've registered for NaNo Writing Challenge!!!

OMG, what have I done?!?!

You know, it's one thing to write on several projects without any pressure or special purpose. If you write it will be fine, if you don't write it will be fine, too. But it's a whole different thing, when you sign in for a challenge, where literally every word counts. Listen, we're talking of 50.000 (!!!) words. This number is quite frightening for me, because - according to my word count statistic in MS Word - these are more words than I have written TOTALLY in my blog. Means, I should write a lot more words within one month than I've written since March!

With that going hand in hand, there is my fear of failure ... the fear to find out, that I'm not able to write more than just a short, short scene/story ... to discover that I'm NOT a writer?!?! What then? You know, somehow NaNo seems to be kind of a test for my writing qualities. Has one of the stories I have in mind the potential for 50.000 words? Are my rice krispies creative enough to produce enough scenes/ideas to fill out all those pages?

All good things come in threes ... obviously fears also! Usually when I write something I focus on perfect words, accentuation, intonation, syntax, etc. Everything has to be 'perfect'! And now ... for the first time in my writing life I try NOT to focus on these! I've already started (425 words thus far) and I don't have the slightest glue, what I'm doing ... I just try to write down the scenes, that came into my mind and flow out of my head onto the paper, without knowing, IF they are fit in the story at all! I just write ... or at least I try! This is so weird!!!

So, to you all out there: PLEASE, Wish me luck!

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