Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WQ-01. Favorite Writing Project.

With my New Year's Resolutions in mind I keep my eyes open to possible themes. Carol's question series is simply perfect to offer you some variety on my blog and still write about writing. So, today starts my weekly series:

30 Days Of Writing Questions

01. Tell us about your favorite writing project/ universe that you’ve worked with and why.

*hmm* When I hear writing 'universe' I have to think on J.R.R. Tolkien. He truly created a whole new world with different races, their history and languages. That's nothing I've ever done, and I'm quite sure, it'll run a lot more water down the Anduin (the Great River) until I'm able to do such a thing!

In a much smaller scale I created in my current project an island, where not everything is like it supposed to be, after all. Actually, it's my favorite writing 'project', because I have the advantages of both worlds. On the one hand, the journey of my heroine starts in her/our normal world. I can relate on true places and can make researches on true facts. On the other hand, once she's stranded on that island, I can let my imagination free, because the normal rules don't count anymore. That's the fun part to combine reality and fiction!

When I think of my little short stories, then my favorite 'project' was 'A Ball Of Yarn', I simply love to write about that little fur balls called cats! =^..^=


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