Sunday, January 02, 2011

Goodbye 2010. Welcome 2011.

For the last few days of 2010 I decided to quit all my regular blogging activities ... instead I used the short break to think a little. The artist in me is quite proud and delighted, what I've started and achieved in the previous twelve months, but of course, as usual not everything went well and there is potential for improvements. So, let's see, where I've come from and where the artistic road may take me in 2011.

In March I came to the conclusion, that "a blog is quite the right platform for me to get published". Ladies and gentlemen, I still feel that I'm in good hands here.
My blog archive tells me, that I've done 107 posts in ten months. Calculating on the average, that makes 10 posts a month. That's not bad for a blogger newbie, but also not really much. More of a problem is my writing frequency, which tends from 2 to 21 posts per month. Well, I'm not satisfied with that count!
To give my writing rhythm some kind of regularity, my mind came up with the idea of 'Daily Themes'. These should give me a direction, there is no must in writing really every day, only some kind of inspiration. What I already have:
  • Tuesday: Wreck This Journal
    It became habit, that I post my WTJ-pages every Tuesday. I'll stick to that day and when this book is finished one day, well, there are other books by Keri Smith waiting to be done.
  • Friday: Friday-Fill-In
    Freshly joined in just a few weeks ago, the Friday-Fill-Ins supposed to have a good potential for a regular weekly habit.
  • Sunday: One-Minute-Writer
    The overview of one complete week of OMW-prompts plus my ideas and thoughts about them.
All right, that makes 3 of 7. At the moment for the other daily themes I'm playing with these topics:
  • Writing Exercises
  • Book and/or movie reviews
  • Experiences/questions about writing my novel
  • Art Journaling and/or instructions for making art
I need to work on that! You'll discover when something new will come!

You all know, I'm a passionate reader, but obviously not as much as my dear friend Dolly, who set her 2010-book-goal for 100, speaking she wanted to read 100 books in one year (and achieved that goal! Congratulations!). Anyway, I didn't want to join in that challenge. Reading should be fun, no pressure and two books a week is not always doable! BUT curiosity is quite a big trigger for me. It made me quite sad, that (like Dolly) I don't have a book list. I'm curious to know, what kind of different books would I read in one year? What are the books I read more than one time? How addicted am I really to some book series?
So, this year I join Dolly's 2011 Reading Challenge. Read more about that in the upcoming blogpost!

I still love my WTJ and I want to finish the book, means I really want to follow every single instruction!
Here on my blog I've posted until now 40 pages. Good news, in reality I've already finished 61 pages AND I have quite a few ideas for the remaining 36 tasks, means my 'Tuesday Theme' for the next weeks is guaranteed!
Oh, and here's a short glimpse of the actual look of the book.

Blogging is one side of the medal, the other side is, when you have a blog entitled with the little word 'Writing', then you need something to write about. We're speaking of some more writing, whereby One-Minute-Writer and Friday-Fill-Ins aren't enough by far. So, what else do I have to write?
  1. My novel
    Inspired by a dream, my very first idea was making a blog series, but I've given up the lamely started attempt very quickly. Quite some time had to pass until November, where I spontaneously joined in 'NaNo Writing Month'. This challenge gave my novel the right kick start, despite several obstacles it went very well. The bad news, since the end of NaNo I haven't touched my novel. But now it's about time to continue. One creative new years resolution for 2011 is to finish that novel!
  2. Dream Diary
    I'm not a that type of a regular journal keeper, but I have a dream diary. As long as there isn't such an invention like in the movie 'Inception', you have to relate on your brain and wait for the nightly pictures. But for sure, I'll continue penning down my dreamily adventures!
    Note: I still want to participate on Dolly's guest post series 'Meet A Journal Keeper'!
  3. Writing Exercises
    At the moment I'm working on Exercise 14. Every one gives me some extra training for writing my novel and there are different interesting aspects I would love to discuss about. Until now, I've posted IN the task the question, that came up my mind while writing. But I think it's a better place to separate that thought from the task. So, in future there will be extra posts about all that writing matters! And of course, I continue publishing my exercise results!

Well, I guess, that's all folks! That's quite a list, but I'm sure, it will be fun! Hope to see you (and hopefully some more followers) on my blog!

All the best and happy writing.



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