Saturday, April 30, 2011

ABC, Y for Yarn: Yo, Ho, Haul Together

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the colors high.
Heave ho, thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

Doodled by me while watching 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'
Ahoy, me hearties!

Dead men tell no tales, but do ye dare to hear mine? Avast ye, come a little closer. Landlubbers, ye sit down and listen, I tell. Savvy?

It was a calm, moonlit night ... too calm when you ask me, when from the sea an inscrutable fog slowly crawled onto the land. With the fog came a shadow and the shadow become a dark man entering the door of a shabby bar. It's said he's once been here before with the same purpose. He was searching for a crew. Brave, strong, intelligent men - and women! - following him, going on a crusade, conquering challenges and searching treasures.

Shiver me timbers! That seadog had a voice! Dark, rough and raspy. Once heard, ye never forget it. Like those poor ones, who listened to his seductive words. Till the end of the month he recruited over 1200 crewmen. He, ye want me to walk the plank and join Davy Jones' locker? Ye say I'm a liar, aye? Ye say, no ship can accommodate so many, ye would need a whole armada? By my dark soul I swear, there was only one ship. Blimey, what a ship! With the first light of the new month's first day all the buccaneers weighed anchor and hoisted the mizzen!

The journey kept them a whole month on board and six days a week they were confronted with adventures. Don't ye ask me about all of them, I'm just an Old Salt! I tell you, what I remember, savvy?

On the 3rd day they had to break a Curse, unlucky number 13 brought them Mermaids and just two days later a monstrous Octopus almost scuttled their ship. What else? Give an Old Salt a moment? Ye, they've told from a colossal Sea Serpent on their 19th day on board. And just 4 days before their goal a gigantic Wave threatened their lives. I wonder, if they've ever reached the fantastic treasures that this seadog promised?

Rumors say that those who remained will return right this weekend. So, if ye want to get stories by first hand, go to the harbor and watch out for black sails! Until then, let's drink loads of rum and shout 'Yo Ho Ho'!

P.S. Aye, it's unbelievable, there are Pirate Phrases and Pirate Vocabulary online available! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!


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