Friday, May 11, 2012

A-Z, B For Bucket List.


It fills me with guilt to know that some of my friends were and still are worried - totally with justice. Shame on me!

But you know, even in my darkest hours there was always that little light ... no, not light! Light would be the wrong word. Too exaggeratedly! Let's better call it ... hmm, let me think ... I guess I like 'glimmer'. There was that glimmer of the wish to hope that maybe one day - and I don't know, when exactly this day might be - the light will have returned and the sun will shining again.

My personal glimmer is just one single word, but once spoken, it opens a door to a whole new world and reveals a million impressions: India! (Can you hear the echoes?)

When I think of that little word I can see the colors of Holi, I can smell the spices in the air, I can hear the cacophony of the crowds and the silent breathlessness in front of the impressive Taj Mahal. Besides the obvious greatness of India I'm also very interested in a few very small events, besides the usual tourists' paths: like watching DDLJ (or any other actual SRK movie) in a theater, buy my dream Sari in my favorite color blue and of course stand in front of 'Mannat', maybe with some luck seeing or even shaking hands with the King of Bollywood himself: Shah Rukh Khan.

A lot of big dreams, maybe a little too big for a little girl like me. But they are there, not only present, but so dominant to stand against the darkness and leave that little glimmer of hope. A reminder that this is No. 1 on my personal bucket list has the chance to come true. It just waits for me to grab it! That's a wonderful little thought that accompanies me through the darkness!


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