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Writing Exercise 09: Plot Of Plots - A Hero's Journey, Part 1

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"A Hero's Journey" is a plot, on which a lot of mythologies are based on. For sure, while following the steps of the basic structure, you'll remember a lot of books or films with a similar form.

The task is to use the protagonist from Exercise 07 and plot steps 1 to 6. Each step should have 3 options, minimum! Okay, let's have look on the steps:

Well, after writing the beginning of Corin's story, I decided to make her "Heroine's Journey":

1. You'll start with the heroine's everyday life. You show her usual environment.
  • Corin is an almost 17 year old, ordinary teenage girl.
  • She lives in a small town with a castle.
  • While her parents are modern orientated, Corin is attracted by the castle.
Well, I guess, that's what I've already done in Exercise 09.

2. The heroine is called to her task. An adventures starts, a chance is given, etc.
  • Corin visits a medieval festival in the castle and has lots of fun with the all the attractions there.
  • She falls asleep (better, hits her head and get unconscious), after waking up, she finds herself in the past.
3. The heroine refuses to accept the task.
  • She's differently dressed, disorientated and has lost most of her memory.
  • She experiences the market place differently.
4. The journey starts, when the heroine had found a mentor, who persuades her to make the journey.
  • An elderly friend finds Corin lost in the market. She helps her to get well again.
  • Corin is a simple bondmaid, who works in the castle's kitchen. Her mother is dead, her father is the castle's baker.
5. After making the first step, there is no turn back.
  • She starts to connect the memories and feelings from the future and the past.
  • But she doesn't have a glue, how she had come here, what she's doing here or how she gets back.
6. Not everything is going on well, first problems appear. The heroine masters these alone or with the help of allies. She also meets her first enemies. She has to force the task.
  • Corin begins to live her life in the past.
  • She meets the lord of the castle's son and both fall in love.
  • The second wife of the lord of the castle doesn't allow this alliance, because she wants her own daughter to be on this place. She plots some bad intrigues against Corin.
  • There is also an elderly, cruel knight, who wants to rape Corin.

No questions this time!

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