Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ABC, O for Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time not so long ago two blogger started their own Journaling Challenge. On 15th February 2011 the prompt of the day was 'Once upon a time' and one of the girls created a page looking like an old book and began a fairy tale. She published the page and promised to complete the story and also translate it. Now, two months later, the selected theme is again 'Once upon a time' ... so, what's more perfect than to fulfill the promise now?

February Journaling Challenge, Day-5: Once Upon A Time.
Once upon a time a young woman lived alone in her little house on the edge of the forest. Some would have said, that living out there would be dreary, boring and lonesome. But it wasn't. Not for Rose, that was the name of the woman, every day she had something to do. She took fondly care for her house and her little garden, did a lot of handiwork, for company she was satisfied with the animals and numerous books. Now and then she went to town, where she sold her handiworks and bought that things she needed. It was a simple, humble life, but in her own way Rose was satisfied and happy.

On the other end of the town, up on a hill there was a castle. There lived the kindhearted and wise king with his wife and his son. Despite the judicious reign of the king there was a shadow laying over the castle. The prince had lost his cheerfulness. The doctors were helpless, because obviously the prince' physical health was perfect. Nothing could bring joy to the prince and he backed out more and more.

His caring mother, the loving queen, finally guessed, that maybe the right woman could distract her son's thoughts. Said, done. The king arranged a ball, where he invited all noble, young women. But the dear women were only occupied with their own vanity. They only thought on jewels and clothes she would wear as future queen. None of them was slightly interested in the prince and the prince, too, didn't show any interest in any of those arrogant chicks.

The king didn't want to give up that fast, for the next ball all daughters from good middle class families were invited. But it exposed, that the young ladies weren't able to deal with the ceremonial rituals, means they behaved totally inappropriate, or they were simply too shy to give a word at all. It doesn't need to be told, that there was no woman to be found, that hit the prince's eye.

Well, all good things come in threes, thought the king, when he decided to make a last daring step. On his command every young and beautiful women of age to be married were brought to the castle. But also the king had learnt his lesson well. Instead a formal ball, he wanted the young folk to meet in the royal gardens, playing games and casual parties. He further hoped, that not only the heart of the prince would open for a woman, but also that happiness and laughter would penetrate the castle's walls and banish the sad shadows.

That's how Rose found her way into the castle. Even though she didn't want to leave her quiet, peaceful home, she followed the orders of the king. But already on the second day she spoke to the king, when she could return back home. Her grace, modesty and fine words surprised the king and actually he could have let her go, but he refused her wish. Rose obeyed again. What else could she have done? According to her own personality Rose began to use her time well. She explored the castle, especially the library, offered her help wherever it was best needed, above all at the tailors and needle women. Of course she also participated in the little plays and parties, which were determined for the prince. And day after day she repeated her request in front of the king.

After a while the prince heard of the girl. He still didn't appreciate his parent's efforts, but however he got curious. He observed Rose. The more he saw, the less he understood her. Why was she behaving like that? Then one day he asked her: "When you don't like it here, that you ask my father every day to release you, why do you do all those things on this hateful place?"

Rose thought about it for a while before she answered: "It's not in my power to decide about my current residence, but it's possible for me to ask for change. Until this happens, I can decide freely, what I want to do with the time that is given to me here in the castle. What would it bring to spend my time pouting and inveighing? This wouldn't change the circumstances. It would only worsen my mood and the atmosphere among my fellows. Instead I use the chances, else I would have never been granted. I extend my knowledge in your large library and learn from the greatest handiwork masters of the country. That alone is all worth, even if I miss my simple life in my little house on the edge of the forest so dearly."

The words impressed the prince, for a pretended simple girl they were surprisingly clear and convincing and passionate spoken. He had to think over that a lot. Was his own situation not quite similar? Nobody knew, the prince felt like imprisoned in his own life. So many things were expected and he was very frightened to disappoint everyone. That was the true reason for his sad mood lately. I wanted to run off, but he couldn't.

While the residents of the castle and the village slowly returned to their normal everyday life, the prince and Rose were seen together very often, in the gardens, in the library, but also on other places. The prince began, to open his mind for his folk and Rose helped him to see changes, that would have been hidden for him before. It came what have to come, the joy returned back into the prince's life and with it the love to the young woman. The queen was right, the right woman could distract her son's thoughts. Soon a big wedding was celebrated in the kingdom and a couple of years later, when the king handed over his throne to his son, the new king and his beloved queen Rose reigned with care and joy and offered their folk further on glorious times!

The End


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