Saturday, February 26, 2011

FJC, Day-26: On A Dark And Stormy Night.

Hello and welcome to our February Journaling Challenge. A project hosted by Dolly and myself. Each day during February, we'll post a specifically selected prompt. The only rule: DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH IT. You can do an art journal page, drawing, writing, doodling, poetry, fiction, whatever you want. And here's the prompt of the day:

On a dark and stormy night... The beginning might be a cliché, but the rest doesn't have to be.

And here's my outcome:
February Journaling Challenge, Day-26: On A Dark And Stormy Night.

First of all, this isn't my window and these aren't my curtains, but behind, that WAS a true sky outside of my living room window!

I wasn't in the mood of writing another fairy tale or a scary story to be told in front of a campfire. Unfortunately I don't have to tell a classical 'On a dark and stormy night' story with a personal touch ... at least no one that hadn't to be rated! Instead I wrote about a very personal dark and stormy time, that's why I used the blurs.


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