Sunday, February 20, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-07

One Minute Writer

Monday, February-14: Refrigerator. What (if anything) is hanging on the front of your refrigerator?
I'm single with a typical single household. You can be happy to find something in the fridge, let alone something on front of it!

Tuesday, February-15: Devil's advocate. Think of an issue about which you feel strongly. Without sarcasm or satire, argue the other side of the issue.
In 99,9% I prefer the books to the movies, nothing on screen could ever be so detailed than described in the book or as visual as your own imagination. At the moment I'm rereading 'The Lord of the Rings' and I might admit, that Peter Jackson's movies might be the 0,01% exception, where I began to like the movies more than Tolkien's books. Somebody might use that to argument, if there is one movie there might be others?!?! (Honestly, I don't think so!)

Wednesday, February-16: Upgrade. It's 2011. Cell phone networks are 4G; razors have five blades; and Starbucks is introducing a 31-ounce drink. What will be "upgraded" next?
I hope for human's brain 2.0. An advanced understanding, that violence is not the answer or a better environmental awareness or more humanity for the unprivileged people or whatever our poor planet is suffering from.

Thursday, February-17: Crazy. What makes you crazy?
People's bigotry, in whatever manifestation!

Friday, February-18: Strings. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Strings".
When my mother died I inherited from her a basket full of handiwork stuff. In that case you would have never guessed, that we're even related. While she was simply brilliant in knitting scarves and socks, I have two left hands. Anyway, I've kept that basket, even if I had no idea what do with it, and put in a hidden corner of my living room.
A couple of days later, I can't remember what I was doing, I saw a kind of red flash hitting the corner of my eye, followed by a sharp hiss and an angry growl. Curiously I followed that 'thing' into the other room ... where I didn't know, if I should be angry or simply laugh out loud. While I've almost forgotten, my little, four legged, purring room mates have discovered the secrets of the basket and found ... you might guess right, balls of yarn! With the effect that one of them was helplessly caught in a mess of red strings. I should have known, that there was at least someone, who would use this inheritance of my mother very well! =^..^=

Saturday, February-19: Six Word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Played the good little housewife, unbelievable!

Sunday, February-20: Contagious. What do you wish was contagious (instead of germs)?
Health! Wouldn't it be amazing to heal someone, just by touching him/her?


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