Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Sew This Page.

Wreck This Journal: Sew This Page.

Remember, I'd already sewed the borders of that page quite some time ago: "Drip Something" & "Newspaper Page". Thanks to Milliande's brilliant creativity I finished the page now:
  • For the collage, glued on a separate piece of paper, I used what was available: my new IKEA catalogue.
  • Cut in shape and sew with sewing machine wild and recklessly.
  • Stitched the buttons on the page, as well as the signing (well, obviously I'm not really good in it, it's not really readable) and the three WTJ-letters.
  • Added some doodles and glitter glue. And finally, glued everything in the book.


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