Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writing Exercise 02: Freewriting

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Let you inspire by the following sentence and write ten minutes without pause. If you don't have any idea, then write ten minutes your name or write "I have no idea." or anything else. It doesn't matter what you write, spelling mistakes are unimportant, just write, whatever comes into your mind. Just write!
On your pencils, get set, go:

"The warm summer wind twitched on her hair."

Haven't I written a similar sentence in the other exercise? Okay, something else then:

The warm summer wind twitched on her hair. When she closed her eyes she could feel the soft summer breeze in her face. With a deep inhale she could smell the salty air. The waves on the shore and the palm trees' murmur sounded like a soft lullaby. She loved the ocean. It was quiet here and so peaceful. She stood still, she could feel the warm sand under her naked feet. When she opened her eyes she could see the glittering blue water and its beautiful colors. Quite dark blue in the far distance over different shades of lighter blue to turquoise right here on the beach. She liked blue. Every time she was here she felt that yearning in her heart.

Well, obviously I'm truly obsessed by the ocean, am I not? You will know, what I'm talking about, when you read "Voodoo-Island".

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