Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet A Journal Keeper

When the energy of your New Year's Resolutions is still vividly running in your veins, then it's the best time to put another 'DONE' on your list, right? In my case it's my contribution to Dolly's guest post series: Meet A Journal Keeper.

I've never been the classical daily journaler, you might better entitle me as 'Special Event Journaler'.

Travel Journals
The best thing about traveling - I think, we don't have to discuss that - is for sure the journey itself! The second best, at least in my case, is being at home again and putting together a nice scrapbook full of memories. I like sitting in my living room, having tons of pictures around me, selecting the best and arranging them with tickets, prospects, postcards and other collectibles. It's like making the journey a second time. Most of the time I also have a separate travel journal, where I keep all my thoughts and memories, a picture couldn't preserve. I wonder, why I've never came up with the idea to combine my scrapbooks with my notes? For sure, the next time I won't have any separate travels journals anymore, like the ones you can see on that picture.

Dream Diaries
With my not existent history of diary writing, I've never expected myself to do that. But who's the person, who always used the quote 'Never say never!'? Yeah, right, that's also me! So, now I have to eat my own words. But like written in the intro, it had to be a 'special event' that brought me to use pen and paper. And then it had to be a special journal, too. I instantly fell in love with the 'Paperblanks Journals', their elegant look is simply predestinated for becoming a diary.
My daily journal stayed with me exactly as long as it takes to cope an illness a couple of years ago. But one thing remained. For the first time I really paid attention to the pictures, my brain produces during the night. That's what I still love to do: Write down all those fantastic adventures and sometimes even illustrate them! Have a look:

Out Of A Dream 1

Out Of A Dream 2

Those dreams are also my creative resource for my writing, my current novel is based on one of them.

I won't talk about my 'Wreck This Journal', you can already see the results on my blog. But this little book was my start into Art Journaling. With the upcoming 'February Journaling Challenge' I'd like to test my potential for that form of journaling.

February Journaling Challenge: Cover.

So, stay tuned! Have fun and keep on writing, journaling, doodling, drawing ... whatever!


P.S. If you want to create your own challenge cover, you can use the pattern I've made: Download.


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