Sunday, January 16, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-02

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-10: Number. Write about a number that's important to you, and why.
I would say, '2' is simply a part of me and my personality. First, my zodiac is Pisces, 2 fishes. Then I always see both of the 2 sides of a medal, even if my own opinion is clear. My whole life I constantly feel, that there are 2 souls living in my breast.

Tuesday, January-11: Like. Complete this thought: It's hard to believe that I used to like...
It's hard to believe that I used to like ... oh, do I really have to say that? That's so embarrassing! Okay, you provoked it: It's hard to believe that I used to like David Hasselhoff. First in 'Knight Rider' than in 'Baywatch'. Well, some sins or x-files of the youth should better stay closed, right?

Wednesday, January-12: Healthy. In what way would you like to be healthier on December 31 than you are today?
At the moment I'm dealing with the matter of balance. Speaking, when I focus on one particular goal I neglect several other things. As for the end of this year I hope to find a balanced way in doing whatever I do.

Thursday, January-13: Fame. What is the most likely reason you might become famous?
The obvious answer would be 'becoming a famous author', but I'd consider an alternative: I simply love my job and would like to be appreciated and honored in that area. My big idol is the great management trainer and non-fiction author 'Vera Birkenbihl'.

Friday, January-14: Saw. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Saw".
The thin white fabric could only block the view, but not the noises and the smell. Our emergency tent was located on a far end of the camp, in order to give our patients a little silence. It could have also been straight in the center, once you landed here, you were so far beyond everything, you cared nothing but your pain. As long as you were able to fight, you fight. War is always ugly. Always. Within my last 576 years this was my ... I've stopped counting a long time ago. Every time I thought now mankind had learnt, that war was good for nothing, I was disappointed in the end. But now I had other things to concentrate on. There was a young man freshly from the war field waiting. With no sedatives left, I hoped he would loose his consciousness very quickly, when I gripped my saw and pulled the thin fabric aside.

Saturday, January-15: Six-Word-Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Excited about coming February Journaling Challenge.

Sunday, January-16: Hero. What fictional hero would you hope would come to your defense if you were in trouble?
I hope I'll never be in such trouble to be in need for a SUPER hero, that would include worst case scenarios like earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or meteors. Thanks, but no thanks! But I wouldn't say 'No!' if someone like the good looking adventurer Rick O'Connell ('The Mummy') would come to my rescue! *sigh*


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