Sunday, January 30, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-04

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-24: Adventure. Is there an adventure or exploration you'd be willing to risk your life to pursue? 
Remembering the crew of the NASA space shuttle Challenger. 1/28 will be the 25th anniversary of that disaster.
I'm an adventurer, I'd simply love to explore the exotic places on our earth and if there is the possibility to participate on a 'Star Trek', be sure, I'll be one of the first volunteers! BUT I'm also a person, who likes to plan everything in advance, to know as much as possible to avoid worst case scenarios, incl. risking my life. After all, I want to continue the adventure!

Tuesday, January-25: Pill. What do you wish someone would invent a pill for? What would it be called?
Hard to say, in general I'm no fan of pills, even aspirin I only take, when it's absolutely required. So let me think ... maybe a 'satiate pill' that includes a whole meal to stop the hunger in the world.

Wednesday, January-26: Movie. Write about a movie you loved watching as a kid.
*hmm* Movies or TV in general don't play a big role in my childhood memories, maybe as inspiration. I remember very clearly playing 'Star Trek' or 'Pippi Longstocking' out in the woods. That's much better than any movie, because ourselves were the heroes, who lived the adventure.

Thursday, January-27: Anticipation. What are you anticipating?
Oh, that's easy. The release of the new 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' book 'Lover Unleashed' in March! ... oh, and not to forget: The sun and the warmth! Please!!!

Friday, January-28: (W)hole. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt(s) "Whole" and/or "Hole".
There's a Hole In My Soul.
That's been killing me forever.
It's a place where a garden never grows.

Sometimes you're out of words to describe the whole situation of your emotions. And sometimes, all you need is just a song, that seemed written just for you.

I also like to quote Ron, who wrote:
"But Mommy, I'm not not very hungry. I can't eat all that."
"Okay, then; just eat the donut."
"But Mommy, the donut's so big. I don't think I can eat the whole thing."
"Okay, then; just eat … the hole."

Saturday, January-29: Host. Write about a gathering you hosted.
Well, I host our traditional Christmas lunch. We're coming together, eating good food (a lot) and having just a good time.

Sunday, January-30: Theme song. The theme song for the American TV show Cops is "Bad Boys." If a TV show was made about your profession, what would the theme song be?
My brain stays completely blank on that ... maybe I would choose something classical by Chopin or one of my favorite songs, like 'Hotel California' by the Eagles.

I'd like to edit my answer. Obviously my brain wasn't satisfied with the result and forced me to search in my music archive ... a much better as theme song is: 'THINK' by Aretha Franklin.


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