Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WQ-06. Writing Habits.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

06. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good old pen and paper?

Well, it all depends on what I'm writing.

On the one side there is my novel writing, which I do exclusively on the computer. I can type 10-finger-blind, which allows me to have my eyes on the screen, to write, reread and think at the same time. When I feel the need to an urgent research I have an instant access to the internet or else I can leave a virtual note in the text. Not to forget the advantage of spell verification and later editing. I even won't image to rewrite everything all over again, like in the historic times with pen and paper or good old type writer. Nostalgic? Yes! Convenient? Definitively No!
That's a picture of my little working corner in my living room. The desk is hand made by my grandfather. As you can see, I still have a monster of a monitor, but as long as the screen works fine for my eyes, there's no need for replacement! Maybe that's my personal way of 'Nostalgia'!

On the other side there is my dream diary, which is very personal for me. Therefore I use a more personal way of writing. I need the contact to paper in wonderful journals and a good, heavy writing pen in my hand. The pen I use was a present from my Mum. Writing in a real book allows me to illustrate or add some collectibles or tokens or whatever. I also want to have the possibility to keep my diary save in a drawer or take it with me, when I want to write somewhere else.

As you might have drawn the right conclusions, I use to write at home. Either on my computer for the novels or preferably on the couch for my dream diary. As I'm an owl I like to write on late evening hours or during the night.

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