Monday, June 11, 2012

O For Omnipotence.


My dear friend from Malaysia and I play at the end of every email the 5 Questions Game. You are allowed to ask 5 questions, but have also to answer them. We're playing quite a long time now and reached the status of really interesting questions.

This time I asked among others: "If you had the chance to ask God one question - what would it be and why?"

Frankly speaking I don't care much about this overall discussions "Why are we here?" or "What is the sense of life?". For those I dare to say that I've found a satisfying answer concerning my person. And furthermore I'm much too selfish to squander this unique chance!

I would rather ask something about me and the situation I'm in, maybe something about my background, reasons that brought me here, my family ... maybe I would ask to talk one last time to my mother or grandfather in order to ask her/him specific questions about my family history. I know so little.

Same topic another story:
On the clinic's compound is also a little church and somehow I felt this weekend the need to make a visit there. It's light and open and quite simple. Nothing in comparison with my local cathedral. In this church aren't any colored glass windows, no paintings on the wall/ceiling ... and no visitors/tourists. Just me and a burning candle.

Very recreative ... but still - my first intention was to light a candle for my Mum and my grandfather, I still think very often on them - but still, I have problems to feel something in churches. There's no reaction in my heart, it's just an empty building.

Later on in the evening I had a walk with a fellow patient and at the end I had a little break on a bench. It was silent, too, the wind was whispering in the trees, in the distance some birds were chirping their evening song and the sun flickered through the branches creating mysterious lights and shadows. While laying there and watching in the sky I felt what I hadn't in the church: the omnipresence of some omnipotence!


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