Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Glue A Random Page From A Newspaper Here.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Glue A Random Page From A Newspaper Here.

Well, this is kind of a mixed-media-chaos-collage of different riddles (out of newspapers!).

I used watercolors (background, writing), soft pastel chalks (lines), glitter glue, ink (handwriting) and some golden stickers. Voila: A big mish-mash!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas


To all those wonderful people out there:

May joy and happiness snow on you, may the bells jingle for you and may Santa be extra good to you! 
Merry Christmas!


Maybe some of you can remember, where I got the inspiration for my this year's Christmas cards. It came right form my 'Wreck This Journal': Find A Way To Wear The Journal.
Working with the rhinestones is a little delicate, but the outcome is just gorgeous. Have a look!

The outside:
Cut out a piece of paper, a little smaller than a regular card. Do the same with a piece of fabric. Glue in the fabric, use some glue stick only on the inner surface.For the decoration on the outside, use some patterns of bells, trees, stockings, snowflakes, etc. to glue the rhinestones on. This time use liquid glue.

The inside:
Let some ink drop on the paper, spray water onto the paper to create the marble effect. Let everything dry completely.
Cut the piece of paper in shape, that it fits into your card.

Print some computer made Christmas ornaments on the paper and decorate them with glitter glue. Write your personal Christmas message, BEFORE you glue this piece of paper (again with glue stick) into the fabric outside.

The envelope:
Unfolded envelope is used as pattern. Cut out one piece, using Christmas wrapping paper. Another piece, using normal paper. On the latter use some Airbrush pens to decorate the address fields.

Put everything together and Voila!: Very lovely and very individual Christmas cards!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 50 & 51

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, December-13: Decoration. Write about a holiday decoration that holds particular meaning for you.
I have two little, very neat holders for tea candles. I bought one, the other my Mom at the Christmas market in Salzburg/Austria three years ago. The last one before she died, so these two objects are very precious for me.

Tuesday, December-14: Holiday. It's your job to create a new holiday, one that will be observed worldwide. What new holiday will you create?
"The World Day Of Peace": On this day any kind of weapons have to be laid down, including guns, fists and words. Everyone should have the possibility to meet everyone in silent harmony without any prejudices and mistrust with the hope that on the following day weapons aren't needed anymore.

Wednesday, December-15: Guilty. Write about the last time you felt guilty.
To escape all that Christmas-sugar-and-cinnamon-sweets I bought a bag of Cheese Nachos, of course with sharp cheese dip. Well, I simply couldn't stop and ate EVERYTHING! Did I get rid of the sweet taste? What do you think? Did my mouth, tongue and stomach feel fuzzy after that? Oh yes! *yummy* Did I feel guilty? Absolutely yes! But I think I would do it again ... it was simply too seductive and delicious!

Thursday, December-16: No. Write about a time you said no.
Oh, I say 'No' every single morning. First of all to my damn alarm clock. These days additionally to the dark and the cold, not to forget a very, very heavy 'No' to the snow. I'm simply no morning-girl, I hate getting up early, even earlier because I had to check on the snow! Thanks, but NO thanks!

Friday, December-17: Frozen. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Frozen".
A few years ago I escaped the German winter and fled to Kenya. Have you seen pictures of Kenya? After the dry winter the country supposed to have shades of beige and brown, but not this time. It was a January after 'El Nino', a quasi-periodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean. (Thanks Wikipedia!)
The transfer from the airport to the hotel already was a challenge for the eye, everything was so extraordinarily green. It hurt in the eyes like the glittering white snow at home. The nature sucked in all the rain and transferred it into the most colorful flowers and plants I've ever seen. All my senses were challenged. Slowly I could follow the intriguing fascination for that country.
In the first night my room mate was laughing at me, despite the warmth outside I needed a second blanket, my teeth were clattering, I was frozen ... the chambermaid thought us a good deed to turn the air condition as far as it will go. The room was simply f... freezing cold! I hadn't expected that! Well, these are things you'll never forget!

Saturday, December-18: Six Word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
'Snow is falling all around me.'

The-One-Minute-Writer is on vacation: 12/19-12/27.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday-Fill-In: #204

(Note: Thanks to "Friday Fill-Ins")
  1. What in the world am I doing here to start a new series?
  2. Having my Christmas meal in mind, I hope afterwards everybody is well fed.
  3. Go away, snow!
  4. Almost all my Christmas presents and cards are sent and I hope they receive on time.
  5. I keep dreaming of a green Christmas under palm trees.
  6. This is my first Friday-Fill-In, believe it or not.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to continue reading my BDB-book, tomorrow my plans include shoveling snow *sigh* and Sunday, I want to do the remaining rest of my Christmas post!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Glue In A Page From A Magazine. Circle The Words You Like.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Glue In A Page From A Magazine. Circle The Words You Like.

The article, published in ISHQ Magazin 03/2008, was about the actor Shah Rukh Khan visiting the "Berlinale Film Festival", the bear is the festival mascot.

My first try doing something like Art Journaling.
For the background: Dabbing with a natural sponge and 3 colors. I used some embroideries/borders as a pattern and again dabbing with the sponge and the darkest of the 3 colors!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 49

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, December-06: Book. Write about a book you were given as a gift, or a book you gave as a gift.
You don't have coincidentally the inspiration for this prompt from my Saturday's post?!?
Anyway, besides 'Der Trotzkopf' (The stubborn) there were a lot of other books I connect with precious memories, like the Duden Encyclopedia and World History For Children, both gifts from my Grandpa. I wasn't only a stubborn but also a very curious child. I could bombard everybody in reach with questions. With these books he also wanted to give me the opportunity to find the solution by myself. Clever man!

Tuesday, December-07: You are. It's been said, "You are what you eat." Rewrite that phrase.... "You are what you ...".
You are what you are, IF you've discovered your destiny and followed your way, even if everybody else says 'don't do it'.

Wednesday, December-08: Expert. What expert do you wish could come teach you what they know?
Oh, there are a lot of experts, where shall I start? There is actor Shah Rukh Khan I'd like to talk about his energy and his skills entertaining people. From authors like Stephen King, J.R. Ward or Stephenie Meyer I would like to know about their writing. Then there is Vera F. Birkenbihl, she's my most adored role model for a trainer talking and teaching groups. Besides the brain I would need a permanent drill instructor for my body! Do NOT eat this! Do some exercises, NOW! Don't grumble, DO!

Thursday, December-09: Internet. Write about when you first started using the Internet.
*thinking* I started my online life in 1998. In the summer before my studies it was all about chatting. :-) Talking to people all over the world. The next 'logical' step was a having a own homepage. OMG, better don't ask how it looked like. A modern work of art with too many colors, too many animated Gifs, just too much of everything ... except taste! *lol* I guess since that days I've improved a lot! At least, I hope so! *g*

Friday, December-10: Branches. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Branches".
I'd like to quote Mary from the Prairie, who wrote:
"Daddy, my friends are all going to the movies, and then out to ice cream afterwards. Can I have some money? Oh, and I forgot - I borrowed $10 from Tricia last week, and I really need to pay her back."
"What happened to the money I gave you for your allowance last week?"
"Daddee ... you know I had to buy shoes to go with my dress for the dance ..."
"You really need to budget more carefully. Money doesn't grow on trees, you know."
"But Daaaddd.... if money doesn't grow on trees, why do banks have so many BRANCHES?"

Saturday, December-11: Gift. Write a bit about the most recent gift you gave.
Some toys for my ungrateful cats doesn’t count, right? *hmm* I've talked to Santa, well those gifts I'm thinking on, are already given, but not yet received ... so I'm not talking about them! *Ho-Ho-Ho*

Sunday, November-12: Sun. Write yourself a Sunday letter from the Sun.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 48

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-29: Math. Come up with a mathematical formula to express something you know/believe. Example: Long Saturday run + Frappuccino = Happiness.
1. Nov-30 + 50.000 words = NaNo Winner
2. Me = Nov-30 + 50.000 words
3. Me = NaNo Winner?!

Tuesday, November-30: Recover. Write about a time you recovered from something...or recovered something.
From tomorrow on I won't touch my NaNo-novel! My eyes are almost blind from staring at that white document screen, my fingers are numb from writing and haven't any feeling in my butt because of sitting so long in one attitude! … Okay, let's give me a week to recover, that should be fine! And the I should continue and finish my novel! :-)

Wednesday, December-01: December. Describe what you like or dislike about December.
I like the Christmas decorations and the lights, but I dislike the snow. I like searching for Christmas presents and strolling over Christmas markets, but I dislike the snow. I like the smell and the taste of Christmas cookies, but - guess what? - I dislike the God damn snow!

Thursday, December-02: Store. Write about a store that would get more of your business if they did one thing differently (and write about what that one thing would be.)
I instantly thought of CreaVil, one of the rare shops in Germany, that provides us with art supplies. The disturbing thing in the online shop is, that they've sorted their products by brands. That's difficult for beginners to find something suitable. I would prefer categories by products or techniques.

Friday, December-03: W(h)ine. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Wine" and/or "Whine".
My Writing Journey

Saturday, December-04: Stubborn. In what way are you the most stubborn?
I was a very stubborn child. So stubborn that Santa gave me a book called 'Der Trotzkopf' (The Stubborn) by Emmy von Rhoden. A heartbreaking story about a very stubborn young girl. I'm not quite sure, if the book had helped, I'm no child anymore, but I'm still very stubborn.

Sunday, November-05: Hotel. Write about a memorable experience you've had staying at a hotel.
To keep the comment family-friendly: A lady never tells! *big-smiles*

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Writing Exercise 12: I, You, He, She, It - Perspectives

(Note: This is a unit of "Schreibaufgabe.de")

Talking about 'perspectives' means from which point of view your reader experiences the story. Imagine the following situation:
"Three persons are somewhere in the wilderness sitting around a campfire. They'd been walking all day long and the next day is going to be similarly exhausting. They've just finished their meal and are now sharing a joint."
Try different, maybe unusual, perspectives:
  • Describe the scene from the point of view of a narrator. Remember, the narrator can only observe things from the outside, he/she's not able to look in someone's head! Use narration and dialogues.
  • Write in first-persons-perspective. Every time the joint is given to the next person, change the perspective, too. (Write as much as you like, but at least ten lines.)
  • Describe the same scene from the point of view of a stranger, hiding in the woods, watching the group.
  • Write from the point of view of an animal, that takes notices of the group and the secret observer.
  • Write from the point of view of the joint.
  • Try, whatever perspective comes into your mind.
You'll see, your results will be different, maybe not fitting into a finished story, but in any case you'll get precious inspirations.

Sitzen drei Männer um ein Lagerfeuer ... nein, das ist nicht der Anfang eines geschmacklosen Witzes und nein, es wird auch keine Neuauflage von 'Brokeback Mountain' werden! Also wirklich, als Regisseur hat man's manchmal gar nicht leicht. Da kommt so eine durchgeknallte Schreibtante und verlangt ganz lapidar "Wir müssen mal etwas Abwechslung bieten, wie wär's, wenn wir eine Szene mal aus verschiedenen Perspektiven darstellen. Hier, die Szene, mach was draus!" Was weiß die schon von unserer Arbeit? Aber so ist es nun mal, die geben das Drehbuch vor und wir armen Regisseure müssen dann damit klarkommen, irgendwie! Okay, also gut, fangen wir an.

Der Dialog aus dem Skript:
HANK:Na, war das heute ein guter Tag oder was? Wir hab'n ganz schön Strecke gemacht. Wenn wir uns morgen ranhalten, sind wir mittags bei der Hütte. Dann kann unser liebeskranke Romeoendlich seine Frannie anfunken!
RICK: Vielleicht hört der Pantoffelheld dann ja auch mit seinem Geblubber auf! Das hält ja kein Mensch aus!
STU: Hey, kann ich was dafür, dass hier draußen diese Scheiß-Handys keinen Empfang haben?
HANK: Schon gut, schon gut! Wir haben's kapiert! Du bist der King bei den Ladies!
STU: Nur EINER Lady!
RICK: Sag' ich doch, Pantoffelheld!
HANK: Hier Stu, nimm einen Zug! Erzähl uns lieber was von Ranger Michels!
RICK: Oh Mann! Sind wir Teenies oder was? Erzählen wir uns jetzt Gruselgeschichten und singen später noch Kumba-Ja?
HANK: Halt die Klappe, Rick! Los Stu!
RICK: Ja, los Stu! Aber vorher gibst du mir noch den Joint!
STU: War eigentlich nur das übliche. Ein paar Möchtegern-Wandererwollen im Wald eine Hexe gesehen haben. Wahrscheinlich haben sie sich wohl eher von einem Elch erschrecken lassen!
RICK: Hey, wenn das kein Stoff für 'Blair Witch Project' ist!
STU & HANK: Halt die Klappe, Rick!

Das war's! Der Einfachheit halber verzichten wir jetzt auf die Dialoge und hören nur, was in den Köpfen der drei Herren so vor sich geht:

Das denkt Hank:
Yeah, morgen endlich! Wird aber auch Zeit ... dann gehört dieser verfluchte Bär endlich mir. Genau so eine Trophäe fehlt mir noch über meinem Kamin. Oh Mann, Stu! Sei ein Mann! Ein paar Tage ohne deine Frau wirst du wohl noch verkraften können! Ich muss schon sagen, seine Kleine ist aber wirklich nicht von schlechten Eltern. Die würd' ich nicht von der Bettkante schubsen. Obwohl, immer nur eine? Nee! Ein Mann braucht Abwechslung! Genau! Wenn ich nur an die Zwillinge vom letzten Wochenende denke ... Wieso haben wir Rick eigentlich mitgenommen? Halt die Klappe Rick!

Das denkt Stu:
Oh Mann! Wieso um Himmels Willen hab ich mich bloß auf diesen Trip eingelassen? Es ist nur so schwer, 'Nein!' zu Hank zu sagen. Und jetzt fehlt mir meine Frannie! Frannie, mein Mädchen ich wünschte ich wäre bei dir! Ich kann's immer noch nicht glauben, dass sie endlich 'ja' gesagt hat und unsere Flitterwochen erst! Hey, ich sollte lieber an was anderes denken, meine Hose wird sonst verflucht eng hier. Wenn schon nicht sie, sollte ein ordentlicher Zug mich ein wenig ablenken. Und dann noch diese seltsame Geschichte vom Ranger. Oh Mann, Rick du nervst! Halt die Klappe Rick!

Das denkt Rick:
Ja, ja, Mister Obermacho ist mal wieder der Macher! Als würden wir uns hier alleine verirren? Aber sicher doch! Ohne dich großer Meister sind wir hier völlig verloren! Und dieses liebeskranke Gesäusel. Nicht auszuhalten! Muss er uns ständig unter die Nase reiben, wie toll seine Frannie ist? Diese verfluchte Schlampe hat mich abblitzen lassen als wäre ich der letzte Dreck. Das zahl ich ihr irgendwann noch heim! Als hätte ich nichts besseres zu tun als hier zu sitzen und mir Lagerfeuergeschichten anzuhören. Natürlich! Wenigstens hab ich dran gedacht, einen Joint mitzubringen, das lockert die Stimmung etwas auf! Jetzt gib schon rüber!

Na, wer hätte das gedacht, den drei Herren scheint da ja allerhand durch den Kopf zu gehen! Während sie sich so ganz zwanglos unterhielten, bemerkten sie nicht, dass sie nicht die einzigen Menschen an diesem einsamen Flecken Erde waren. Nein, waren sie nicht.

Denn da war auch ein Junge, der gelernt hatte, fast ganz mit dem Hintergrund zu verschmelzen. Seit seiner Geburt lebte er hier in diesem Wald zusammen mit seiner Mutter. Sie nannte ihn liebevoll Jack und hatte ihm alles beigebracht, um in der Wildnis zu überleben. Sie hatte ihm auch erzählt, das man sich von Fremden in Acht nehmen müsse, sie wären gefährlich, man könne ihnen nicht trauen, Menschen taten grausame Dinge mit Menschen. Doch Jack war neugierig, er hatte die drei Männer schon lange bemerkt, sie waren ziemlich laut. Er war ihnen schon den halben Nachmittag gefolgt und beobachtet sie nun aus sicherer Entfernung. Er wagte es nicht, sich zu zeigen. Zum einen fürchtete er die Warnungen seiner Mutter, zum anderen hatte er auch die Waffen bemerkt, welche die Männer bei sich trugen. Und sie sprachen von einer Hexe im Wald. Es gab keine Hexe hier, nur ihn und seine Mutter. Wie seltsam!

Und eine kleine Maus: "Hunger ... muss was zu essen finden ... Nüsse ... Beeren ... Insekten ... muss die Sippe versorgen ... Vorräte anlegen ... Was ist das? .... große Tiere ... wir können sie nicht verstehen ... sie sind laut ... still halten, nicht bewegen ... ihren Geruch kennen wir nicht ... Besser Vorsicht! ... Da ist auch helles Licht ... Feuer und Rauch ... den Geruch kennen wir ... Nicht gut ... Feuer ist gefährlich ... Achtung! Gefahr! … Da ist noch jemand ... dich kennen wir aber ... du bist freundlich ... großes Tier bewegt sich nicht ... flieht nicht vor dem Feuer ... was hat das zu bedeuten? ... wir verstehen das nicht ... Hunger! ... muss was zu essen finden.

Auch der Joint hat uns was zu sagen: "Love is a burning thing ... I fell into burning ring of fire ... and it burns, burns, burns ... the ring of fire, the ring of fire."

Sorry for writing in German, but it's lots easier than to think/write in English. Anyway, I hope mission accomplished?

Continue with Exercise 13: Retarding Moment For More Tension.