Sunday, December 12, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 49

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, December-06: Book. Write about a book you were given as a gift, or a book you gave as a gift.
You don't have coincidentally the inspiration for this prompt from my Saturday's post?!?
Anyway, besides 'Der Trotzkopf' (The stubborn) there were a lot of other books I connect with precious memories, like the Duden Encyclopedia and World History For Children, both gifts from my Grandpa. I wasn't only a stubborn but also a very curious child. I could bombard everybody in reach with questions. With these books he also wanted to give me the opportunity to find the solution by myself. Clever man!

Tuesday, December-07: You are. It's been said, "You are what you eat." Rewrite that phrase.... "You are what you ...".
You are what you are, IF you've discovered your destiny and followed your way, even if everybody else says 'don't do it'.

Wednesday, December-08: Expert. What expert do you wish could come teach you what they know?
Oh, there are a lot of experts, where shall I start? There is actor Shah Rukh Khan I'd like to talk about his energy and his skills entertaining people. From authors like Stephen King, J.R. Ward or Stephenie Meyer I would like to know about their writing. Then there is Vera F. Birkenbihl, she's my most adored role model for a trainer talking and teaching groups. Besides the brain I would need a permanent drill instructor for my body! Do NOT eat this! Do some exercises, NOW! Don't grumble, DO!

Thursday, December-09: Internet. Write about when you first started using the Internet.
*thinking* I started my online life in 1998. In the summer before my studies it was all about chatting. :-) Talking to people all over the world. The next 'logical' step was a having a own homepage. OMG, better don't ask how it looked like. A modern work of art with too many colors, too many animated Gifs, just too much of everything ... except taste! *lol* I guess since that days I've improved a lot! At least, I hope so! *g*

Friday, December-10: Branches. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Branches".
I'd like to quote Mary from the Prairie, who wrote:
"Daddy, my friends are all going to the movies, and then out to ice cream afterwards. Can I have some money? Oh, and I forgot - I borrowed $10 from Tricia last week, and I really need to pay her back."
"What happened to the money I gave you for your allowance last week?"
"Daddee ... you know I had to buy shoes to go with my dress for the dance ..."
"You really need to budget more carefully. Money doesn't grow on trees, you know."
"But Daaaddd.... if money doesn't grow on trees, why do banks have so many BRANCHES?"

Saturday, December-11: Gift. Write a bit about the most recent gift you gave.
Some toys for my ungrateful cats doesn’t count, right? *hmm* I've talked to Santa, well those gifts I'm thinking on, are already given, but not yet received ... so I'm not talking about them! *Ho-Ho-Ho*

Sunday, November-12: Sun. Write yourself a Sunday letter from the Sun.


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