Sunday, March 06, 2011

FJC, Epilogue.

Can you believe that February is already over? I can't! It seems like only yesterday, that Dolly and I had talked the first time about the challenge ... and now it's over! Time has passed so fast.

You know, I'm a very visual person. Quite from the beginning I wanted to have something graphical in every challenge post. Finally I came up with the idea to give every prompt a little visual touch. I love fonts. I'm obsessed with fonts. I have A LOT of fonts installed on my computer. So, my first task after Dolly and I had selected our prompts, was to dress the words. Oh, I like that imagination, because it's quite close to reality. On the plain written word I'd tried several fonts until I found that one, that looked and somehow felt right.

What I hadn't known back then, that these little images would influence my artwork of the next 28 days. Sometimes you can be really blind according to your own work, because even in the first couple of days I hadn't realized anything. For sure for the moment unconsciously, but later on very consciously I orientated the design of my pages on the prompt's images. It's funny, how you sometimes just want to have something nice for your blogpost, but then it occurs to become one of your major inspirations!

Obviously I was not the only one, who liked the images, because several times during the challenge, I was asked for the name of the font. So, to give all those wonderful people hopefully a little inspiration like I had, you can download all 28 fonts plus the 3 I used for the cover: FJC-UsedFonts Have fun!

One of my own set conditions for the challenge was, that I'd like to test my potential for art journaling. Well, I think, I'm on my way. When I flip through my pages and rate them under that point, I would say, most of the pages are just nicely illustrated pages or have just a whiff of art journaling. As real art journal pages I would count:
As you might know, half of the prompts were selected by my challenge partner Dolly and the other half was from me. It's kind of funny to admit that the most trouble gave me some of my own prompts! Like Divinity or Mystique. Even now I consider both as wonderful words, but I still I can't express with words, what they really mean to me. I don't know, what had happened when I hadn't know the prompts in advance. I guess, I would have had quite some more troubles to keep on schedule and really deliver a page per day. So, all my respect to everyone, who'd seen the prompt of the day and truly made something out of it within a day!

What I also appreciated, that our only rule was to make something, without any limitation. Sometimes I had lots to say and write and I had to limit myself to those two pages. And sometimes I couldn't express myself with words, so I was glad to do some art journaling or scrap booking (what I used for Past). It was so much fun to use different disciplines!

Well, and now ... it's a bit strange, not to prepare the post for the next day, not to think over the next prompt, not to upload my result of the day on time. Somehow I miss that! But honestly, I'm also happy that's over, because it truly takes quite some time every day to think over it and finally make something. Sure, it was an interesting experience and I would do it again. But I guess, I'm more the type of person, who doesn't want to have pressure when doing art. It should always be fun! You should feel the need to write, draw, paint, collage, etc., because you want it, not because it needs to be done. It should only come from within your heart and soul!

With this thought I close my February Journaling Challenge. Thank you all for participating!

Keep journaling, writing, drawing, whatever you like.
Lots of love.



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