Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas.


Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

WQ-25. Character's Pets.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

25. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

Ah, no ...

... but I do have two purring, four legged roommates, a constant inspiration for some of my short stories. Have a look:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wreck This Journal: This Page Is For Handprints Or Fingerprints.

Wreck This Journal: This Page Is For Handprints Or Fingerprints.

For a very long time I had the idea of making something with gypsies, palmistry and fortune telling, but somehow I couldn't make up anything ... and then suddenly without any sign, I came up with that simple design.

I used both of my hands. First the left one, where I obviously had a little too less color, washed it and the the same procedure with my right hand. Oh, and the heart is made with fingerprints.

Hope you love it as much as I do?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

NaNoJouMo - Epilogue.

Do you know that phenomenon?
There's a particular date or a special event ahead ... and you know it coming. But when it's finally here, you are totally hit by surprise - how could that happen?

That phenomenon can be seen live in the cities on every 24th December. Why do Christmas shopping in peace, when you can enjoy time pressure and headless crowds? Similar with the first snow of the year. How can we only know that winter brings snow and our cars are in need of winter tires?

I experienced those symptoms during the last days of October. I knew, NaNo is held in November, no doubt about that. I also knew quite early, that I would switch over to the Journaling NaNo version, also held in November. And when a challenge is all about Art Journaling, you might also now, that you'll also need material, right?

WRONG! Of course I had a lack of a new Art Journal book. 'Special' as I am I wanted to have a particular book. To acquire it had cost me a couple of days, so my NaNo-start was a little late.

I can say, that Dawn had done a fabulous job with choosing the daily prompts. Very interesting, very inspiring. I can't say, that I've done a fabulous job ... in the meaning of being spontaneous. When I think on last year's NaNo, where I did the writing job, it was easier to write the required amount of words than to create every day a single journal page. When I create something, it should mean something for me. Not only creating for the sake of making. I want to think over it, to view the prompt from different angles, to find the suitable picture in my head. That all needs some time, obviously more than just a single day. In that case, I've failed the challenge. I couldn't do a prompt a day and I'm not ready yet. But I will continue, because - like written above - I really like the prompts.

To give you a little teaser, I want to show you my NaNoJouMo-cover. Have a look!

NaNoJouMo 2011: Cover

No matter, which NaNo you've participated, no matter, how well you proceeded, I'm quite sure, we all had a wonderful time with quite a few good experiences. As for my part, I'm looking forward to November 2012. See you then!

XOXO Karin

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WQ-24. Killing Characters.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

24. How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot so demands it? What’s the most interesting way you’ve killed someone?

One more time I'd like to extend my answer a little, else this post would be rather short.

Since my teenage days I'm a fan of Stephen King. Considering the fact, that death is a constant companion in his books, the cognizance was rather shocking, that I feel quite indifferent about it. This made me think and I came to the conclusion, it's not death, that makes my neck hair tickle or wants me to let the light on ... no, it's more the possible horror in/of everyday situations.

My mind reminded me, that I've even read a boo, written in death's point of view: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Well, I was intrigued by that idea, but frankly speaking, I didn't like the book much.

With eyes on my bookshelves I wanted to find books, where death had really touched me:

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Sirius Black's death in HP5 was already shocking, but that was nothing compared to Dobby's death in HP7. It made me cry and sob, it took me a while before I could continue with the story.

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
Lash, son of Omega, was for me one version of the ultimate villain. I was so relieved, when he'd found his end ... BUT somehow it was a little too simple. I fear he might somehow come back.

As no fan of criminal stories, I obviously don't have many books, where death plays a major role. I guess, in that case I prefer the TV series version of CSI.

Well, I've murdered one of my side characters in a quite uncommon way ... besides that, when you mainly write adventurous stories or nice little short stories, it's rather difficult to find an appropriate place for a death scene. Amen.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Pick Up The Journal Without Using Your Hands.

Wreck This Journal: Pick Up The Journal Without Using Your Hands.

Do I really have to say something to THIS! ;-)

...maybe, copper wire is stubborn to work with on paper!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Draw Lines Using Abnormal Writing Utensils Dipped In Ink Or Paint.

Wreck This Journal: Draw Lines Using Abnormal Writing Utensils Dipped In Ink Or Paint.

From left to right:
  • A roll of TP
  • A fork
  • A clothespin
  • A bunch of toothpicks
  • A bolt and a nut
  • A bottle cap
  • A crumpled handkerchief

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

WQ-23. Time To Complete A Story.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

23. How long does it usually take you to complete an entire story - from planning to writing to posting (if you post your work)?

All right, one thing I know for sure, if I have a deadline, I'll deliver perfectly on time ... even if it costs me sleepless nights!

Else ... honestly, I've never given much thought about the combination 'time & creativity'! Sometimes creativity hits you like a bolt and you've written down your idea/scene/story in no time. And some other time ... you stuck!

Okay, give me a little more time to think about time:

It's within the name: 1 prompt - 1 minute. Well, as foreign speaker I grant myself a little extra time to think about vocabulary and grammar.

It's a little mysterious, how a ticking stopwatch can stimulate your creativity. Set time, e.g. for 10 minutes and not a second more, and you get a wonderful basic idea.

E.g. Rattles Flash Fiction: A picture and some basic catchwords ... and you can practice your skills by crafting a flash fiction story of 800 – 1000 words. Plus a monthly deadline.

Currently running ... 50.000 words in 1 month ... a good start or a basic draft for a novel.

In my writing history I could manage successfully everything from 1 minute to 1 month ... that includes blog posts, short stories and basic drafts ... if you want an answer of time for a completed book ask me again when I'm done!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Create A Drawing Using Pieces Of Your Hair.

Wreck This Journal: Create A Drawing Using Pieces Of Your Hair.

This page is dediCATed to my two meowing room mates Sheila and Amira.
It's a locket with their pictures and hairs ... Real hair! Cut of some of their bushy curls! =^..^=

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Document Your Dinner.

Wreck This Journal: Document Your Dinner.

Actually, it wasn't dinner but lunch in an Asian restaurant.
I grapped everything available: the thing, where the chopsticks are in, the napkin, that papery thing under your plates, a take-away-menu ... and some pictures from the buffet!
The only thing from me is the page's background!

Enjoy your meal! :-)

Additional notes:
  • Again: Necessity begets ingenuity. I simply didn't want to smear food on the pages! Yuck!
  • BUT I Loved the preparations for that page ... that lunch buffet was really delicious! Yum!

Monday, October 31, 2011

NaNo Or Not NaNo?

These days when I read my friends' blogs or emails, it's pretty obvious, that I'm not the first to ask myself this question.

If you wonder, what the hell I'm talking about, check this out:

Last year I did my first NaNo - successfully! It was literally a last minute decision, the circumstances were quite differently back then: I had a fantastic plot idea and NaNo was just perfect to let the story burst out of my head straight into the challenge. If you want to read the whole journey, check these out:

01 Nov. 2010: NaNo Writing Month
08 Nov. 2010: The First Week With NaNo
14 Nov. 2010: Week Two With NaNo
22 Nov. 2010: NaNo, Lucky Number 3?
28 Nov. 2010: Week Four With NaNo
30 Nov. 2010: Official NaNo Winner

What gone is gone, let's better talk about current events: NaNo 2011. For sure, this year I did a few challenges:

16 Jan. 2011: February Journaling Challenge.
09 March 2011: 1st Anniversary. 7 Links Challenge.
28 March 2011: April ABC Challenge.
05 September 2011: I'm Back For The 7-Sins-Challenge.

...but somehow my focus was/is more on Art Journaling than writing. In addition, I even made a blogging summer break and focused totally on reading!

I'd say, this trend is continuing, I leave out the NaNoWRITING-Month, instead I join in the NaNoJOURNALING-Month.
I already know, that I won't be able to post perfectly on every single day (like I did in our own FJC), but stay tuned, I let you know my progresses, my successes, my failures, everything interesting and my artworks (maybe *g*)!

No matter, if you join in NaNoWriMo or NaNoJouMo or nothing at all ... be creative ... be lazy ... just enjoy your time ... and I wish you a wonderful November!

xoxo Karin

P.S. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

100 Books Make Not A Library...


...but a good start!

Some drum rolls please!
Here, on this last October weekend I proudly like to announce, that I've done my Reading Challenge 2011 - successfully!

As long as I can think (... or let's better say read) I've always been a book worm. When I started this Reading Challenge, I considered 52 books, 1 book per week, doable and realistic, but not a chance for 100 books!

Just a few weeks ago, I was halfway through the epic Ulldart series, I doubted - again. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely fell in love with the world of Ulldart and I can't wait to read it soon again. You know, I have that bad habit, when I love a book (or a book series) very much, it's all about the story - first! I simply have to know, how the story continues. Will all my heroes/heroines, separated by dramatic fates really find their way back together in order to unite their forces and fight the evil and defeat the villain? And how for heaven's sake will these tricky situations ever work out well??? In case of English books I don't even care about any missing vocabulary. Evenings, nights and weekends are filled with fast reading and very little sleep!

After I'd satisfied my curiosity and calmed down my anxiety, I can give the book a second go. Now I'm able to pay attention to details, to the beauty and the style of writing and even some important vocabs. I'm not only a book worm, I'm a double-crazy book maniac!

And I'm loosing track ... focus! The Ulldart books made me doubt on the 100-book-mark, because every book has something between 400 and 650 pages. Remember, there are 9 of them! And when I take a look on my book list, there's rarely a book with under 200 pages! That I've come this far at all is only the result of my 'summer break', where I didn't feel inspired to write or blog, plus a really awful TV program and miserable summer weather, instead I did my reading - a lot of reading!

During my Ulldart time I can remember writing to a friend something like 'I should better read thin children's books.'! At that time I didn't really mean what I wrote. Right after finishing Ulldart (*sigh*) came the usual question: 'What's next?', somehow those one line had stuck in my head.

I took a closer look on my 2nd row books (Note: I really need bigger book shelves!). It's difficult to say, when I've read those Pucki and Hanni & Nanni books the last time - must have been centuries! I came to those conclusions:
  1. How innocent and naïve are these stories - in a wonderful and very lovely way!
  2. How fast and easy you can fill your 100-book-list, when one book has only 120 something pages!

So, my dear book friends, here I am ... I've really done 100 books ... and there are still two months left! Unbelievable!

Lots of love & keep reading!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

WQ-22. Never Written Scene(s).


30 Days Of Writing Questions

22. Tell us about one scene between your characters that you’ve never written or told anyone about before! Serious or not.

If we speak here of 'Deleted Scenes' or 'Bonus Scenes', then...
  1. I mainly write short stories, it's a little difficult to cut out big scenes! And when you add bonus scenes, it's no longer a short story, right?
  2. When I think of my one and only existing novel, I'm not yet ready to cut out anything ... I'm still adding and adding. Let's later, much later speak about editing and deleting scenes!

If we speak here of literally 'never written' scenes, then I wonder, what the sense of this question is?!? I mean, is it a scene an author considered and never wrote, because it's too ridiculous, too sexy, too embarrassing, too whatever? Honestly, which author wants to talk about scenes like that?

I came up with another 'if': If we speak here of plot ideas, character notes, dream sequences and similar stuff, which are written down somewhere in a notebook to keep it for later, but never published ... well, then I have to say: Yes, I do have such a book, where I scribble down my ideas and notes and dreams, and this one I do NOT publish, never! Not a chance! In the end somebody else 'borrows' my secret thoughts, makes a book out of it and earns millions with MY idea! Don't even think about it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Document A Boring Event In Detail.

Wreck This Journal: Document A Boring Event In Detail.

No, I didn't reinvent the wheel ... it's just a detailed report about the most boring speech I've ever been forced to attend to!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Use This As A Test Page.

Wreck This Journal: Use This As A Test Page.

From various other pages of my WTJ I've picked up here a background, there a material, then some elements, added some glitter, stickers and gemstones ... and here it is: My Test Page Mandala.

I've just added layer after layer and now I think, it's finished!

*hmm* Somehow I wished to re-do that page ... the initial idea sounded better than the result now is! I'd say, this is my least favorite WTP-page.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WQ-21. Character's Children.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

21. Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?

Strange question. I slowly begin to wonder, who came up with those questions first?

Anyway, I'd say this question depends on the point of view. When I think of my main characters, none of them has children or cubs. But my supporting acts has children, like in my 'Voodoo Island' Richard O'Connell has a daughter called Cathryn.

Cathryn, who's supposed to be my main character, for her I used several techniques to 'write' her, e.g.:
  • Personal CV incl. her look
  • Chart with all her connections/relationships to family, friends and other characters in the story
  • Profile with strengths and weaknesses, favors and dislikes, abilities and handicaps.
Depending of how important a character is in my stories, I'd use more or less the same techniques, no matter if it's an adult or a child!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wreck This Journal: This Space Is Dedicated To Internal Monologue.

Wreck This Journal: This Space Is Dedicated To Internal Monologue.

"To Wreck Or Not To Wreck, That Is The Question!"

Thursday, October 06, 2011

WQ-20. Favorite Character Interaction.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?

My first ideas for character interactions were scenes containing love, romance, conflicts, intrigues, fights, etc. between two or more people. But when I thought about all the various possibilities and the emotions connected with them, I came to the conclusion, that I don't have a favorite interaction ... not in the pretty obvious sense.

What I really love to write are interactions where a character meets nature, environment or objects. I love to play with the impressions, that the five senses give the particular person in such a situation/scene. I indulge to write, what can be seen, smelt, heard, tasted and felt. Plus the characters' reactions (appropriate or not).

I just have to think on 'The Perfume' by Patrick Sueskind. A wonderful book with the focus on the smell. It's amazing, how the author shows us the world of Jean-Baptiste Grenoille through his nostrils. At least I don't know any other book focusing so much on only one sense, this book is really unique and the joy of reading is immense!

This book is one of my role models, where the use of your senses makes a story interesting. That's why I love to write this type of character interactions.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Trace Your Hand.

Wreck This Journal: Trace Your Hand.

I knew very early, how I want to design that page ... then finally I felt inspired to finally make it. For the background I used yellow and red 'Strohseide', on a seperate piece of paper I traced my hand and draw the Mehndi with a brown Stabilo pen. Add some shadows and ribbons ... and that's it!

Originally I also wanted to add some gemstones, but for my taste it would have been to much! Hope you like it?!?

P.S. I tried to find out, what's the correct English term for 'Strohseide', word by word translation would be 'straw silk'. It's silky, transparent and fibrous, like pieces of straw were woven in silky paper.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WQ-19. Favorite Minor.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

Like already done with Favorite Protagonist and Favorite Antagonist, I'd like to verify this question a little, because the answer is very, very short.

The character I instantly had to think on was Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. With practically no family I wished to have a godfather like Sirius.

I mostly write short stories, that for rarely have minor characters. But maybe from my 'Voodoo Island' the adventures of Richard O'Connell, Catherine's father, and Davis, his best friend, would be interesting to have their own story to be told!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Scribble Wildly Violently With Reckless Abandon.

Wreck This Journal: Scribble Wildly Violently With Reckless Abandon.

Well, I thought 'Opposites attract!'
Wild and violent doodles VS. Love and peace!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

7-Sins: Epilogue.

Pride, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth: For a week I had to focus on the 7 Deadly Sins. The start was easy; Sloth was scribbled down within a couple of minutes. The rest was ... a little more complicated!
In retrospect, when I reflect now on my entries, as for my part I can see a development: My first two sins were not really flash fiction, but more my own thoughts and questions about Pride and Greed. From Lust on I found my rhythm and created little scenes and stories, just like it meant to be. The easiest sin was - like already said - Sloth. The most problems I had surprisingly with Envy. First I thought, Wrath would be difficult, but it seemed that I'm less jealous than angry! My favorite is ... hard to chose ... maybe Gluttony, I truly have a favor for buffets! *g* I think, I'll repeat that challenge next year, then possibly really starting on 7/7!
How about you? What do you think? Did you give the challenge a try, too? What were your experiences? Would be fantastic to share a few sinful thoughts.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

7-Sins: Sloth.

No flash fiction available today.
You people should not waist your precious time here. You better do something more relaxing.
Go, have a little nap!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

7-Sins: Envy.

Envy then? What the hell should I write about envy? Of course, a ménage-à-trois was a good example, but what a cliché! And I'm no Stephenie Meyer, who found that special triangle thing with only two people included. I'm no Stephen King either, whose story would have and interesting twist of fear, revenge and horror. I'm also no William Shakespeare, who would create a big drama or romance. I'm just a plain, ordinary wanna-be-writer, who can't even create 100 words about 'Envy'. I wished I'd be a better writer ... or a writer at all!


Last, but not least: CU tomorrow with 'Sloth'!

Friday, September 16, 2011

7-Sins: Gluttony.

Oh my God! Ice sculptures! And have you seen the carvings in the watermelons? This buffet is a piece of art, as far as the eye can see. And the smell - just mouthwatering!
Have you tried that Asian soup? It's just spicy enough to tickle your tongue. And the salad! I simply couldn't resist, I tried the dressing and it was heavenly creamy! Oh, and the antipasti, like straight from Italy! Then the main dishes ... it's difficult to pick a favorite. I tasted so many different flavors: the crispy chicken, the saddle of venison with that delicate pepper gravy, two ... no, three different types of fish, some crabs and other sea food, of course I couldn't resist a few bites of Sushi. Oh, there were so many other delicious things! Furthermore the beverages: Have you known that plain sparkling water could taste like that one from France? Or all that freshly squeezed juices - just delicate and refreshing! I also tried some red whine from South Africa to the venison, so rich! And all the sweet liqueurs served for desserts ... Speaking of that, I needed a short break before I could even think on desserts. There was ice cream and fruits and chocolate mousse and various sorts of cheese and ...


What a feast for pure overindulgence! OMG, I'm hungry now!

CU tomorrow with 'Envy'!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

7-Sins: Wrath.

You nasty little beasts! You came in the night. You were not alone. Your shrill voices made my ears ache. Your bites made my skin itch. In the night, confronted with dozens of you, I was defenseless.
But not anymore. In the light of day the scales had changed to my advantage. Now the power is mine and also my revenge. Behold of my wrath! I can see you now and my weapon of doom awaits you. Come and meet your death. You nasty little mosquitoes!


My first thought: His Royal Highness Wrath, Son of Wrath
"Wrath was six feet, nine inches of pure terror dressed in leather. His hair was long and black, falling straight from a widow's peak. Wraparound sunglasses hid eyes that no one had ever seen revealed. Shoulders were twice the size of most males'. With a face that was both aristocratic and brutal, he looked like the king he was by birthright and the soldier he'd become by destiny." (Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, Black Dagger Brotherhood)

CU tomorrow with 'Gluttony'!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

7-Sins: Lust.

Just a single, ordinary word. But said in his wonderful low baritone, it made her whole body vibrate. Like in slow motion he came close to her, took the fruit in his hand. She didn't see, what he was doing, she was caught by the sparkles in his deep blue eyes. Fiery shivers rolled down her spine.
»Close your eyes and open your mouth!«, he whispered.
The taste of the strawberry and the chocolate were delicious, but nothing compared to the soft lips, that now found her mouth. Gently he kissed away the remaining juice. His tongue softly stroked her lips. Her breath speeded up. When he began to kiss her, she thought, that she'd never tasted something sweeter than that. An unknown hunger began to rose in her stomach and she knew, only he and his mouth and his wonderful body can satisfy this desire.


Well, sorry my dears, with 147 words I had to stop here. By far not enough words to catch such a scene - I hope you agree with me?

I also registered, that my English vocabulary is quite insufficient to find the appropriate words, it's so much easier to write something like that in my mother tongue. (Tongues ... yummy! *g*)

CU tomorrow with 'Wrath'!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7-Sins: Greed.

Christmas wish lists. My brain produced that picture of enthusiastic children writing their sheer endless list of wishes to Santa Claus. What would a child from a Third World country write on his list? I'm quite sure, the list would be much shorter and the items very differently!
And I began to wonder, if 'Greed' is that one sin, that we all get trained for while coming off age. What makes us, that we constantly want more than we already have? Be honest, how many things, that you don't need or even have never used, do you have in your wardrobes and shelves?
And like yesterday with 'Pride' I asked myself, is there a good side of 'Greed', too? Maybe in its softer form 'Ambition', when we factor out all the jealousy and envy to achieve goals without harming others. That's not easy, because 'Greed' is so seductive!


All right, maybe I'm greedy for words, these were 148, I try to keep my word count under 150!

CU tomorrow with 'Lust'!

Monday, September 12, 2011

7-Sins: Pride.

"Are you too proud, Mr. Darcy? And would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?"* - That's a very good question Miss Elisabeth is asking, is it not?
I mostly experience pride in my profession, when my clients did something for the first time. THEIR achievements, THEIR efforts, THEIR success fill my heart with warmth and joy and happiness. And that's just one little example, when I consider pride as a virtue.
But I also experienced the other side of the medal, pride as a fault, e.g. when you need help. Your situation is already miserable and you make it even worse, when false pride inhibits you to ask for needed help.
So, dear Miss Elisabeth, pride can be both: virtue AND fault. Like so very often in life it depends on the circumstances.


*Quote from the movie 'Pride & Prejudice' with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen, based on the novel by Jane Austen.

All right, that's my start into the 7-sins-week. With 135 words I've already broken the 100 words limit - it's really difficult to say something on such a capacious topic. Anyway, I'm curious to see, how my fellow writers got along with that task!?

CU tomorrow with 'Greed'!

Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm Back For The 7-Sins-Challenge.

One sign that summer is slowly coming to an end is the light. On a late August evening - just like so many, many times before - I laid comfortably on my couch, held a book in my hands and enjoyed the adventures of reading. Through the wide open window shone a wonderful light, the sun had almost disappeared behind the trees on the Western horizon. A soft breeze brought the scent of freshly dried hay and now and then you could smell a whiff of barbecue smoke. Cicadas and grasshoppers gave their daily concert, only disturbed by the distant people's murmur. The evening was almost too perfect to stick your nose between the pages, but I simply can't help it, that's what I love to do! Much too early I had to recognize that I needed some lights to decipher the lines on the pages - the time of long summer days is coming to an end. The end of the summer is near. With this in mind, there's no longer a justification to be on 'Summer Break', isn't it? And here I am, right back, starting with a new challenge.

The 7-Sins-Challenge was originally held on 'Thoughts, Musings and Broken Promises'. (Unfortunately the blog has been deleted in the meantime!) As I was on summer break I didn't participate, but - just like it's the nature of sins - the challenge got stuck in my mind and I'm still too tempted to give it my own try!

The premises of the original challenge were as follows:
Seven Days
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting 7/7

As for my part I intend to stick to that conditions ... all right, all right, the date 7/7 was much cooler, but already over and - as some of you know me - I don't want to wait for another whole year ... so, I looked out for another magical date. First, I was thinking on 9/9 starting time 9:00 h! 999 as inverted 666. I'm mad, I know! But then, 9/11 came into my mind. I want to respect that date! That for I decided to give us all another week of preparation and the dates are now as follows:

Monday, 9/12 - Pride
Tuesday, 9/13 - Greed
Wednesday, 9/14 - Lust
Thursday, 9/15 - Wrath
Friday, 9/16 - Gluttony
Saturday, 9/17 - Envy
Sunday, 9/18 - Sloth

Sins are broken rules, right?! That for, I think ... when you decide to join in ... you can break the 'Flash Fiction Rule'. Write more than 100 words, draw a picture, doodle, make a photograph, create a sculpture, do whatever comes into your mind!

Hope to see you next Monday for a sinful week!


P.S. My Book List 2011 grew quite well over the last couple of weeks!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: Reward

Been quite creative that days ... a few days after Practice I received that:

Saturday, May 11, 2011
Reward: In what way to you reward yourself for accomplishments?


"Well, I'm quite unimaginative when it comes to rewards, because in 99% I find at least one new book for my shelves! What shall I say, I simply can't stand not buying books!"

And C. Beth was so nice to give me this, too:

Summer Break

Obviously I'm not the first (nor the last), who's going to think over making a blogging summer break. For a while now I feel very little inspired to write. I have quite some ideas swirling round my head, but somehow I'm not able to bring them proper to paper or on screen. I even have problems with the very short prompts of One-Minute-Writer! *sigh*

With this being Nr. 143 I've produced more posts within five months than over the whole last year. Most of them so wonderfully made during two amazing challenges: February Journaling Challenge and April A-Z Blogging Challenge. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that a lot. I don't want to miss them!

But now, when I look at my blog, I feel bored by myself. And if I feel that way, then it's only logical that others do, too! *double-sigh* That for I've decided to take a summer break. Developing my existing ideas and holding back my spirits as long as I finally have to write again!

I wish you all a wonderful summer and see you all hopefully back then after the break! Keep writing!


Take A Break!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Color Outside The Lines.

Wreck This Journal: Color Outside The Lines.

Sometimes I'm quite surprised, what weird/funny/different things my brain produces! In any case, WTJ is very inspiring!

Almost instantly I've seen the moon in that circle and for quite some time I intended to make a city skyline ... but after using that idea for WTJ: Cut Through Several Layers. I had to change that. I finally came up with some romantic beach scene! Aloha!

Monday, May 30, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: Practice

Saturday, May 4, 2011
Practice: Write about something in your life that you've put a lot of time into practicing.


"I'm a perfectionist, but as we all know, life isn't always perfect. I'm still practicing to accept imperfection, see the beauty in chaos and enjoy the possibilities of spontaneity."

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-21

Friday Fill-In
  1. This week I re-discovered one more time my fascination for Stephen King books.
  2. The horror returns.
  3. It's all about to find that inner part, that makes the hair in your neck crinkle.
  4. He makes you wanting to look behind you if someone is following you, even in the sun.
  5. I demand ...what? Stop reading his books? I wished I could, but...
  6. Once started you simply have to follow his path, it's filled with addictive words!
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reading how Paul Sheldon escapes Annie Wilkes (Misery by Stephen King) - am I really looking forward to that? Honestly, it's rather creepy!  Tomorrow my plans include thinking about a blog post about Stephen King (there were a few interesting cognitions I had during the last 4 books) and Sunday, I want to think about the fact, if I'm mad to read some more Stephen King!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WQ-18. Favorite Antagonist.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

18. Favorite antagonist and why!

Like last week, where the question was about the Favorite Protagonist, I'd like to extend the question a second time.

Lash, Son of Omega
The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward
He was the first I had instantly to think on. His character has everything I hate about a person: he's arrogant, a show off because of his wealth, cruel to others for no good reason and simply disgusting! I didn't like him from the very beginning and began to hate him when he was given even more powers. I didn't want to read his passages, because all he planed and did was against my beloved characters ... but of course I HAD TO read on! *sigh* When he finally was defeated I was satisfied, but somehow not really. I thought, his dead was much too easy. I guess, I hope and I fear, he's coming back somehow. He wouldn't be the first Lesser coming back!
And all those loathsome reasons make a good antagonist, because you truly hate him from your deepest soul!

IT & the (un)known evil
IT and other evil in the books by Stephen King
My first acquaintance with Mr. Stephen King was at the age of 14 or 15. Since then his books became my constant companions. To say, that I love his books would be the wrong word, not when you're sometimes too scared to continue reading or even get nightmares from particular scenes. It's more of a morbid fascination. He knows so well to tickle that inner part, that makes the hair in your neck crinkle or want you to look behind you or leave the light on during shadowy nights. He finds the unnatural and scary in every ordinary subject, may it be a car, a dog or a picture. I guess, he's the reason, why I don't like maize fields or shiver at the look of a clown. So, for me Mr. Stephen King is the true master of creating the perfect antagonist. Period.

Well, when you write about cats, the most scaring subject is a big red ball of yarn! And in my other stories I have more physical and inner obstacles to overcome. Speaking, compared to those, who I adore, I have to admit, that I haven't created a true villain or antagonist. Not yet. BUT for instance Indian Jones or Lara Croft had - beside their hunt for treasures - always someone to conquer with. That for I had to give my poor demented Davis a bit more of action. I have to think about that!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Draw Lines With Your Pen. Smear The Lines.

Wreck This Journal: Draw Lines With Your Pen Or Pencil. Lick Your Finger And Smear The Lines.

Like so many times before I found my own way to follow the instructions: I moistened the page with water (my own spit wouldn't have been enough *g*). Then on the wet page I simply draw lines with ink.

And voila: Groovy 70th-Hippies-look! PEACE! :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-20

Friday Fill-In
  1. I see the love when I look into your eyes.
  2. We belonged together, I knew that from scratch.
  3. They begin registering that irrevocable love in the moment they saw us together.
  4. I wished we'd met so many years earlier.
  5. This I know: You bewitched my body and soul and I love, love, love you.
  6. I wish to tell you something special tonight, so please accept my invitation for dinner.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a cold drink and some chitchat with my buddies, tomorrow my plans include writing an overdue letter and Sunday, I want to hopefully do nothing, maybe a little sunbathing and reading!!

I'm quite romantic, am I not? Must be spring feelings! :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WQ-17. Favorite Protagonist.


30 Days Of Writing Questions

17. Favorite protagonist and why!

I know these questions are supposed to be about writing, but I'm free to extend my answer a little to make it more interesting:

Edmond Dantes
The Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas
I've just finished rereading the book, so it's the freshest in my mind. Frankly speaking, the first time I had quite some problems, I was confused by all those different names, titles and disguises for/of the same person and different plot lines, which seemed at first view to have no connection to Edmond's story ... but in the end everything made perfect sense. From the second time on I could enjoy the full capacity of the whole adventure. Especially Edmond's development and his experience living through the whole palette of emotions. That's intriguing!

Edward Cullen
The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
Here I have to make perfectly clear, that I speak of the character IN THE BOOK!!! Not a whiff of the movie actor ... sorry Rob, but you do so NOT fit to the image in my head! I truly love the character described in the book, even more in 'Midnight Sun', where Edward's POV of the story is described. He's just wonderful. This old soul, given with so many talents, struggling with the monster inside him, fighting against the forbidden love ... *sigh* Just wonderful!

Elizabeth Bennet
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
Lizzy is just wonderful, she's beautiful, smart and so full of life. Her wit and humor are intriguing. She dares to say 'No', but also is strong enough to confess her faults and change her mind. She's definitely one of my most favorite characters. Well, and I dare say, in that case the movie from 2005 might have influenced my opinion a little, because Keira Knightley playing Elisabeth Bennet is just wonderful to watch!

Lea Goldstaub
Die Goldhaendlerin (The Gold Merchant) by Iny Lorentz
Another strong female character, who does everything to protect and care for her beloved ones. She disguises herself and hides her feelings, fights obstacles, goes on big journey until she gets her well deserved happy end. You can't help, but continue reading, you live, love and suffer with her!

For sure there are many more characters, who are just great to read, but those four came instantly in my mind!

You might already guess, I have a favor for strong female characters, not only to read, but also to write. Characters like Elizabeth Bennet or Lea Goldstaub can be considered as my role models for my most favorite character. My Cathryn is also a young woman with a strong mind, who tries to find her way in a men's world, but her flaws and imperfections and fears make her loveable and simply 'perfect'!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Collect The Stamps Off Of All Your Mail.

After the shocking weekend disaster with my missing blog, I'm getting back to business as usual! *sigh*

Wreck This Journal: Collect The Stamps Off Of All Your Mail.

Took me a while to finish that page ... but *sing* with a little help form my friends *end-sing* I could finally complete it! Yeah!
Thanks a lot to all those wonderful people!

The stamps are from 4 countries: US, UK, Malaysia and (most of them) Germany! ... and my most favorite then? *thinking* I guess it's The Poor Poet Stamp.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday-Fill-In: 2011-19

Friday Fill-In
  1. I know unconsciously, but now it's official how much I'm addicted to blogs!
  2. I try to remember life before internet and blogs ... was there something like a life if at all possible?
  3. This weather has been great for having the first BBQ of the year this weekend. This might distract me from my online obsession ... just a little!
  4. My internet addiction seems to be kind of a problem.
  5. I'm really happy I have the ability to live in the age of networks, blogs & co.!
  6. Please, give me some FFI, or something to that effect. I NEED IT!!!
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finally do my Friday Fill-In, tomorrow my plans include ...well, I won't call it a plan, but I really have to do some paperwork and Sunday, I want to do nothing but some relaxing reading!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Make Prints Using A Ink Pad And Cut Vegetables.

Wreck This Journal: Make Prints Using A Ink Pad And Cut Vegetables.

A quick one, where the preparations took more time than the print! I used: A leaf Chinese cabbage, tomato, bell pepper, carrot, ginger and a cauliflower floret.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Some drum rolls, please! I've been given this wonderful award!

  1. Thank and link back to the person that has given you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Award blogs you feel deserve the award.
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.
  1. I have one significant mark, a long scar on my right leg, where I broke my ankle.
  2. The second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is my favorite - Rhage rocks!
  3. There are three pictures hanging in my living room.
  4. From Harry Potter book four on I had to buy the English edition first, because I couldn't wait for the German edition to be released. Oh and btw: Of course I've bought later on the German edition, too!
  5. I currently drive my fifth car.
  6. The sixth book of the Warrior Cats series made me cry.
  7. Currently I can't think of any seven of importance in my life.
  1. Journal Artista
  2. Langley Writes
  3. One Significant Moment at a Time
  4. Random Thoughts
  5. Random Writings
  6. Snapshots of Bombay
  7. Writer Revealed

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Writing Exercise 15: How Fables Can Help Your Characters


A fable is a succinct story, in prose or verse, that features animals, mythical creatures, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature which are given human qualities, and that illustrates a moral. (by Wikipedia)

Some might say, the time for fables is gone. But they can also be a wonderful tool to work out your own characters. In addition you can use the 'story's moral' as a guideline for working on your plot. The simplicity of fables makes you think over the basic structure of characters. Add an 'animal' to your character's image and it can help you to stay true to the character. True to the motto 'A clever fox would never to that!' you can avoid unbelievable actions or unsuitable characteristics.

Take your favorite book or the book you're currently reading or any kind of book. Create a list of the main characters. Ask yourself, which animal would suit to those main characters. You can add to your list, which animal would be the complete opposite of characteristics.

Then, mull over the plot and try to find, which moral the story could have.

I tell you, I had to nibble on that task. I better have claimed that 'Robin Hood' is one of my favorite books, because thankfully Walt Disney was already so nice to create the fable version. While reading the challenge I had instantly think on that movie! Oo-de-lally!

*sigh* But that would have been too easy, right?!?

You know, I've come to the cognizance, that it's NOT so easy, to press actual novels into the fable's scheme! At least I had quite some difficulties! But then a couple of days ago, I've started rereading a classic and it was surprisingly easy: 'The Count Of Monte Christo':

Edmond Dantes = lamb
As sailor, young and innocent, naively and defenselessly set out to the bad intrigues of his so called friends. He stays a sheep, but during his imprisonment he develops his inner wolf. That's what he is in the rest of the plot: a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Mercedes = lamb
Edmonds fiancée, she's beautiful as well as young and innocent.

Monsieur Morrel = badger
Ship owner and Edmonds employer, calm, eager, good at heart.

Caderousse = madge
The greedy neighbor, who grabs everything shiny, even when it doesn't belong to him, later on his greed becomes his doom.

Fernand = peacock
Mercedes' cousin, later husband, conceited, more illusion than reality.

deVillefort = lion
The prosecutor, proud and mighty because of his position and also dangerous, when somebody gets in his way and danger his reputation or his professional ambitions.

Abbe Faria = owl
The wise man in prison, teaching Edmond everything.

Luigi Vampa = fox
A robber and bandit, clever and sly.

Jacopo = dog
Edmond's reliable companion, the only one who sometimes carefully dares to speak as his conscience and remembers him on his own humanity.

Now, speaking of the story's moral:
  • Revenge is best served cold, but it soothes your pain only to a certain degree.
  • Every action has consequences, even when we become aware of them years and years later.
  • For some experiences there is no healing und no happy end (even if all the movies make you believe, the book doesn't have such an end!).