Thursday, December 15, 2011

NaNoJouMo - Epilogue.

Do you know that phenomenon?
There's a particular date or a special event ahead ... and you know it coming. But when it's finally here, you are totally hit by surprise - how could that happen?

That phenomenon can be seen live in the cities on every 24th December. Why do Christmas shopping in peace, when you can enjoy time pressure and headless crowds? Similar with the first snow of the year. How can we only know that winter brings snow and our cars are in need of winter tires?

I experienced those symptoms during the last days of October. I knew, NaNo is held in November, no doubt about that. I also knew quite early, that I would switch over to the Journaling NaNo version, also held in November. And when a challenge is all about Art Journaling, you might also now, that you'll also need material, right?

WRONG! Of course I had a lack of a new Art Journal book. 'Special' as I am I wanted to have a particular book. To acquire it had cost me a couple of days, so my NaNo-start was a little late.

I can say, that Dawn had done a fabulous job with choosing the daily prompts. Very interesting, very inspiring. I can't say, that I've done a fabulous job ... in the meaning of being spontaneous. When I think on last year's NaNo, where I did the writing job, it was easier to write the required amount of words than to create every day a single journal page. When I create something, it should mean something for me. Not only creating for the sake of making. I want to think over it, to view the prompt from different angles, to find the suitable picture in my head. That all needs some time, obviously more than just a single day. In that case, I've failed the challenge. I couldn't do a prompt a day and I'm not ready yet. But I will continue, because - like written above - I really like the prompts.

To give you a little teaser, I want to show you my NaNoJouMo-cover. Have a look!

NaNoJouMo 2011: Cover

No matter, which NaNo you've participated, no matter, how well you proceeded, I'm quite sure, we all had a wonderful time with quite a few good experiences. As for my part, I'm looking forward to November 2012. See you then!

XOXO Karin


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