Monday, August 30, 2010

Why do you (want to) journal?

"Today it's a question for you to ponder over - and of course write about in your journal. Why do you journal? If you have been doing it for years, what keeps you going? And if you are wishing you were regular journaler, why do you want to be one? What do you think you will get out of it?"

This is a 1:1-copy of Dolly's blogpost:
"Why do you (want to) journal?"
Well, her question made me think over my own intents and purposes according journaling ... finally, I came to the conclusion, my comment on Dolly's post fits in my own blog as well. So here it is:

I've never been a diarist in the classical way. As teenager and young adult I gave journaling a couple of times a try, but it never worked for me. I've always felt, that my thoughts, the parts of my inner self weren't secure within the pages. This made me burn the written pages.

I changed my mind, when I started with journaling during my time abroad. It was a mixture of travel diary, new experiences and daily irrelevances. These books are still very precious for me and I'm more than happy to have them.

These days, in my daily life, I keep a dream diary, which is also my journal for creativity and art. These pages are still very personal and I won't show them to anyone ... but I'm glad to show others the little stories and art projects developed from those lines. Besides, after discovering my inner artist, I'm thinking of an art journal ... Well, we'll see! :-)

For myself I can say, once caught fire, it's hard to stop, even if I don't keep a regular journal. It's more that I see myself developing over the years, in writing, drawing, catching the mood ... everything!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 34

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-23: Travel. Write about the most important item you like to carry with you for a long day of traveling.
Depends on the activity of that "day of traveling":
- In bus, train or plane: MP3-Player, a good book, my travel journal.
- On the road: A map, a credit card and a good song on radio. *thinking-of-easy-rider*
- Backpacking/ Sightseeing: Good shoes, water and a camera.
- Got lost: Bear Grylls' survival package! *g*

Tuesday, August-24: Pet. Describe an everyday scene from the point of view of a pet.
Saturday, anytime late morning, bedroom:
Finally! It's about time she's waking up! Okay, test: *purr-purr-purr* Check! Ready for the show!
Meow-mooorning. *nudge-with-the-head* Ah, here comes the hand. *purr-purr-purr* I love our daily morning smooch and cuddle. Ah, here is fine and ... yes ... a little on the belly ... Oh, she lifts the blanket ... I love caves ... no, no focus, focus! Hunger! Come on, * yowl* I'm starving!
Hey Amira, what about supporting me here? Naw, everyday the same, she's just like her, a late sleeper and I'm alone with all the work.
All right, it's time to haul out the big guns! *jump-on-the-chest* *patter-with-a-little-use-of-claws* *deeper-more-intense-purr* Let's try the paw-on-the-mouth-move! Mouth - food - here in, these broad hint usually works! Yeah, it does!
She's getting up! *jump-off-the bed* Hey, no! Not in the bathroom first ... come on, please! Don't you hear I'm starving down here?
*run-in-the-kitchen* *MEOW* Here's the place for some action! At last ... she's coming! Come on, hurry up, starving creature down here!
All right, NOW Mrs. Sleeping Beauty comes to support me, after all the major work is done. *sniff* Oh, seems to be fish! *yummie* Come one, give, give, give ... *MEOW* I knooow, we should eat slowly, you don't have to tell this every morning ... Ahhh *sigh* it's luscious!

(P.S. This scene did not just happen a few hours ago, but in various versions every single morning over the last few years! *sigh* The can opener!)

Wednesday, August-25: Glass houses. Make up a new ending for this saying: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't..."
People who live in glass houses shouldn't be surprised to find themselves on the "Funniest Video Show".

Thursday, August-26: Wind. You are the wind's interpreter. What is it saying?
I'm the one, who's rarely be seen, but can see everything.
I'm the one, who's loved, when I bring the first whiff of spring or the promising smell of a summer evening barbecue.
I'm the one, who's also feared, when fire, water or dust follow my way.
I'm the one with no voice, but when you listen carefully, I can speak to you in the whisper of the trees.
I'm the one, who comes from everywhere and nowhere, but who's always there.
Come and listen to my voice!

Friday, August-27: Texture. Write a brief bit of fiction that involves a description of at least one texture.
With silent reverence she looked at the old master's painting. It was so breathtaking wonderful. Slowly she moved one step forward, stopped right in front of the picture and took a closer look. She raised her hand carefully, but didn't dare to touch the surface. She could see the structure on the surface, the little hills and valleys the oil paint had left. When she took a deep breath she could still catch a tiny whiff of the paint within the stronger smell of old paper and wood. Standing so close, the fine and vivid strokes of the brush seemed to make a whole different painting ... and still, she was impressed. It was better to step back again, before some security guy would call on her, and admire the beauty of the painting from the distance.

Another win as Daily Winner! *yippie*

Saturday, August-28: Food. Write about a food that gives you a specific emotional response.
I like eating and there are different foods I connect wonderful memories and positive emotions with … strange, but while reading this prompt I instantly had to think of pineapple. I used to like them, but nowadays I react very heavily on them. Out of courtesy I don't want to mention all the symptoms, let's just call it a very heavy colic. Maybe this reaction is so dominant in my brain, because it was the very first time my body had reacted so heavy (in a negative way) to any kind of food.

Sunday, August-29: Wedding/funeral. Write about a memorable wedding, funeral, or memorial service you've attended.
You'll never forget the funeral of your beloved mother.
RIP Mom!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Golden Gate

Referring to my previous post "7 Links Challenge", where I had to answer the question of "Art I enjoyed creating", here it is:

7 Links Challenge

I've read the challenge at Daisy Yellow, while she had spotted it somewhere else. What a chain reaction! *g*

I'm not long into blogging (as you can see on point 1.), but I really like the idea of "7 Links". And maybe, who knows, somebody else reads this and continues the chain!

1. Your first post
What am I here for? went online March 2010.

2a. A post you enjoyed writing the most
A Ball Of Yarn and
Confessions Of A Writaholic
Note to myself: You have to write Part 2!

2b. Art you enjoyed creating
*smiles* It's a three color picture, called "Golden Gate", which I haven't posted yet.

EDIT: Well, it's online now - Have a look: "Golden Gate"

3. A post which generated a great discussion
There's a tie between:
WTJ: Sample Various Substances Found In Your Home.
WTJ: Place Sticky Things Here.
WTJ: Draw With Glue.

4. A post on someone else's blog that you wish you'd written
No, that's not the way I think, because in my opinion every writer and his/her writing style is unique. Sometimes I envy the creativity and the idea BEHIND that particular post, like this one:
Join me for some Fictional Fun
Dinner Party with Jane Austen's Heroines

5. A post piece of art with a title you're proud of
*hmm* I like these two SRK-Wallpapers a lot:
Deep Eyes and Hair
I'm also quite fond of my little poem called "Life".

6. A post that you wish more people had read
As my blog is quite young, I wished in general to have more followers, who read and hopefully comment on my posts!!!

7. Your most visited post ever
When it comes to my blog posts, I'm too fresh to have many visitors. BUT on my flickr account, the most viewed picture is:
Wreck This Journal: Glue, Staple Or Tape These Pages Together.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Draw Fat Lines And Thin.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Draw Fat Lines And Thin.

Actually I was doing another page, but suddenly I felt the urge to do this one!
I simply LOVE tigers! *roar*

And before anyone asks, EVERYTHING is painted:
- The left page on a separate piece of paper, because of the Holes from the "Poke-Holes-Page" and then glued in.
- The right page is first completely colored in black and then the tiger drawn on the surface.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 33

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-16: Sale. Write the text of an ad you'd love to see for something on sale.
Do you feel that there is too much crime and violence in this world? Here is the chance everyone can afford, for just one penny/cent: Humanity!

Another win as Daily Winner! *yippie*

Tuesday, August-17: Shower. Baby showers and bridal showers are common in America. What other event do you think should be celebrated with a gift-filled "shower"?
The industry for gifts, chocolates and flowers is very good in inventing new holidays. But still, there are silent heroes, you don't find a greeting card for. I think of all those people with honorary posts, helping the poor, the old, the social outsiders. THEY should be honored and rewarded!

Wednesday, August-18: Overindulgence. In what way is 21st century society the most overindulgent?
Every medal has two sides. Without doubt, living in rich countries of the Northern hemisphere, we have too much food, too much technique equipment, too much of almost everything. Living in a country of the Third World means having too much hunger, too much violence, too much suffer from natural disasters. So, the question of the 21st century society is NOT overindulgence, BUT balance!

Thursday, August-19: Forward/backward. What is holding you back or pushing you forward?
Backward: My lack of confidence, my fear of the new and unexpected, my compulsion-to-be-Mrs.-100%-Perfect, my experiences in the past. In short what's holding me back: ME!
Forward: As long as I could think I've always felt this inner mainspring. The thirst for knowledge, the hunger for unexplored areas, the desperate need for something new. No matter what, my inner glowing power has always been with me. So, what's pushing me forward: ME!

Friday, August-20: Ocean. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Ocean".
There it was again, that sparkle in his eyes. Every time he gave her that look, it took her breath away and her body was humming with electricity. In his beautiful eyes, blue-green like an ocean, she could drown deep to the bottom and get lost in his beautiful soul.

Saturday, August-21: Uniform. Describe the uniform you wear for your job, or what a uniform for your profession should look like.
To cut the matter short: Business outfit!

Sunday, August-15: City. You are in charge of designing a new city. Describe your design.
I think of a symbiosis of natural materials and modern techniques. Every house would produce its own electricity, either with wind or sun. There would be rain tanks on the roofs, to collect the water used for toilets. The cars would run by electricity and/or magnets and underground, so above ground there is enough place for parks and gardens. I think of living WITH the nature, not destroying it for selfish purpose.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Tie A String To The Spine Of This Book. Swing Wildly. Let It Hit The Walls.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Tie A String To The Spine Of This Book. Swing Wildly. Let It Hit The Walls.

Just a lot of glitter string and a Mini-WTJ as bookmark! *smiles*

Additional note: I really have to pay attention, where I put my WTJ, because my two little Mini-tigers Sheela and Amira simply love to play with the MINI-WTJ!!! =^..^=

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 32

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-09: Initials. Write down your initials. Come up with words that describe you that start with each of your initials.
This is the result of thinking in German and writing in English:

K - kindisch (childish)
K - kreativ (creativ)
K - kommunikativ (communicative)
K - knowledgeable
K - kind
K - kompliziert (complicated)

T - tolerant
T - thoughtful
T - tigeress
T - talkative

E - easy going
E - emotional
E - elitist
E - enthusiastic

*hmm* There had to be a S for "stur (stubborn)" and a N for "neugierig (curious)" in my initials as well! Oh yes!

Tuesday, August-10: Books. If the books on your shelves could talk, what would they say?
Maybe something like:
- You'll never guess, what your pets are doing when you're out!
- Oh, please, you have a bedroom for this!
- Come on, not that DVD again! You've watched it a 1000 times before! And we, too!
- You know, that your living room table is not really made for your art journal stuff?
- etc.

Wednesday, August-11: Law. Write about a law that you think is ridiculous or unreasonable.
Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". It's almost fascinating what inventive ideas fate offers for situations to go wrong. Well, almost! As long as you are not the center of attraction!

*lol* I've just seen, I had the very same thought like Big mamma frog, so let me have a 2nd shot:
If we're talking about laws in the literal sense, then just have a look at: Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws. Some of these really make your head shaking out of laughter, despair or simple disbelief!

Thursday, August-12: Key. I would like to find the key to...
... Fort Knox!

Just kidding!
... a long, healthy and foremost happy life!

Friday, August-13: Mountain. Write a brief bit of fiction that takes place at the top of a mountain.
Are you serious? Listen, I'm an ocean-girl, I've hardly ever been on a mountain top. Let me think ... okay, once I've been on top of the Great Arber, the highest mountain of the Bavarian Forrest. It was a sunny day and the view was - without doubt - breathtaking. Especially that one fluffy cloud, drifting all alone over the sky. Looked like an alien spaceship. Isn't that proof enough, that I favor the sea, if a cloud is the one thing I remember most?!?!

Saturday, August-14: Heart. If there were words written on your heart, what would they say?
Fragile as a fairy and strong as a lion.
Passionate like Aphrodite and revengeful like Nemesis.
Loud as a drum and silent as a whisper.
Always there and never forgotten.

Sunday, August-15: Airplane. Write about a memorable airplane flight you've taken. (If you've never flown, write about that.)
This vacation was supposed to be a present in more than one reason: To me for successfully passing my educational training and to my mother for just everything. Two weeks Kenya in a wonderful hotel, plans for snorkeling and safari and lots of other things. Well, but faith had different plans: After 4 days we received the message, that my grandfather, my mother's father had died. So, we had to fly back immediately. The flight itself was uneventful, but the reason for this flight was something you always remember.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Tear This Page Out. Put It In Your Pocket. Put It Through The Wash. Stick It Back In.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Tear This Page Out. Put It In Your Pocket. Put It Through The Wash. Stick It Back In.

I'd already washed the page before I did my "Shower-Page". It's hard to believe, that I had colored the letters, maybe I better have use water-resistant colors! *g* After washing I had to laminate the page to stick it back in!
... and then some more time for thinking what to do with the left page. As you can see I finally did some 50th Pin-up-girl! *yeah*

Sunday, August 08, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 31

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-02: Motive. Imagine you have the ability to discern one person's true motive for one action he or she has done. What person/action will you choose?
As a person, who works with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), I believe in the aphorism: "all human action fulfils a positive intent at some level." I try to find something positive, even if I don't agree with the action. At least I really try ... but every time I read headlines like "Mother neglects her baby and let it die with thirst", I just want to grab the woman, shake her and shout at her: "What on heaven's earth were you thinking doing that???"

Tuesday, August-03: Buffet. All-you-can-eat buffets are popular. Write about a non-food-related "buffet" you'd like to experience ... an "all-you-can-_______ buffet."
A bit more of my private "all you can books buffet" would always be nice, but I think my menu there is quite satisfying. Else, a real blast would be an "all you can travel buffet". You pay once and can travel by plane, train, bus, whatever all around the world as long and as often as you wished. What a wonderful thought!

Wednesday, August-04: Learning. Write about something you decided to learn, that was more difficult than you expected.
I was good in school, even in math and I not just because of my adorable teacher. But then there came that math text problems, like "A farmer has cows and chicken. All his animals have x legs. How many cows and chicken does the farmer have?". Oh, come on, please! Why on heaven's earth shall I count legs? Is this really necessary? Okay, I didn't get that logic - NEVER! Of course on that special exam I failed - totally! But what I remember most, was the reaction of my teacher. The only explanation for my failure he could imagine, that I must have problems at home or something else. He really cared for me. I think, on that day I've learnt something much more precious than just math.

Thursday, August-05: Change. What kind of change is scary to you? What kind of change is exciting?
A change is scary when it comes like a sudden lightning out of nowhere and completely out of your control, like the sudden, unexpected death of a beloved family member.
A change is exciting when it makes you smile thinking of it. You're looking forward to it, maybe you are even counting the days. It's an event that includes something good for you, like a wedding, a birth, a new job, a special holiday.

Friday, August-06: Sheep. Instead of counting sheep, what's something more useful or interesting that an insomniac could count?
Actually, it's an exercise, not one bit interesting, but it works pretty well on me, IF I'm thinking on it: You are counting stairs. As a result of breaking my ankle on a staircase, I imagine my stairs are fluffy white cloudy ones. Slowly step by step you are going down the stairs and count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Then you go up some stairs and count: 10-9-8-7-6-5. Again going down: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15. And so on, every time 5 up, 10 down. The deeper you get the calmer you become and suddenly ... you're snoring!

Saturday, August-07: 6-Word-Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Another rainy Saturday afternoon, that sucks!

Sunday, August-08: Train. Write about a competition you've trained for, or would like to train for.
Learning is not training, right? Okay, well then ... I would like to fast forward time until I can train how to use my new backpacking equipment. Which means, while training this, I know, my trip to India is about to start! ChackDe! India.

Unbelievable!!! This was my 50th post! *big-smiles*

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Do A Really Ugly Drawing.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Do A Really Ugly Drawing.

Do I really have to say something to THAT?!? *yuck*

Well, some additional notes:
The spider web is made of knotted yarn. The spider itself is drawn on a separate piece of paper, cut out and carefully glued on the web. If you open the page you have some kind of 3D-effect! *yuck*

Sunday, August 01, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 30

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, July-26: Interview. If you could choose anyone to interview you for broadcast on TV or radio, who would you choose, and what would the interview be about?
I would like to be interviewed by Guenther Jauch and I can think of two possible situations:
1. He's the host of the German "Who wants to be a Millionaire?", which means I'm sitting on the hot chair and he's asking me what I wanted to do with the loads of money.
2. He's also the host of TV magazine "Stern TV", then I'd liked to chat about the hype my lately published book has caused.

Tuesday, July-27: Career. If you could try out a new career for a month (magically knowing what to do, without any special training), what career would you choose?
*hmm* I don't know, I'm quite satisfied and happy with my profession ... but I have to pick one, I would be a travel guide or better a travel journalist. Oh yes! Traveling, going to exotic places, meeting other people and learning about their culture, eating local food - writing about all that AND being paid for! Perfect!

Wednesday, July-28: Faith. Write about the person you've known who has had the most faith in you.
First of all: Faith has several German translations, I choose the synonym for "trust".

*hmm* Well, I've never asked how much faith others have in me. And even if I had, in my opinion, trusts can not be compared. Instead, let me ask you:
- Can you keep a secret?
- Do others ask you to take care for their children, pets, plants, houses, etc.?
- Do you give borrowed things back, within the right time, in the same proper state?
- Do others come to you and ask for advice? Do they come to you to get troubles off their chests?
I think, the more you can answer these type of questions with "yes", the more faith-worthy you might be!

Thursday, July-29: Muse. Write about a thing or person that helps you feel creative.
There isn't something or someone PECULIAR, that makes me feel creative. EVERYTHING I see, hear, smell, taste or feel could be the sparkle of inspiration. These sparkles swirl around my head until ... well, until I lay in my bed waiting for sleep. This is the moment when my mind forms the sparkles into ideas, THAT's the moment when I'm most creative.

EDIT: Surprise, surprise!
It's my first time being picked up as a Daily Winner! *yippie*

Friday, July-30: Robots. Write a brief bit of fiction that involves robots.
As a child she listened to the stories of her grand-mother, who had to use antique irons filled with life coal. Her mother used a electricity driven iron, which were later on improved by steam. Now, with 63 years, self a grandmother, she unpacked her first iron-robots. No iron anymore, the robots does everything alone. It was really true: If you wait long enough, you can experience everything!

Saturday, July-31: Carefree. Describe a time that you felt carefree.
I think, I've already done that. Have a look at:
Thursday, July-15: Summer.

Sunday, August-01: Pilgrimage. For many years, people have taken pilgrimages to places with great spiritual significance. What place would be significant enough to you (spiritual or otherwise) for you to take a pilgrimage there?
First I thought of the Camino, but after the bestseller "I'm Off Then: My Journey Along the Camino de Santiago" by Hape Kerkeling this tour is overrun! I wondered why I hadn't thought this instantly? I would go to incredible India. Meditate with wise Yogis, inhale the spices of ancient knowledge, bath in the spring of the Ganges, pray in overwhelming temples ... and hope to find myself, and who knows, maybe even more!