Saturday, March 06, 2010

What Am I Here For?

Do you remember the time when you were a child, how easy it was to say "Once I'm grown up, I want to be a pilot!", " astronaut!", "...a veterinary!" - and how real?
Fact became possibility. Possibility became dream. And a decade later, when you woke up to a new reality, the dream has just faded away ... including my own. I can't even tell, what exactly I wanted to be when I was a child. And nobody else knows, because nobody is alive I could ask. That's nothing to be sad about, that's live!

But there is one thing quite constant in my head: "One day I want to be an author!"

Quite pathetic when it comes to my writing history. Sure, I wrote some little articles for school magazines and my teachers loved my little essays, but that's nothing! Nothing compared to all those famous authors, who had started to write their first stories at a very young age and had continued over years and years ... but even now, there is hope left, there are those exceptional writers, who had one brilliant idea, that made all the trick and made them bestseller-authors.

So, what am I here for? What is this all about? It took a while to figure it out:
Obviously, there are some fantastic images in my head. Some beautiful became alive in my travel-journals. Some weird found their way into my dream-diary. Some funny just busted out while composing my emails. And astonishingly my readers seemed to like them!
To come to my conclusion: Until it's the right time for me to get published, I want to get public, at least!

A blog is quite the right platform, isn't it? Well then, go ahead, read my lines, hopefully have some fun and, please, don't hesitate to comment on them!

Lots of love



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