Sunday, March 14, 2010

... With One Exception

Poems. So wonderful ... as long as they were recited by others. By myself? Two words: not good! My genes completely fail when it comes to rhythm and rhyme and pace and intonation, on everything more pretentious than "Max & Moritz" by Wilhelm Busch.

No need to explain that my desperate teenager-me never doodled meaningful poems in her notebooks, I preferred psychedelic grafic-designs. *g* When I wrote something then real stories!

Well, with one exception! At the age of 20 I did some kind of poem.

  • Occasion 1: Obviously this was so unique, that my very first thought after starting the blog was this poem.
  • Occasion 2: Unbelievably the piece of paper has survived for 14 years and several relocations.
  • Occasion 3: Surprisingly the successful search for the piece of paper took only 20 minutes.
So, here is the legacy that seemed to have waited for so long to get published. Oh btw, I had to tweak the lines for the English version a bit:


What is life?
The phase between birth and death?
A creature with a beating heart, a pulse and a breath?
There is so much more behind than just a simple biological explanation.
What is life for a HUMAN?
One say, it is a successful career, reach a certain economic status, have something to be proud of.
Some believe, variety is the spice of life. Try everything, take every chance, being active and alive.
Others assume, a spouse and children - in other words a family is the source of their lives.
Sure, there is a variety of different ways, how PEOPLE paraphrase the term "life".
But only crucial is, what I understand by life
So, what is life for ME?
Is it a career? Is it the variety? Is it a family?
The more I think about it, the more difficult it is to give the answer.
It would be too easy to describe one week of living, and it wouldn't be the right answer.
So, what is it now?
The truth?
I do not know, what life means to me at the moment.
I can not handle it, to find the exit out of my labyrinth of thoughts and emotions, to answer the most significant question of a single human being:
What is life?

May, 1996


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