Sunday, August 15, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 32

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-09: Initials. Write down your initials. Come up with words that describe you that start with each of your initials.
This is the result of thinking in German and writing in English:

K - kindisch (childish)
K - kreativ (creativ)
K - kommunikativ (communicative)
K - knowledgeable
K - kind
K - kompliziert (complicated)

T - tolerant
T - thoughtful
T - tigeress
T - talkative

E - easy going
E - emotional
E - elitist
E - enthusiastic

*hmm* There had to be a S for "stur (stubborn)" and a N for "neugierig (curious)" in my initials as well! Oh yes!

Tuesday, August-10: Books. If the books on your shelves could talk, what would they say?
Maybe something like:
- You'll never guess, what your pets are doing when you're out!
- Oh, please, you have a bedroom for this!
- Come on, not that DVD again! You've watched it a 1000 times before! And we, too!
- You know, that your living room table is not really made for your art journal stuff?
- etc.

Wednesday, August-11: Law. Write about a law that you think is ridiculous or unreasonable.
Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". It's almost fascinating what inventive ideas fate offers for situations to go wrong. Well, almost! As long as you are not the center of attraction!

*lol* I've just seen, I had the very same thought like Big mamma frog, so let me have a 2nd shot:
If we're talking about laws in the literal sense, then just have a look at: Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws. Some of these really make your head shaking out of laughter, despair or simple disbelief!

Thursday, August-12: Key. I would like to find the key to...
... Fort Knox!

Just kidding!
... a long, healthy and foremost happy life!

Friday, August-13: Mountain. Write a brief bit of fiction that takes place at the top of a mountain.
Are you serious? Listen, I'm an ocean-girl, I've hardly ever been on a mountain top. Let me think ... okay, once I've been on top of the Great Arber, the highest mountain of the Bavarian Forrest. It was a sunny day and the view was - without doubt - breathtaking. Especially that one fluffy cloud, drifting all alone over the sky. Looked like an alien spaceship. Isn't that proof enough, that I favor the sea, if a cloud is the one thing I remember most?!?!

Saturday, August-14: Heart. If there were words written on your heart, what would they say?
Fragile as a fairy and strong as a lion.
Passionate like Aphrodite and revengeful like Nemesis.
Loud as a drum and silent as a whisper.
Always there and never forgotten.

Sunday, August-15: Airplane. Write about a memorable airplane flight you've taken. (If you've never flown, write about that.)
This vacation was supposed to be a present in more than one reason: To me for successfully passing my educational training and to my mother for just everything. Two weeks Kenya in a wonderful hotel, plans for snorkeling and safari and lots of other things. Well, but faith had different plans: After 4 days we received the message, that my grandfather, my mother's father had died. So, we had to fly back immediately. The flight itself was uneventful, but the reason for this flight was something you always remember.


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