Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Links Challenge

I've read the challenge at Daisy Yellow, while she had spotted it somewhere else. What a chain reaction! *g*

I'm not long into blogging (as you can see on point 1.), but I really like the idea of "7 Links". And maybe, who knows, somebody else reads this and continues the chain!

1. Your first post
What am I here for? went online March 2010.

2a. A post you enjoyed writing the most
A Ball Of Yarn and
Confessions Of A Writaholic
Note to myself: You have to write Part 2!

2b. Art you enjoyed creating
*smiles* It's a three color picture, called "Golden Gate", which I haven't posted yet.

EDIT: Well, it's online now - Have a look: "Golden Gate"

3. A post which generated a great discussion
There's a tie between:
WTJ: Sample Various Substances Found In Your Home.
WTJ: Place Sticky Things Here.
WTJ: Draw With Glue.

4. A post on someone else's blog that you wish you'd written
No, that's not the way I think, because in my opinion every writer and his/her writing style is unique. Sometimes I envy the creativity and the idea BEHIND that particular post, like this one:
Join me for some Fictional Fun
Dinner Party with Jane Austen's Heroines

5. A post piece of art with a title you're proud of
*hmm* I like these two SRK-Wallpapers a lot:
Deep Eyes and Hair
I'm also quite fond of my little poem called "Life".

6. A post that you wish more people had read
As my blog is quite young, I wished in general to have more followers, who read and hopefully comment on my posts!!!

7. Your most visited post ever
When it comes to my blog posts, I'm too fresh to have many visitors. BUT on my flickr account, the most viewed picture is:
Wreck This Journal: Glue, Staple Or Tape These Pages Together.


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