Sunday, August 08, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 31

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-02: Motive. Imagine you have the ability to discern one person's true motive for one action he or she has done. What person/action will you choose?
As a person, who works with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), I believe in the aphorism: "all human action fulfils a positive intent at some level." I try to find something positive, even if I don't agree with the action. At least I really try ... but every time I read headlines like "Mother neglects her baby and let it die with thirst", I just want to grab the woman, shake her and shout at her: "What on heaven's earth were you thinking doing that???"

Tuesday, August-03: Buffet. All-you-can-eat buffets are popular. Write about a non-food-related "buffet" you'd like to experience ... an "all-you-can-_______ buffet."
A bit more of my private "all you can books buffet" would always be nice, but I think my menu there is quite satisfying. Else, a real blast would be an "all you can travel buffet". You pay once and can travel by plane, train, bus, whatever all around the world as long and as often as you wished. What a wonderful thought!

Wednesday, August-04: Learning. Write about something you decided to learn, that was more difficult than you expected.
I was good in school, even in math and I not just because of my adorable teacher. But then there came that math text problems, like "A farmer has cows and chicken. All his animals have x legs. How many cows and chicken does the farmer have?". Oh, come on, please! Why on heaven's earth shall I count legs? Is this really necessary? Okay, I didn't get that logic - NEVER! Of course on that special exam I failed - totally! But what I remember most, was the reaction of my teacher. The only explanation for my failure he could imagine, that I must have problems at home or something else. He really cared for me. I think, on that day I've learnt something much more precious than just math.

Thursday, August-05: Change. What kind of change is scary to you? What kind of change is exciting?
A change is scary when it comes like a sudden lightning out of nowhere and completely out of your control, like the sudden, unexpected death of a beloved family member.
A change is exciting when it makes you smile thinking of it. You're looking forward to it, maybe you are even counting the days. It's an event that includes something good for you, like a wedding, a birth, a new job, a special holiday.

Friday, August-06: Sheep. Instead of counting sheep, what's something more useful or interesting that an insomniac could count?
Actually, it's an exercise, not one bit interesting, but it works pretty well on me, IF I'm thinking on it: You are counting stairs. As a result of breaking my ankle on a staircase, I imagine my stairs are fluffy white cloudy ones. Slowly step by step you are going down the stairs and count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Then you go up some stairs and count: 10-9-8-7-6-5. Again going down: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15. And so on, every time 5 up, 10 down. The deeper you get the calmer you become and suddenly ... you're snoring!

Saturday, August-07: 6-Word-Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Another rainy Saturday afternoon, that sucks!

Sunday, August-08: Train. Write about a competition you've trained for, or would like to train for.
Learning is not training, right? Okay, well then ... I would like to fast forward time until I can train how to use my new backpacking equipment. Which means, while training this, I know, my trip to India is about to start! ChackDe! India.

Unbelievable!!! This was my 50th post! *big-smiles*


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